Music Video From Georgia

This music video is from Georgia, ex-USSR country.

It has been said that in Georgia average salary is $80 per month, $960 per year, and that’s not a minimal, that’s an average salary across the country, so a big fraction of Georgian people work in Russia.

There are also rumours that during Soviet era more than half of criminal leaders were from Georgia.

Also there many areas of Georgia are not connected to central electricity system and every appartment in the house lives thanks to their personal diesel electricity generator.

This piece of music video is from that far away country from the shores of Black Sea.

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  1. It’s a horribly made video, and hell, the song is pretty bad too, but I watched the entire thing. Everyone looks like they had a good time making it and that’s amazingly entertaining on its own.

    • I liked the video myself. Good use of colors, being mainly black and white, with some red. Nice song, and the video goes well with the song. I have no idea what the lyrics are, since I only know English. I agree with Punching Judy, that everyone seems to be having a good time.

  2. sure its probably made on a keyboard, and with a standard camera, but it looks like they where having some fun times. ive seen worse videos made in teh usofa.

    now im tempted to go party on down in georgia. looks like it could be fun. then live in nature with no electricity for a few months.

    some of the posters on this blog are pretty negative, and wouldnt know a fun time if it bit them.

  3. An interesting thing i saw today on tv. I mean about putin.

    In 90-s when Eltzin was destroying everything in russia. It was ok for the whole world. Nobody said in the world OH MY GOD ELTZIN DESTROYS RUSSIA ! everybody was ok with it. Eltzin was some old drunk russian guy for everyone. and someone even sympathised him. And now when live have changed much ( believe me it is really different to what was in the 90-s ), everybody start saying about putin that he is a tiran that he is destroing russia.

  4. dRE said: “Or maybe UN reports are not a “reputable” source of information for you?”

    Well, the fact is that *you* consider international organizations to be authoritative sources of information only when it’s beneficial to your point of view. Just recently you accused the EU of condoning nazism and SS marches in the Baltic States (thus only ridiculing yourself, but that’s beyond the point).

    Let some more hard numbers do the talking, I’ll compare Russia, Georgia and Estonia (the latter to demonstrate the level of transformation which is possible within 15 years of being occupied by the Soviet Union)

    Index of Economic Freedom (2006):
    Russia: 122th
    Georgia: 68th
    Estonia: 7th

    Transparency International Corruption Percetions Index (2006):
    Russia: 121st
    Georgia: 99th
    Estonia: 24th

    State of World Liberty Index (2006):
    Russia: 124th
    Georgia: 58th
    Estonia: 1st

    What these numbers tell me, is that Georgia is on its way to functional democracy and economic freedom thus creating a solid base for further human development while Russia seems to regress, if anything.

  5. Oh, and dRE, you should check out the thread “Moscow, Police and People” once more. A Baltic Russian under the alias ‘hck’ (those you claim to be so oppressed by the ‘nazi-symphatizing natives’) shares his views on the Russian propaganda claims and talks about life here in wretched ‘Pribaltika’. Might be an eye-opener. I especially like this quote:

    Can’t start the business properly? Yes, ofcourse it’s because the evil natives are blocking your way because you’re Russian. Can’t get a job? Ofcourse it’s because you’re Russian, not because knowledge of native language is a BASIC REQUIREMENT at most job interviews. Et cetera. This kind of people probably catches the flu and blames it on the natives, too.

    It appears that to “clinically opressed” Russians the “nationality” is far more important than to the so-called natives.

    This is the typical excuse – blame everyone and everything else and not see your own mistakes.

  6. and about eltzin. If we are to talk about propaganda and lies then it have to be said exactly about those times. Stalin was bad too, but people did everything he said.(it’s not a very good example, but still).

    There is one thing about russian people.(it’s a well known phrase) – THEY ALWAYS BELIEVE IN THE GOOD TZAR. I mean the largest part of people (those who don’t realize the real situation in the country) they really think that the head man of the country( tzar or president) is good. They believe that there are everyone around tzar to blame but not him.

    When Eltzin was about to elected for the second time,there were many people who understood that eltzin was destroing russia. But eltzin just went to villages and small towns where people are simple and a bit more naiv, and told people how great he is and his programs. He even promised to buy a car to some old woman. And people voted for him.

  7. I wonder if any Slavic nationalists will come to defend Georgia and accuse this blog of being unfair to them, as they always do when something negative about Russia is shown.

    Georgians are hardly a Slavic people.

    Funny video, though. I never took the train from Tbilisi but I’ve heard it is quite a tough experience from people who’ve also ridden trains in Russia.

  8. 2 pld Take your pink glasses off. )

    Transparency International Corruption Percetions Index (2006):
    Russia: 121st
    Georgia: 99th
    Estonia: 24th

    State of World Liberty Index (2006):
    Russia: 124th
    Georgia: 58th
    Estonia: 1st
    Where did you get it? It’s lie. Index of Liberty )))

  9. I think that Georgia (Gruzija ???) should be listed here just because of russian “national hero” mr. Dzugashwili aka Stalin.

    Enough to post it here?

  10. Rusophop, u r the sick poor girl, seems like there is so much hatred around you and inside you, so u have to spit some out in ur countless blogs. Unbelievable, u have enough hate to fill at least 2 blogs from up to the bottom, poor poor girl…

  11. PLD: Well, no, I only mentioned this UN study because for some reason it hasn’t been mentioned by anyone here or on other blogs, which is in the same way “benefitional to your point of view”. I’m quite aware of all the other “indexes” that you mentioned.
    I don’t see your point. According to this UN publication, Russia has a better standard of living than any other ex-Soviet country, except for Baltic states.
    The indexes that you mention don’t make much sense to me:
    “Economic Freedom”? I know a lot of people starting up new businesses each year and they seem to be doing quite well. “International Corruption Percetions Index”? Ok, I probably agree with this one, but it’s actually becoming harder and harder to give bribes, I know this from personal experiences. “World Liberty Index”? Don’t know what that is, but living in Western Europe I can tell you, you feel much more free in Russia than here. I’m sure any real Russian will agree with me.

    As for Baltic countries – I can agree with you on the point of language, but given the fact that Russians constitute almost 30% of the population there (and in some cities like Daugavpils they’re the majority), it would be wise in a truly democratic country to make Russian the second OFFICIAL language. Take a look at Belguim for example, which has 3(!) official languages. Sure, the Dutch and French-speakers don’t like each other, but they seem to be living fine under the same roof so far. It’s really sad that you can’t.

    As for the fascist issue – your justification of Baltic countries fighting for independance alongside Nazis only shows that you preferred to fight AGAINST the world as it became today (where Nazis lost!), because you chose the side of people who wanted to destroy this world. Congrats to you!

  12. I still get a kick out of this video everytime I watch it and I have no idea what they are saying. I live the USA and 99.9999% of US music is absolute junk. I can’t even consider it music so this song is much better in my book. Heck, I listen to more over seas stuff that I don’t even understand and enjoy it much more.

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