Kiev Tram Jam

Kiev Tram Jam

We have seen a 24 hour traffic jam in Moscow a few days ago. This is something different – tens of trams a stuck in Kiev in the middle of the day, so all the tram traffic was paralyzed.

Many people advocate public transportation as a no-traffic-jam alternative. This time it’s of no alternative.

Kiev Tram Jam

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  1. LR: Well, personally I said nothing about the huge traffic jams in Moscow (appeard in some previous post), because it’s what it is, so why should I bother commenting tram jams in Kiev? Okay, it happened once, it was spectacular, these photos are now on every Russian and Ukranian website, SO??

  2. AB: You don’t get it – this website critisizes every country that is being friendly with Russia. Since your current prime-minister is pro-Russian, you’ll be getting more posts like this one. Doesn’t matter what the domain name is, since the admins are Finnish anyway.

  3. If you can pick up Australian TV on Tuesday evening, ABC TV’s overseas current affairs program “Foreign Correspondent” will deal with Moscow’s traffic-jams. The pre-broadcast advertisements didn’t mention Kiev – perhaps that will be on next week’s program. 🙂

  4. I see no problem to show facts of other countries in EnglishRussia. If there is one day that “nothing cool happens in 1/6 of the Earth surface”, let’s show things about other countries – what’s the problem? There are many posts about Kazakhstan and I nobody said that “this is not

  5. Funny that nobody addresses the most likely reason for this line-up: When a tram hits a car (in the former Soviet Union), even the smallest scratch means there has to be a full police report. Thus one has to wait for police to arrive and for both drivers to give a full statement. This can easily take 20-30 minutes, and when some lines have a 2-minute interval, it doesent take long for a “pile-up” to occur. This is a nice piece of left over Soviet legal stuff, something that probably worked fine when cars were few and belonged to Party bosses…
    In Oslo, Norway, when we have a small incident, we merely exchange data (car number/licence number and driver´s names). Then the tram drives away, and the tram driver will file a report later. And the rest is up to the insurance companies. Only in the case of injury to persons (bodily harm) do the police get involved.

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