21 thoughts on “Russian TV Talk Show”

  1. America is so great and wonderfull that even the Russians try to copy our finest tv show; They can try but will never surpass the original: Jerry Springer.

  2. i know this clip for like at least 2 years. thats not something “new”, lets say u just discovered it. however i think that is indeed real, look at the scared face of the host at the end. his nose is bleeding and he i think he is not really aware of the situation.

  3. I don’t speak even the slightest bit of Russian and yet I wanna know what they are saying that is being beeped out 😉

  4. That side-kick was fake. it’s entertaining, but entirely staged. People are even waiting for cues to throw chairs and such.

  5. Definitly fake.. Unless they were all martial arts experts, because some of those sige kicks are a bit too ‘perfect’ for people that would do that on TV. Legs were extended in full when they touched which shows they wouldnt throw someone back as far as they did.

    And the jump kick with the little bits of smoke being let off.. lol

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  7. All russians know this show. It’s called “Okna” 🙂 It’s 100% fake!!! They all are actors! 🙂 Near every show they do same things 🙂

  8. The fact that it’s fake should not even be discussible – what TV channel is going to allow a real fight in its studio during a recording of a show. That’s ridiculous. Most of the people there are either unknown actors or just ordinary people taken from the street. It’s been proved in numerous newspapers time and time again.

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