Abandoned Theater in Moscow

To continue the topic of abandoned places in Russia I would show you an abandoned theater in Moscow.

During Soviet era it was a centre of cultural life – now it stays abandoned.

Probably it would be renovated someday and more visitors would come to enjoy some Russian classical plays shown on it’s scene.
theater in moscow

theater in moscow

theater in moscow

theater in moscow

theater in moscow

theater in moscow

theater in moscow

17 thoughts on “Abandoned Theater in Moscow”

  1. This is the main reason why i come to this site–occasionally truly interesting photos, especially when it’s the “abandoned building” sets– there’s something beautiful and haunting about these places. Hollywood spends money to build sets that look like this– why not just have more people scouting out locations in Russia and all the former Soviet Republics?

  2. ^^^ I’m with you, I love abandoned places and this blog has very good pictures of them!! Keep up the good work, I would be honored to go here.

  3. Hollywood does a lot of on location film-making in eastern Europe. They like the ‘new’ locations, skilled workers for hire, and plenty of extras to hire and new faces.

    Be careful what you wish for, filming can be damaging on a building/site. You have to put a clause on the contract to make sure that they fix things and clean up after themselves.

  4. That place would make an excellent nightclub – I’m sure some enterprising young russian will invest and turn it into a fantastic place.

    Superb post as always…

  5. I am sure it must have been an architectural spelndor back in it’s hayday. It sure would be nice to see it fully restored and funtional again.

  6. im not sure this is allowed here, but check these out – pictures of abandoned places i took this summer in Abhasia, Gagry. its not russia anymore, but im sure there are still plenty of places like that in Russia too.


  7. People that make this site seem to have a kind of animalistic pleasure from any sign of disaster that happens in Russia. Even a view of an old theater under reparation makes them feel happy.

  8. Definitely these photos are fake. There is no such place in Moscow. Property is too expensive to be ‘abandoned’. It’s a bs.
    Ex-Msc resident for 35 yrs

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