Moscow, Police and People

On Saturday November 4th, 2006 there was some civil disorder in centre of Moscow.

This day is some sort of Russia holiday devoted to some historical events of liberation of Russia from Polish and Swedish occupation back in medieval times.

So there were group of people who wanted to express their opinion about liberation of Russia nowadays from ethnic groups they consider to be enemies now occupying Russia.

Moscow authorities banned this events so everybody expressing his attitude on Saturday in the centre of Moscow were arrested.

You can see some photos from this event.

disorder in Moscow city

People were taken from streets. Some witnesses say that anybody could be caught even without participating in expressing opinion action.

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

Moscow Police is not shy of the cameras.

disorder in Moscow city

Some streets were totally blocked.

disorder in Moscow city

She also participated.

disorder in Moscow city

Young guys in Russian police uniform are not very happy doing this. But order is order.

disorder in Moscow city

Numerous army trucks were found on Saturday in centre of Moscow.

disorder in Moscow city

And regular army entered the city too. In Russia army is compulsory for every guy at age eighteen, so no surprise that soldiers look so different.

disorder in Moscow city

This look like an attack.

disorder in Moscow city

Impossible to hide from all-seeing-eye of Moscow police.

disorder in Moscow city

This line is not for some exotic shop, it’s people being caught on the street are now are being put into a truck and transported to police office. There they would get a clarification that it’s not a best thing in Russia to violate a prohibition of expressing their opinion. If it is forbidden to express the opinion – you should not do it.

disorder in Moscow city

Army soldiers were also blocking streets.


disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

No trespassing!

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city

disorder in Moscow city


64 thoughts on “Moscow, Police and People”

  1. yet i don’t understand how some russians can turn far right and even shout heil hitler as exactly one year ago on november 4th. it’s strange to see young people shouting nazi slogans while it’s quite possible that their grandfathers were fighting against nazism. twisted world, really….

  2. Admin is once again distorting and abusing the facts…
    The good thing is that this “Russki March” wasn’t allowed by the authorities (at least in Moscow) and its organisers failed to attract any significant number of people (only about a 1000 turned up).

  3. admin of this site obviously doesnt know much about current russian holidays. he writes: “some sort of Russia holiday”. only one look at the newspapers could give him information that it is “national unity day” (день народного единства). more here:

  4. Well I don`t understand what do you want to show? When some nazis are beating peole – it`s bad. And when a lot of nazis come to the center of town and shout that they want all not russians to leave – its good.

  5. I have always been fascinated about Russia and in my youth, the Soviet Union, as a huge mysterious country that I would love to someday see for myself. As an American, I feared one day there might be war between our countries. Today I am delighted we have better relations and have met many wonderful people here, who have come from Ukraine or Russia. I could listen to their stories for hours.
    If any people know the meaning of surviving hardships it is in your part of the world.
    Love this website! Whether true, false or somewhere in between, it’s great to see the pics and read the posts!

  6. Just to add, as you can see, there was no problem to photo or video that. What I don’t like, is that EVERYONE who were arrested were set free on the next day. I really think that some of those nazi should be in prison to prevent others from actions like that.

  7. You can’t keep them in for the rest of their lives for just marching. They have to commit some violent crime….but than again Russian judges would let them go anyways.

    What I don’t like is that Russian’s fought so hard during WW2 against the Nazis’ because they understood it was a fight to the death. The Nazis never liked the slavic race and they never will. These people are unfortuanately not the uneducated people as you stated.

    I have read in articles that these people work as engineers or business men.

    They are educated, what is wrong with them is that they are filled with hate. Hate for thier lacking so they blame others. Nazis’s breed when people realise how easy it is to blame someone else for their problems.

  8. to pld
    Estonia had established monuments in the name of SS.
    People how were in SS now has status of veterans in all three Baltic countries.

    About your democracy… how many millions of people have a status of “alien” in Baltic countries? They can’t vote simply because they had nationality “Russian” and people who are 70 or 80 years old, who lived all their live in the same place now have to pass exams(!!!) to become a real citizen. Yep, that’s great democracy.

    For sure only a democratic country will change all Russian surnames! You can’t be “Ivanov” or “Petrov” or etc anymore. You’ll be… “IvanovS!” or “PetrovS”. This is a real democracy: we won’t give people who spoke Russian language a right to vote, a chance to study on national language, we’ll change their names… just because we are outnumber them (evil laugh here).

    You guys really like letter “S”, probably SS is good for you in that way. Farewell.

  9. to pld
    You are Nazi already

    Ever though about what happened after USSR collapsed? Everyone had USSR passports… but people with nationality “Russian” are still “aliens”. While everyone who had nationality “Estonian”, “Latvian” or “Lithuanian” got new passport immediately. It’s a real Nazi style of working. Yep, that’s a real democracy – a rule of the most numbered.

  10. Oh… one more about Baltic countries.

    Another part of their democracy policy was to arrest Russian WWII veterans and judge them for the “evil acts” and “occupation”! Yep, imprisoning 80s old people who were simply soldiers during war was a great moment for you countries. Sure.

  11. You sir are so deluded and impregnated with propaganda that I’m actually amazed. Do you huff glue or is the neo-soviet Russian propaganda machine actually that powerful?

    I mean, I can’t even answer to you, because your claims are so incredibly absurd. I’ll just address one vaguely intelligent point – about arresting “war veterans”. Actually, the people you have in mind were not “simply soldiers” but people who gave orders for mass deportations during the 1940s. You know, where TENS OF THOUSANDS of men, women and children were sent to die of malnourishment and cold in the wastelands of Siberia; some lucky ones were just shot on the spot. Such people were sentenced to death by hanging in the Nurenberg trials, here they get at most a few years in jail.

    The ironic part is that you call me a nazi while seeming to condone people who sent other human beings to concentration camps en masse.

    As I said, I won’t bother to reply to your other claims; no sense in attempting intelligent discussion with your kind.

    P.S. I have to add that those allegedly repressed and outcast fellow Russians of yours in the Baltic countries seem to have no interest in returning to the glorious Fatherland even though the Great Leader has called upon them to do just that. Perhaps life’s not that bad in the fascist, nazi-infested ‘Pribaltika’?

  12. So basically in Russia young men (the ones in gray uniforms and without guns) can be forced to do service in the “Militia” (Police) instead of the army? Some of them look very young and not even happy about being there.

  13. pld

    From that I can only see:
    1) You have nothing against people who are still “aliens”
    2) SS monuments are acceptable for you
    3) SS “veterans” marching on streets is a normal thing
    4) Imprisoning WWII veterans is welcomed (though everyone in USSR suffered during Stalin’s times, not only Baltic. But only those 3 countries are judging and only Russian people. Or may be none of Baltic nationalities ever worked on government at that time?)
    5) You have nothing against forcing people to change their names.
    6) You really think that German nazi were 10 times better.

    What propaganda are you talking about? Type any of those things in google and you’ll get to world news about it. You are just a blind (nazi or xenophobia is you way of thinking, choose what you like the most)

    Main difference in Russia and Baltic countries in this situation is that Russian police PREVENTS fascists actions like that. And Baltic police PROTECTS fascists actions.

  14. People, don’t bother with PLD – he represents a pathetic troll country (like the admin of this site) which was always (and still is) fascist in its nature, so no wonder they took the side of Nazis in WWII. USSR made a big mistake dealing with them. We have nothing in common with these “people”, so we should have as minimum connections with them as possible, and preferably get all Russians out of those countries and close the border.

    LR: It’s just so hard to please you, isn’t it, woman? First you accuse Russia of racism and xenophobia, then you accuse its government of banning the racist “Russki March”?? You’re contradicting yourself… again!
    There was no march, it’s been banned by the authorities. Those who didn’t agree were taken by the police, as shown on these photos. 1000 or 2000, doesn’t matter, it was nowhere near to what the organizers had planned initially. So they failed and that’s good. And the authorities and the police made sure the situation was under control. Good job.

  15. I have a feeling that the admin is a closet homosexual. He is taking all his anger and frustrations on bashing Russia and distorting the facts. Real “Pidor”.

  16. someone, I’ll answer to you, because you made such a nice list. Please answer to me too; my questions are marked in bold.

    1) No country in the world lets foreigners flock in and grants them citizenship automatically. Why doesn’t Russia give citizenship to Chinese coming over the borders in the Russian Far East?

    2) Don’t know any SS monuments in Baltic countries. Please give an example from a reputable news source. Though I’m sad to say that there are still some monuments displaying Soviet symbolics. Hopefully they are removed soon. A statue of a soldier in Red Army uniform is just as bad as a statue of a soldier in Wehrmacht or SS uniform.

    3) Waffen-SS veterans have the same right to march as Red Army veterans in a democratic country. Both were used as tools for oppressive, criminal regimes. Look up Nürnberg trials, regular Waffen-SS soldiers were aquitted of any crimes – they were just that, simple soldiers.

    4) I already answered that, it’s not war veterans, and it’s not only Russians. Local people committed atrocities as well. Yes, I believe that people should be tried in court for crimes against humanity. Do you believe that criminals should not be punished for crimes against humanity?

    5) Absolute rubbish. Please give an example from a reputable news source.

    6) Absolute rubbish. Please give an example from a reputable news source.

  17. to Pld.

    example for question № 5 about changing russian names

    this is news from russian first central tv channel

    this is from some news site

  18. “There is no point of having an intelligent discussions here.”

    –AGREED!! that’s why from now on I will only have silly discussions. Let the madness prevail.

    (I am still waiting for answers to my questions, particularly, number 4)

  19. To pld:
    Okay, life in your great baltic democratic european free-of-soviet-rule countries is perfect, why do you even bother coming to sites about Russia and leaving your useless comments on how much do you hate the russians? Isn’t raising above our level the most smart thing to do, as you’re claiming to be more than we are?
    And one more thing – regims in Russia may have always been unsuitable for one or other group of people, but the russians as nationality remained one of the strongest in the world, if not the strongest one, despite all of the military and political failures, if it wasn’t for Russia, most of the world would be in slavery camps now, and the rest would be drinking beer, learning german and eating wursts or whatever.
    so to sum it up

  20. I’d like to say a word as well. I am Russian and here’s my opinion. It is importatnt not who participated in this meeting, but what were the actions of police. Russia is a police state. It’s always so if you are in the opposition to the government either you are a nashionalist, communist or soicial-democrat. During such demostrations policeman act like zombies. They do what they are told. They don’t think why they do it and whether they should do it. Nevertheless we shouldn’t stop fighting against such “democracy”.

  21. Is anyone else reminded of Half-life 2 when they look at these pictures? I am. Especially when looking at the pictures no. 9 and 14. The cops look like the combine soldiers and the buildings in the background look like the ones in the game as well. Life imitating art?

  22. We’re russians never die. It could be understood from our history.
    We have rich history and culture.
    We’ll rock every enemies.

  23. Is anyone else reminded of Half-life 2 when they look at these pictures? I am. Especially when looking at the pictures no. 9 and 14. The cops look like the combine soldiers and the buildings in the background look like the ones in the game as well. Life imitating art?

    don’t forget about posters on buildings on russian language and broken russian cars in some levels ;)))

  24. PLD: Glad you’ve missed me… I really can’t say the same about you. But I am glad you’re not denying the fascist nature of the Baltic countries.
    And NO, Waffen-SS veterans DO NOT have the right to march as Red Army veterans do. It’s forbidden in most (if not all) DEMOCRATIC countries (unlike the Baltic states). Europeans at least tried to fight the Nazis (although some took their side), and surely they will never accept SS veterans on their streets. It happens only in Baltic countries which is a fact!

  25. to PLD

    This is a random news about Estonia establishing momunemnt in the name of SS (on Russian). (on Russian)

    Use google or anything else. Use keywords:
    “estonia SS memorial”

    What’s more, it’s SS memorial, exactly SS, not for Estonian soldiers or something. Baltic countries welcome nazi soldiers no matter what, just because they hate Russian people.

  26. to PLD

    1) No country in the world lets foreigners flock in and grants them citizenship automatically. Why doesn’t Russia give citizenship to Chinese coming over the borders in the Russian Far East?

    They lived there all their life! They didn’t come there AFTER USSER collapsed, they lived there for 10s of years BEFORE. And people with nationality “Russian” were called “aliens”, while others got new passports.

  27. damn, Kane, can’t you read properly?

    quote: В поселке Лагеди под Таллином был открыт памятник эстонцам, воевавшим во Второй мировой войне на стороне фашистской Германии, в том числе в составе 20-й дивизии СС.

    This is a memorial for fallen soldiers, not SS. No point of arguing here, because I live here and I know, so stop believing in Russian (as in Russian state) propaganda.

  28. So, I still haven’t gotten decent answers to my questions. I don’t consider Russian news sources to be ‘reputable’, because Russia does not have practical freedom of speech. I had BBC, Reuters and the likes in mind.

    Oh yes, the ‘Estonian SS monument’. This is a godsend, a lucious piece of meat to chew on till eternity for Russian propaganda. So let me tell you the truth about it. This monument was erected by a small group of people who raised money and ordered the statue. I’ll translate the caption – it says: “To Estonian men who fought against bolschevism and for restoration of independence in 1940-1945”. Nothing about glorifying the Waffen-SS. Kane claims that “it’s SS memorial, exactly SS, not for Estonian soldiers or something”. WRONG. It’s exactly for Estonian soldiers; who unfortunately had NO CHOICE but to fight in Waffen-SS uniform, because the Red Army had OCCUPIED Estonia in 1940 and naturally abolished Estonian army. These men sincerely believed that they were fighting for their country’s independence. Now, it’s unfortunate and ignorant that the Waffen-SS uniform was depicted on the statue, not to mention illegal and the statue was removed in a police operation a long time ago.

    Nobody here seems to mind that there is a statue of a Red Army soldier, in Red Army uniform in the center of Tallinn, capital of Estonia. So here is another question, though I don’t expect this one to be answered either: Do you believe that one criminal, oppressive, sadistic regime (Soviet Union) is acceptable and worth remembering while the other (Third Reich) is not? I personally believe they both should be condemned, and display of their symbols be illegal outside museums.

    I’ll reiterate what I said before. Look up the Nürnberg process. Waffen-SS vets of Baltic countries were aquitted of any crimes, it was recognized that they were trying to fight for their independence, and they have any right to march on the street just like Red Army veterans. That’s what DEMOCRACY is about, not selective freedoms for certain groups of people. dRE, you don’t know what democracy means. Which is a shame.

    Okay, life in your great baltic democratic european free-of-soviet-rule countries is perfect, why do you even bother coming to sites about Russia and leaving your useless comments on how much do you hate the russians? Isn’t raising above our level the most smart thing to do, as you’re claiming to be more than we are?

    I have never claimed to hate Russians, in fact, I have known many smart and friendly Russian people throughout my life. Another example of you nationalists living in a black-and-white delusional world where you generate your own truths and believe in them whole-heartedly.

  29. I believe that complete freedom of speech is essential; the Russian authorities should not have stopped people from going on the street and protesting as long as there was no violence. Stopping them only creates media attention to their cause.

    I disagree with the people protesting on the other hand, their claims are racist.

  30. 2 AntiRus
    I’m from Moscow.

    You say: I’m saddened that the nation that lost the most people from the Nazis, are now Nazis sympathizers. It is really pathetic and shameful to not only thier background, but to the older generaion that fought against the Nazis.
    It’s really ugly. But there are no lots of things like this. It’s social problem of capitalist country. It’s new problem for our. Coz it
    was impossible for CCCP. While may be our government can’t resist it. I think it’s solution for time. But you (AntiRus), may be you don’t know Nazis are in USA also. And you have ugliest thing in your country. For instances: schoolboys shoot each other in schools, my friends who lived in USA told there were lots of people living in trailers, they were homeless, districts like Harlem.. Do you know smthg about reservations?
    🙂 Do you thing it’s better then GULAG? Have you watched “Faringeit 9/11”? Who is native american? I think you should have a look at yourself and comment it.

    Tell me Who is bitterest enemy of muslims? Do you know Why it is?
    Who is bitterest enemy of countries of South America?

  31. PLD: The Soviet regime that you’re calling criminal and oppressive was under Stalin. I agree with you that it was comparable in its atrocities to the one of Third Reich’s. Most people in Russia think it was horrible. But Stalin didn’t rule for 70 years, so I definately disagree with you comparing the whole of USSR to Nazi Germany. They’re just not on the same line.
    Today fact is – the way Baltic countries are treating normal Russians (NOT Red Army veterans) living there is just as oppressive as the regime you’re trying to condemn. And the only possible explanation of such treatment is – you just don’t like Russians, all of them, whether they fought in the Red Army or not. And such behavior is not acceptable in truly democratic countries, which the Baltic states do not represent.

  32. 2 AntiRus
    Vodka belly? It’s smthng new what I’ve ever heard. : -)))
    About bear belly and russian alchogolizm 🙂 It’s myth, that we are
    russian made to say anecdote each other. ) But you should know germans
    drink alchogol more then russian. One german drink alchogol >=200l per year. Russian do less then 100. It’s average statistics.
    And also there is average statistics about the fattest country in the world. It’s USA. There is a film of an american good journalist about that. I dont remember the name. I can check. He told about american food system in schools, univers.. etc And Also what several people ate. It was of coz burgers and Colla. Is it our traditional food? We think It’s good?
    About Vodka: It’s our nationality drinking and just we can drink it correctly). When our american colleagues were in Moscow we had a party. Just American wonted drink Vodka. It was terrible they got out of control wonted more and more…))) We had to help them to be in hotel.

    I like living in Russia, there are lots of sightseeing, friends, good people, traditions, history, culture, enough resources, beautiful girls, lots of abilities, writers, painters.
    When I was a child I was proud of my country. She’s the biggest in the world. And russian was first in space )))

  33. PLD: I wonder how you’d be talking if your Nazi friends won WWII? Really, that’s an interesting question! I mean, sure, Baltic states would get their freedom and independance much earlier than it happened under USSR. And you wouldn’t get oppressed all these years and thrown to concentration camps, etc., etc. Sure, you human rights would be very much protected under Nazis! I mean, your whole land would just be burned down with your people in it, and your place would be occupied by some proud Aryan. Yeah, hooray to that, let’s celebrate the heroism of Baltic SS-soldiers, fighting for independance of their countries! And hooray to EU for supporting that!

    End of discussion.

  34. Yes Andrey, we understand that you tried to use a clever phallic metaphor … but instead made a fool of yourself. And hck went along with you and constructed a similar analogy … which sadly went over *your* head. Gee, I wonder who’s the one lacking a brain here?

    dRE, you were trying so hard, so hard to be ironic. Quite a feeble attempt unfortunately; because one could replace ‘Nazi’ with ‘Soviet’, ‘SS soldiers’ with ‘Red Army soldiers’, etc. and the paragraph in question would not change in sarcastic effect.

    I mean, is this the definition of hypocricy or what? A denizen of a country where Nazism is rampant, people wave swastika flags and almost epidemic killings of dark-skinned people mostly go unpunished accuses the Baltic states of symphathizing the SS.

  35. 2 pld Yes He went along so He’s like 12 years old child.

    There is no epidemic killings of dark-skinned people, There were a couple of killing.It doesn’t mean epidemic. I think for you country it’s also true. Your mass-media doesn’t say it to you to make your sleep well. )
    pld,? Are you from Poland?

  36. 2 hck
    Интересная статейка. )
    Наш охранительно-агрессивный настрой ответ на такую же агррессвиную необразованность и самодурство). А мнение о стране сложно составить по людям пишущим в интеренете. не понятно кто за них тут пишет? )

  37. ? hck
    То что ты пишешь, дешевая туфта. )
    Не потому такая агрессия, что вы члены НАТО и ЕС…
    Да просто знакомые есть. бежавшие из Прибалтики. из-за хорошего отношения там к русскому меньшинству…
    И правительство поэтому так относится…

  38. Look, my father is Russian, the first language I learnt was Russian and I have a Russian name. I didn’t get citizenship “by default”, it was given to me in a simplified manner in 1994 due to the fact I was learning in an Estonian school. All of this because none of my direct ancestors were citizens of pre-1940 republic. All that didn’t stop me to work in “native” (why it’s so important, anyway?) firms, well, wherever I wanted to work, never experienced any problems. So I should know better than you, it seems that your friends are pathetic moaners who seek excuse from anywhere else but themselves. Can’t start the business properly? Yes, ofcourse it’s because the evil natives are blocking your way because you’re Russian. Can’t get a job? Ofcourse it’s because you’re Russian, not because knowledge of native language is a BASIC REQUIREMENT at most job interviews. Et cetera. This kind of people probably catches the flu and blames it on the natives, too.

    It appears that to “clinically opressed” Russians the “nationality” is far more important than to the so-called natives.

    This is the typical excuse – blame everyone and everything else and not see your own mistakes.

  39. Андрей, у меня тоже очень много друзей в Эстонии и большинство из них хочет оттуда уехать из-за скотского отношения к русским.

  40. You forgot to mention that the people protesting/”expressing their opinion” a racist. They are part of a new trend in russia, where innocent civilians of different cultural backgrounds get assaulted by nazi-russians. These exact pictures you have are on video on youtube, look up ‘racism in russia’ and you can find a video of this protest, these people are protesting to be racist and embrace nazi ideals. This is ilegal and is definitely not Soviet ideology or morality.

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