13 thoughts on “New Sort of Truck”

  1. I saw cars [LADA in particular] in worse condition. Complete side panels the the hood missing. Looked like it came straight from Mad Max. But the idea is, if they can keep it driving, they will drive it. What is the problem ?

  2. Yes, he must have a LOT of dollars, since he’s gonna be stopped by EVERY policeman that sees him. That’s why he most probably went quickly to the garage to fix the door problem.

  3. No problem, he can just go to the nearest part store (located every 5 meters in Russia) and buy GAZ\VAZ\ZAZ\KAZ\MAZ\PAZ\LAZ\UAZ\IZH\ZIL etc. parts. I’ve seen busses in Novosibirsk literally falling apart, with the interior looking like there was an explosion inside. As long they move, Russians will drive them.

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