7 thoughts on “Drunk Russian Guy Is Harassing Passers-By”

  1. Here we go again.

    You people actually DO like watching those movies and pictures, dont`ya? Watching this again and again, saying “This video is another example of what one can meet while on his travel to Russia.”, feeling great and comfortable? Yes?
    Tell me.

  2. things like this also happen everywhere else, so you may “meet these things” in other countries as well.
    Japan is no better, America is worse. So what?

  3. I’d kick his and his friends ass and face if I met them!!! Or put his bottle on his head easely! They harrasse only weak people – not tough guys or just mature men!

  4. i WANT TO THANKX everyone for your right understanding , guys!!! I’m russian, but live in US for the last five years. I’v got SO SIK to hear “krapp” like this about my Country… THANKX a lot again! Victoria SC USA

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