Road Rafting

Just a few kilometers from Moscow city where people by cars worth of $1 million life is totally different.

Some people living in Moscow may even not know how different it is, but it’s real and it’s there.

On this photo just a small example of what happens in rural parts of Russia. Many villages are left by young people who move to cities in a search of jobs and entertainment, some villages are populated with old people.

Here is the glimpse of funeral – an old lady goes on some sort of wooden raft together with a coffin towed by a tractor, though there are some kids so not every young pair moved away from this village.

russian tractor towes raft

19 thoughts on “Road Rafting”

  1. By the way, nobody has mentioned it yet, did you realize that the “thing” on this float is a coffin with a body in it? The coffin is semi-opened. Only gets better…

  2. If it’s “just a few kilometers from Moscow city”, why not tell us where exactly it is??
    I’m sure wherever this photo was found, there was an explanation of what’s happening and where the people are located.
    So why don’t we get this information?
    I’m willing to believe it’s outside Moscow, just tell me where!

  3. dRE, why would she be Jewish if she’s spreading propaganda?

    I’m Jewish and I have only interest and respect about everything and everyone else.

  4. I wonder if this is an example of the deep-rooted xenophobia (including anti-semitism) so common among Russian nationalists? “Yar, she’s criticizing the Motherland, she must be a dirty Jew”

  5. Unfortunatley, it seems La Russe is not reading tread after her second post.
    That is usually the point when she runs out of facts.

  6. It’s impossible coz Novodvorskaya just dislike communists.
    And Novodvorskaya have a digre and wrote Doestoevsy and Solzhenitsy except LaRusiky. Let’s call her Lariska. It’s more simply to write. )))

  7. 2 ab
    Thanx for information. I didn’t want to spend time to write it.
    I want to add. The Dostoevsky could put to death, but he was condemned to penal servitude by tsar against death. In 5 years he was
    forgive. He changed his mind , supported tsar. After that period of him life Dostoevsky wrote the best and the most famous novels.

  8. I´m not russian but used to live for 30 years in USSR. In Central Asia.
    Now I live in Europe and work with Russia as sales manager.
    If we come back to the photo, I can say that I´ve seen quite similar villages in Russia couple of yaers ago. Not few kilometers from Moscow city, but 200-300 km (Tver and Pskov regions). Russians says that it is 2 big differences: Russia and Moscow. Further to Moscow there is “normal life” in biggest cities. Around of Russia in small towns and villages life is like on Soviet-era even tsar-era! In Russia now is very actaul an old adage: Life is difficult for everybody! Somebody has thin soup, somebody has too small diamonds!
    I have many russian friends but I hate Russia as State and Russian goverment! Unfortunitely russians doesn´t need “westvalues” like freedom and equal rights. They have too much from slaves and asians in their mentality!

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