Doomed to Wheelbarrow

Russian Prisoner and a Wheelbarrow

Some time ago in Russia they used to chained prisoners to the wheelbarrows they were working with, so that it was hard for the prisoner to run away. If such a person decided to run he had to take the wheelbarrow with him.

This particular shot was called “The Prisoner at Rest”, and one can clearly see the wheelbarrow nearby.

8 thoughts on “Doomed to Wheelbarrow”

  1. At least prisoners in America get to lie around all day, watch premium cable television, play games, and sleep. Life is easy when you are in American Jails that are sometimes refferd to a Hilton (luxury hotel brand).

    American Prisons > Russian Prisons.

  2. Acts_of_Atrocity: It’s just interesting, I didn’t know prisoners were chained to wheelbarrows .. did you? It’s not insulting the prisoners or the government, it’s an interesting little piece of history.

    Why is this blog full of so many people convinced that the editors hate russia and aim to prove it to be bad in every post, sometimes they post things in russia that are bad sometimes they post things in russia that are interesting. Do you get angry at a newspaper that reports crime in your country? No, but it’s saying bad things about your country, you people need to relax.

    And as people have already said, if you don’t like what this guy has to say then stop visiting. I’m sure he doesn’t care that you hate him / his views / his blog and your ridiculous posts aren’t going to change him.

  3. Really small children of tender age were working in mines chained to their jack-lifts. It was in Great Britain till The Mines Act was issued in 1842.

  4. Nothing bad has happend to those non-citizen (hence no rights) murderers in Guantanamo. So quit looking for BS reasons to defend the enemy.

  5. AoA: No reason to be sensitive. This kind of thing happened. Cruel, unconcienable things have happened everywhere. One prevents mistakes by learning from the past.

    Bert: What about Guantonimo? Perhaps Gitmo should be used by European nations as an example of how they should improve the humane treatment of prisoners. Perhaps the International Red Cross should designate Gitmo as an ideal prison, whose standards whould be emulated.

  6. Well actually slavery was allowed for quite long in Russia, which this picture just shows. It was the slavery long into modern time, and what was left of it even after it was forbidden, that paved the way for the Russian revolutions.


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