Ostankino Tower Above the Clouds

We had here recently shots of Moscow city at night by Letchik Leha, the guy who works as a pilot on a big civil airplane and is fond of making photos right from the plane’s cockpit.

Today some other shots from him.

There is Eiffel tower in Paris, probably the most famous tower in the world. But for most of people living in Soviet Union there was another tower that they knew even better than Eiffel’s one. It was a Moscow city Ostankino Tower.

Standing 1772 feet (540 metres) tall, it was the tallest free-standing structure in the whole world until in 2003 there was build another one, taller, in Canada. Still it is the tallest alone standing structure in Europe and Asia.

This is how it looks from the ground, at night:

ostankino tower

And today we have rare photos by Leha when the tower stands above the clouds:

ostankino tower

ostankino tower

ostankino tower

ostankino tower


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  1. Slight correction, CN Tower has been the tallest free standing building in the world since 1975. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_tallest_freestanding_structure_on_land

  2. The CN Tower, in Toronto (Canada) became taller than Ostankino Tower when it was opened in 1976…it has been the tallest freestanding structure in the world for over 31 years…not 2003 as was noted.

  3. Actually, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada was completed on April 2, 1975 (not 2003!). At 553.3 meters (1815 ft) tall, it is still the tallest free-standing structure on earth.

    Mike in Toronto

  4. Standing 1772 feet (540 metres) tall, it was the tallest free-standing structure in the whole world until in 2003 there was build another one, taller, in Canada.

    Actually, Canada’s CN Tower has been the tallest free-standing structure since ’78.

  5. Ostankino Tower is 540m tall and was built in 1967. The CN Tower, in Toronto, Canada, is 553m tall and was built in 1976, not 2003.

    Ostankino Tower is still the 2nd tallest in the world, and the tallest in the eastern hemisphere.

  6. Actually the CN tower became the tallest standing structure in the world in

    From wikipedia:

    “The tower was topped off on April 2, 1975 after 40 months of construction, officially capturing the height record from Moscow’s Ostankino Tower, …”

    Nice pictures though.

  7. The CN tower was built in 1976, 9 years after the ostankino tower was completed, not 2003. I believe the 2003 claim is due to the poorly worded wikipedia article.

  8. Well the pictures are nice but the story about the being the tallest until 2003 isn’t.
    The tower of which he speaks in Canada is the CN Tower in Toronto, which stands at 1,815 ft or 553M. It was completed, however, on April 2, 1975, not in 2003.

  9. The information about being the tallest free standing structure until 2003 is incorrect. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallest_free_standing_structure_on_land

    The CN Tower in Toronto Ontario Canada has been the tallest since 1975.

  10. Very Cool Pictures!!! I’d like to come to your country and visit sometime! This is a very nice website and I have been here many times and will continue despite some of the dumb post. bob

  11. LOL @ the 15 or so peoples that posted a “1976 not 2003” … not even able to look at the other comments before posting their comment… LOL again !

  12. There’s also some cool pics of the Toronto CN Tower (built in 1976) fogged up on BoingBoing.

  13. PLD: Dude, you’re obviously dumb (I never had a doubt about it) if you’ve taken my comment seriously. Very sad for you indeed. So much for being from a pathetic troll country I guess.

  14. Reminds me of when I used to fly turboprop commmuter airplanes into LGA and JFK in the ’80s and the WTC needle would penetrate the cloud tops.

  15. Canadian engineers visited Ostankino for construction ideas. The Tower was the first of its kind and revolutionary in design as it had a very thin shaft and foundations only couple of meter thick.

    CN Tower will be topped out by Ostankino some time in the future since it only 20m (’round there, anyway) higher, so a higher antenna would top the Tower out.

  16. Have anyone mentioned yet that CN Tower was completed in 1975? If not then here it goes: it was completed in 1975.
    Just a friendly correction.
    And by the way the CN Tower was built in 1975, not 2003.
    In addition to that, being the 70th poster here, I feel a strong urge to mention that CN Tower was built in 1975.

    CN stands for CocoNuts.

  17. Guys, its alright, let the Canadians be proud something else then being bums. The tallest tower in the world! no way! Same will happen with it what happened to WTC, Haha. And btw, the Ostankino Tower burned that is why the CN tower is taller now, if you didn’t know…

  18. To be more precise, the tallest structure in the world was polish Warszawski Maszt Telewizyjny (Warsaw TV Pole), built in 1974. It was 646 metres high and it has collapsed during reparation in 1991.

    Today, the tallest structure of this type is american KTHI-TV-Mast. It is 629 metres high.

  19. Bahahaha, I love how many comments there are on when the CN tower was constructed and surpassed the Ostankino Tower, haha. Seriously though, when Japan build their X-Seed 4000, nobody will even bother trying…. except maybe the Americans, nothing can stump their arrogance. It’ll be fun to see what’s left forty years from now, after they’ve bombed everyone.

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