Moscow From Bird Sight

Russian guy Letchik Leha works as a pilot in one of air companies.

He sometimes makes photos right from pilot’s cabin when he as a pilot flies with a crew.

I don’t know is he allowed to do this or not, but here are some of his photos.

This is Moscow city at night and his landing on a heavy passenger airliner to one of Moscow airports – there are a few airports in Moscow which population is almost ten million people.

By the way the flights above the Moscow itself are prohibited by Russian law so all the airports are not inside the city itself but near Moscow and in order to make a landing pilot must make a right curve not to crossing air space of Moscow itself.

Landing in Airport of Moscow

Moscow planning is made in form of giant circles – there are three bigger circles – wide roads around the city so that you could find a suitable exit for yourself when you drive thru Moscow.

Landing in Airport of Moscow

Right in the middle of Moscow there is the Kremlin, the center of political power of the whole Russia.

Landing in Airport of Moscow

Moscow is the only monster city in Russia where are all the Russian money circulate, there are not any other major cities in Russia – all the richest companies of Russia have their main offices in Moscow only. Companies that drill for oil in far away Siberia have themself seated in Moscow and pay Moscow taxes.

Landing in Airport of Moscow

It has been said that 90% of Russian money are in Moscow and 90% of those 90% are inside that smallest circle – the closest to the Kremlin road circle.

Landing in Airport of Moscow

Landing in Airport of Moscow

So you have landed in airport of Moscow, it’s really freezing outside and snowing. Welcome to Russia.

23 thoughts on “Moscow From Bird Sight”

  1. Doesn’t look like it’s snowing.
    According to Americans Moscow is covered in snow 365 days a year. Poor Russians, how do they manage without warm summers?

    • You Americans are just trying to find BS about countries other than your own, even if you have to make it up. It does not snow the whole year, not even close, and it does not even snow in some of the southern parts of Russia. It is not always cold, and can actually get pretty hot during the summer. And Moscow is not the “only city” of Russia as this article puts it – St. Petersburg has a population of 4.5 million people, fourth largest city in Europe in terms of population.

  2. Whole sentence should be: “Companies that drill for oil in far away Siberia have themselves seated in Moscow and pay Moscow taxes… …while they leave corpses and pollution behind, in Siberia”.

    Mr.Abramovich & Co. (including some Putin guys and local governors) know quite a lot about it: Omsk refinery’s manager was killed several years ago before being controlled by Sibneft… last year Sibneft moved its registration to St. Petersburg. So pollution and corpses are left in Omsk while taxes are paid into Matvienko’s pockets.

    PS: Matvienko is the governor of Saint Petersburg and Putin’s sweetheart.

  3. Oh my God.

    Author, I award you a medal.
    It is called, “For mindlessly turning anything inside out for propaganda reasons, 1-st class.”.

    Ok you got, like, 6 photos made from a cabin of airplane. Then, you wonder “is pilot allowed to do this or not”(and will he get shot, if he is`nt, yes?), then you immideatly jump to politics (o_0 what?), and start all like “Moscow is the only MONSTER city in Russia where are all the Russian money circulate, there are not(?) any other major cities in Russia(not at all?) – all the richest companies of Russia have their main offices in Moscow only.(Ha ha.:D)” And then you it is freezing and there is snow. (Wow. Snow. It is cold. Wow.)

    And then comes Homer.

    Oh, ok. If you get your kicks from it… Enjoy yourself.
    “Медицина здесь бессильна”.

  4. Hey dRE… Trying to be a smart-ass, eh?

    Regretfully what Homer told is pretty accurate… shameful for Russia but true: most people ruling the country just care about filling their pockets and don’t care about what it takes to get it.

  5. Terrific photos (whether permitted or not). My thanks to the pilot for sharing these fantastic views with all of us.

    If you want to see just how developed Russia really is then fly right across Siberia on a cloud-free night and keep looking out the window at all the lights.

  6. In the last photo, the aircraft with the American flag on its tail is a U.S. Air Force C-17, which is evidently based in Charleston, South Carolina. Interesting indeed!

    My guess is that the second photo was taken from a TU-134 cockpit.

  7. From Poland at least 2 000 000 in Chicago 😉 welcome to Pol…States

    and (I know such examples) some from Mexico are also from Poland due to the “no-problemo” border

  8. LaR – R u really that lonely? R u really that empty? You seem to have a pathological desire to attract attention by being crazy. Like Ames says, there are other countries too which seek your moral crusades 🙂

    P.S: America is not perfect, Russia is not either. Live with it

  9. It’s impossible to make direct comparisons between Russia and USA. Russians LIKE being miserable. We are known for it; read some Dostoevesky, fool. Why do you think we drink vodka? You try standing in a mob of people trying to get into the one open door to the metro (yet there are six doors, but only one is open) And cigarette smoke at least masks the diesel fumes, so you need your Marlboro Reds.
    And yet, it’s all so much more real than anywhere else. I was born in and live in the States. I love New York, but after a day there, I just want to go home and vomit. Russia is sad, poor, miserable, awful, and depraved, but there you are human in a way no American will ever know. Russia is FUN.


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