Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

A 1001 hp Bugatti Veyron worth of $1.1M was presented to public in Moscow city, in the capital of the country where the average doctor’s salary is $150 per month or $1800 per year.

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

And for sure there are plenty of people ordering it right now, because Moscow city is also a capital of the world’s leading country in export of oil and gas. Though the profits of this business don’t go on benefit doctors or teachers or just people of Russia.

UPDATE: And here it is – it is sold now:
bugatti veyron, now on Moscow city streets
Why not?

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  1. Are you sure that doctor’s salary is $150? Where did you get this info? My wife works in library and it was always most low paid job and she does as much as $300.

    Read here job opportunities for doctors. Also the average salary of emergency doctors in Moscow is from 16 000 to 18 000 rubles. That is $600-700. You can check it here –

  2. Yes, well in a free market there are bound to be more poor people than rich. It is the same in all the world. There can be nothing done about it other than to stop your bickering.

  3. Jesus Christ! Where the hell do you get that the average salary in the US is 18k? It isn’t. Check the CIA World Factbook. They have everything up to date. The average salary here is 41k and the average salary in Russia is 11k.

    I don’t understand why anybody would want to buy a car like this. It is a complete waste of money.

  4. Meh, the Weineck AC Cobra is more powerful, faster, and cheaper.

  5. if what I understand is correct about Russian salaries, then stunts like this Bugatti presentation are just going to inflame hatreds. We can talk about how this how it just IS in a ‘free market’, but that won’t stop the poor from being resentful, eventually you’ll have millions longing for the “good-old-days” of communism. And THAT’S how it JUST IS people; you can’t eat a rich meal in front of a starving man and expect him to just sit by idly.

    I see a future filled with the kinds of kidnappings that are everyday occurences in Brazil.

  6. This bugatti is now shown at “millionare fare” in moscow. An exibition of luxury products. And it is not sold yet( the press says so)

  7. Well, such behavior DO inflame anger among common citizens, inside and especially outside of Moscow. Moscow city is even considered by some people as enclave, a “foreign state” inside Russian borders, because majority of these 5% of population reside here.

    It`s like huge mountain of cash in a middle of a flat plato of small change.

  8. For doctors average salary is now about $500. 15k in rubles. But that’s for government’s hospitals (that a free for pubic). For private’s Hospitals good doctors earn $2000-$3000 a month.

    But yep, there are people how earns billions of $. So they can afford it, and mostly they live in Moscow. Just to add, Moscow has more millionaires (in $) than almost any other city in the world.

    There is even a shop in Moscow where the cheapest thing(!) costs $1 000 000.

  9. All that horsepower, all that money, just so some one can drive it in a city traffic jam, surrounded by Ladas, zhugalis, and GAZ’s that can accidently hit it.

  10. This is one of the most exclusive cars in the world.It is simply a show of how far the automotive industry has gone. Everyone likes to look at what they cannot afford…that is just nature.

    Now…the difference is in the general public between america and russia…In russia there are multi-millionaires who blow money on cars and such, and there are such people in america, rappers, movie stars, etc. So, there are rich individuals in both of the countries. The difference is between the ever so diminishing middle class.

    The american middle class has a much higherm mean income per capita than the russian one.

    P.S. – i know a honda civic thats just as fast as this bugatti….i would still much rather have the bugatti. And, i live in nyc and i have not seen one of these cars.

  11. The world fact book does not state avarge income bud GDP, and is not comparable to an avarage income… think about all the minimum wage jobs and all the poor peaple in the us (about 12% of total population) does it really make sence that the avarage wage is 41k??? more info:

  12. I think the point is that both Russia and America are extreme examples of capitalism , where the gap between middle class and the poor is constantly widening.
    Secondly I don’t think you can actually cut very good margins selling a few 1.1M cars a year. So ironically a better mannequin for a capitalism would be some really generic japanese people carrier 😉

  13. While we all discuss the Average Salary of Russians vs. Americans, lets not forget that these figures are the countries GDP divided by each and every person. That means it is not as easy as comparing numbers to actually compare countries. Obviously, in both our countries, most of us do NOT make that much. In fact, it is more likely for an American to have an average salary of less. These numbers are heavily padded by those who make gross amounts of money to do trivial work. Professional Sports, professional artists, and C.E.O.’s anyone? So let’s not get hung up purely on numbers.

  14. I guess I missed something here I did not understand that the author was putting down Moscow or Russia, just an interest item, just an observation of the car on display.
    I think many people would find it interesting, I have seen these on the internet & did not know they were THAT much, but they are made by Volkswagon, & they make very few & expect/need to sell very few. That is the point, it is an extremely exclusive car in ANY country.
    Also, I am curious as to what the cost of living there is compared to U.S. If the salary is much lower, perhaps the cost of goods are also. They would have to be or the society could not hold up. And are medical care & education socialized like Canada? This helps a lot. It is not the only country with the upper crust extremely wealthy compared to the lower/middle class, with virtually no upper class between. Look at Mexico. It is also becoming far more prevelant here in the U.S. quite recently & this is expected to continue.

  15. Hey there,
    any of you living in Moscow now? Could a person get around there by knowing only German and English initially? Is $30,000 USD a decent salary to live on there? An internatioanl school wants to hire me and they pay for my housing and say that I would be able to save 10K per year…does this sound right?
    Does anyone know about how much it would cost to take a course in Russian there?
    Moscow sounds like a pretty interesting place! All that history and art and architecture! I would love to move there and learn about the culture; meet people; dig the city!
    Best! India

  16. any way…even if doctor has 150 backs for months ..there are always alot of people who have 1 000 000 backs for day..

  17. nice car, but it’s to expensive in Denmark, so I can’t have one :-)…4.5M $ in Denmark, because of taxes… couldn’t even get a Rolls Royce Phantom for 1.1M $ in Denmark…

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  19. Nothing since then has not changed (2006). The average salary of emergency doctors in Moscow is from 33500 to 45000 rubles. It is the same $ 600-700. Read here

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