Russian UFO House

Now here is another piece of Russian self made rural piece of architecture.

This is a building in a form of a flying saucer, painted in Russian old style police car – white and blue.

Inside one can see traditional Russian wooden decoration and opposing it in style round windows and a… firewood furnace. It is not some highly-sophisticated zero gravity UFO engine but at least passengers won’t be freezing during long Russian winters.

Russian House in Form of UFO

The ladder is somehow different from a general design line, though it’s pretty Russian.

Russian House in Form of UFO

This house is inhabited and even has some furniture inside.

11 thoughts on “Russian UFO House”

  1. I suspect this is in someones yard, used as a game-room or lounge. I doubt anybody lives inside it all the time, nice design though.

  2. It’s like a tardis. It looks tiny on the outside, but the inside must be quite large.

    Unless everything in there’s tiny.

    I love the wooden architecture.

  3. Drive accross some of the back roads of America you may find such similar starange structures that resemble anything from Dinosaurs (Texas) to a (concrete) Hotel shaped like an indian TEE-PEE. It’s amazing to see that despite our political differances, the USA and RUSSIA have a lot in common. I guess that might be beause part of our population came accross the sea to our shore for a new life in our land.

  4. Yes.. this does look like a homemade Russian version of the Futuro.. pretty cool:)



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