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  1. These flags confuse me. The shape is reminiscent of German Fascism, but they clearly signal the Communist emblem of the hammer and sickle. What does it mean? Is this a strong movement back toward Communist rule in Russia?

    • These r fashists. But because of the embargo of nazi swastika in Russia, they could only make the shape. Very silly move to put the soviet symbol in the centre. Anyway they are baned today and leader is in prizon

  2. Duane: Yeah, dude, you’re right. Just take a look at one photo like this and make up your mind, like you know already everything about Russia and what’s happening there. Yes, it’s a “strong movement back toward Communist rule”, so beware, Yankees!! Spread the word across the globe! Unite against the red terror!

  3. Really these are the flags of Russian National Bolshevic Party. But I guess that now it is in the political underground due to the latest Russian Law of Parties and Political Organizations.

  4. dRE,

    Your comments don’t make much sense to me. I was asking an honest question. I’ve posted here maybe two or three times before, so I’m not sure how I ever created an impression that I “know everything” but I assure you that I’m here to learn, not to lecture. I’m curious about Russian culture and politics and hope someone living there can tell me what these flags signify. They send a strong mixed signal.

  5. Duane – I’m curious about what they mean, also. What group is marching? Can anyone who lives there tell us?

    dRE – lighten up. Nobody’s claiming to know everything about Russia, and Duane’s question was not that far-fetched. I had several conversations when I was in Russia with people who really missed Communism. It’s conceivable that there could be a Pro-Communist movement going on.

  6. Those people don`t stand for Communist Party of Russian Federation, they are National Bolshevik Party, or the NBP. The NBP is a largest and most active ultra-left political organisation in Russia.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National-Bolshevik_Party – gives some info, but gets you wrong about it.
    Better read it in russian version of wikipedia.
    (In english version “ideology” is mentioned as combination of Fascism, Stalinism and Neo-Eurasism. Ridiculous.)

  7. N.B.P = National-Bolshevik Party (ultra national far LEFT) Its not exacly (neo-)naziparty.

    (combination of fascism, Stalinism and Neo-Eurasianism)


  8. Duane, dRE is a typical deluded Russian nationalist, a victim of propaganda. S/he has this paranoia of ‘everyone’s out to get us’ and therefore the comments rarely make sense.

  9. I think they chose that design both to seperate themselves from the more traditional Communist party, and because the “nazi” color scheme is (admittedly) very strong visually. I’m not sure it’s accurate to call them “far left” as (from what I know) they seem to be a weird combination of both left and right ideals. Karl Marx was never for the “extermination of foreigners”, but rather that all men should be brothers who work together for the common good (at least in theory– clearly the USSR never lived up to that ideal.)

  10. These are the flags of National Bolchevik Party which isn’t even a real party in Russia since they’re not registered as one. To put it simple – they’re just a bunch of clowns. You can read about them here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevik_Party – and about their “famous” leader Eduard Limonov here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eduard_Limonov
    They’re supposed to be nationalists (as they claim), but now they’re strongly opposed to Putin and are very much pro-Western. 🙂
    So there you go Duane, Steph – you should know who your friends in now Russia are. 🙂

  11. dRE,

    I’m sorry that my initial comment was confusing, but I assure that this site isn’t my only source of information. Would you care to suggest some alternatives?

  12. damn, then you must be russian!

    Wow. Wow.

    what a hypocrite.

    i havent seen you say one nice thing on this site. I really dont have to think of insults because you have done far worse to your credibility then I ever could. lol.

    think about it. you wake up everyday and spew hate about people you have never met and dont know personally. Just “other peoples words”. if you really want to be taken seriously – atleast show the world your real identity, instead of hiding behind anonymity.

  13. I’m not going to be the referee on this argument, but I’ll say that it is informative. Every society has people pulling hard at the fringes. I see a little bit of in the United States, but the people are mostly placated with consumerism — the real opiate of the masses.

    I read this web site (and others) mostly because I suspect that Russia is recapturing some of the elements of the Soviet Union times. The world everywhere is becoming more authoritarian and wealth is concentrating in the hands of the elite. Images like the one in this post (rolex and red flags) paints a ridiculous picture, but which offends more? The people’s indignation or elite commerce?

    For me, the commerce is more offensive because I believe the people will find solidarity. They will see that both Russian and Georgian alike are treated as an underclass by those who have stolen the public treasure of Russia. (We have this problem too in the United States, but no one is angry enough to march in the streets)


    There is nothing contradictory in the symbols in the picture above. Nazism, Fascism, Marxism, Communism are essentially all synonyms for the same inhumane and unjust ideology.

    People forget (or refuse to accept the reality) that Fascism is an ideology of the Left. You can try to criticize my thesis. You will fail.

    The “Nazis” is an abbreviation for the “National Socialists” (as most people already know. YET the noun in the term itself is SOCIALISTS. And with good reason, if you care to find out more about what they believed). Did you know that the economy in Hitler’s Germany was a far more strict, centralized, command economy than Stalin’s USSR?

    Consider this quote: “There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will.” That’s right folks. Adolf Hitler said this in 1940.

    This is actually just a teaser, I could actually go on and on about this for decades, if anyone is interested. I can prove all of this (and a WHOLE LOT MORE) if anyone wishes to dispute anything I’ve said. The lie that people are told is that Hitler (and the Nazis) and Mussolini (and the Fascists) are somehow of the “far-Right”. It’s simply not true.

    Probably REALLY boring for you all 🙂


  15. First think, than write.
    They are NOT nazi’s. Or, mb Tunisia is also a nazi country, because of their flaq?
    Organization, that took responsibility for this action is the FIRST youth party in Russian opposition. The
    second-in-command in this organization, called NBP ( http://www.nbp-info.ru/) is a jew Vladimir Linderman, and one of the well-known of them is a negro Aio Benes. Now, when you know this facts, you can say that THEY ARE NAZIS?
    If you are interested in this problem look at their site.
    Or write me by e-mail:pasechnick@inbox.ru
    P.S. I am a member of this organization for more that 3 years. Ask me any questions you want – and I will give you a detailed answer.
    Russia is my first and true Love.

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