Jump Out the University

This video is made in University of Moscow.

Two guys walk through the university during the usual studying hours, chatting with some students and teachers they meet.

Then they come to the library on the floor 21st and… jump out of the window right before the shocked librarians and reading students.

This incident was the investigated by police of Moscow city but they were not found now they published the video on Internet.

11 thoughts on “Jump Out the University”

  1. After reading the introduction, I thought that this was a gruesome suicide video and debated myself briefly whether I wanted to see it. Interesting. They are part of that sub-culture known as BASE jumpers.

  2. “The legend says he did not make it.” (no kidding).

    “WoW!! Russians sure are the craziest people in the world!!” (Oh please— people do this all over the world! It’s called BASE jumping, “BASE” in an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth, first popularized in the late 1970’s in the US, but in fact going back to the inventor of the parachute who demonstrated his idea to the US patent office by jumping off a building.)

  3. I used to study in Moscow State University. This library is located on the 22nd floor of the Main Building.

    But we should take into account that the floors there are very tall and are not exactly same floors as we all are used to.

    So I estimate the 22nd floor to be equivalent to approx. 35th floor of a regular building.

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