Bar Code Building

We’ve already had a thread about strange buildings from Soviet era.

Today we’ve got another piece of strange architecture, now from modern Russia.

That’s a building made in the form of giant bar code, the same bar code we see on all the goods in a supermarket.

It seems to be an office building made of modules.

It’s from St. Petersburg, Russia, and was submitted by Jolq, would somebody be able to read the barcode?

bar code building, russia

17 thoughts on “Bar Code Building”

  1. it doesn’t mean anything. It has the wrong check digit [last number should be a 6] and if you change it to ‘6’ it’s unknown.

  2. Hi.
    This building is about 100m from my home 🙂 Funny to see it here. It really took me a time to understand what thouse numbers mean! Nice design, but wrong place for that (grandmos around don’t get it).

    It’s still under counstruction, but as I know it’s gonna be a simple trade center with usual dress shops and etc.

  3. The barcode is not a valid UPC or EAN. The middle bars are too thick, there are 11 bars on the left, 10 on the right and they have nothing to do with the 16 digits (in a regular barcode you have 12 bars on each side, not counting the 6 alignment marks, and 12 digits). The digits seem to be just 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 scattered around to make up some nonsense. However, the siding pattern does give you a clear bit stream: 0000101001100100100011100011001000111001001101000011000111110111110001100001011001001110001100100011100110001111001010000

    (Please check, I may have a bit or two wrong.) This might stand for something. Enjoy.

  4. That is so cool that I wanna take off my nuts (cashews that is…did you think it was something else?) and arrange them in random order so that they look like the barcode illustrated above.


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