Russian Submarine Appears Near the Beach

This is a city port of Severodvinsk city, the city in northern part of Russia on the shores of cold White Sea.

The city has a big marine base so sometimes people on the beach can see submarines appear from underwater right before them.

That’s not thing you would see often on other beaches of the world, it could be a set for new James Bond action movie.

Russian submarine appears on the beach 

Russian submarine appears on the beach

Russian submarine appears on the beach



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    • Actually, the Red October submarine was a PROTOTYPE based on the Typhoon class submarine. It was more advanced and had a secret way of sneaking past radars and such. Sorry, I’m a bit of a nerd. “hunt” should be capitalized.

  1. Russian subs used to pop out in front of Romanian beaches as well [at the Black Sea]. Usually they stayed for an hour or two and then disappear silently. Being a child, I was completely mesmerized by these neat machines

  2. Guys! that’s photoshop. Just compare the pictures the first anв the last. Look at the background hills, it changed dramatically 🙂 Besides, people on the beach pay no attention to the sub, what is unrealistic.

  3. what do you say Killerloop ?

    “It NOT a photoshop! It “о. Ягры” in ” Severodvinsk ” the Arkhangelsk area “. Such occurs in the summer on a regular basis, itself there veins and saw similar repeatedly. People are not surprised, because this usual enough phenomenon for city which is constructed around of a factory on manufacture of nuclear boats.

    The photo are removed on a zoom, therefore there is a certain effect of increase in the size of a boat – esteem clauses on optics. The boat is on distance of the order of 1,5-2 km. From coast.”

    Translation through ” http: // lang=en ”
    I English know badly. Estimate translation I can not.

  4. Doug: What do you expect, they’re Russians.

    Russians are CRAZY.

    Russians, I mean no disrespect by that. You all know damn well it’s true.

  5. I wish we had Typhoons surface at my beach!! I have been on Los Angeles class attack sub the USS Salt Lake City. It was the same one chasing the Red October.

  6. I’m living in Severodvinsk and there are no any “big marine base” – the are only shipbuilding yard (almamater for mostly all russian nuclear submarines) and shipyard (for repair navy submarines).

    This photo shows Typhoon moving from yard (there sub was repairing before) towards White Sea. Beach on the cost of Yagry island (part of Severodvinsk’industrial area)

    And gys – Russian are not crazy. Just think about american soldiers killing peaceful people in Iraq and Afghanistan – they are crazy.

      • they were fighting mujahideen’s (terrorists) that were funded by the CIA. Afghanistan had made it’s choice on it’s own to modernize and however the US would not let that happen of course.

  7. Well, I’m not American and thats what I’d have expected an American to say, except you didnt say you had a bigger better one.
    Because you probably havent.
    Or maybe you do have a bigger one, but cant afford the fuel. Hmm, now where have I heard that before?

    Hey Jose, In the American navy, we do not need a sub of that size to turn Russia into a parking lot. And if the captain wanted to see girls in bikini’s, he would have surfaced outside Miami and seen pretty girls

    • Gosh freethinker do you have reading comprehension problems? The first thing he said was I am not an american. Think! Common man don’t have a heart attack. Get some exercise to eliminate some of that hate.

  8. 2 Jeff
    that’s why Russia still exists, huh?
    besides, there are a lot of russian girls in miami. many americans think russian girls are more pretty than american girls. i’m russian. i live in america. russians are more beautiful. no need to prove that. it’s obvious.

  9. Russian soldiers simply CAN’T do it in Afganistan, simply because, Russian – even not existed in that time(`79-89).
    Soviet forces entered to Afganistan, NOT Russian.
    if you can’t see difference – return to highshool.

  10. People of great countries and super powers such as Russia and United States do themselves no favors arguing like children in a school yard.

  11. You wish! I am a submariner too (Russia), and I would agree that US subs are quiter. But they don’t stand a chance being even close to a Typhoon (or any other vessel) without half the Soviet navy to know it. We just don’t care 🙂

  12. Hello folks. FYI…. there is this program called Photoshop. A 10 year old could create the image you see here in less than a minute with it. A Typhoon class submarine that close to shore would be dragging across the bottom.

    • depends on the shore. if it’s a shallow type of baisin of course. this is the white sea however.
      it’s actually a genuine pic

  13. Beautiful!! That’s one of greatest submarines ever, may the Typhoon rest in peace. Its big, bulky and powerful. I might not be able to do what modern submarines can do but at least it doesn’t look like a “breadstick” like the newer ones. This one had class.

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