20 thoughts on “St. Petersburg, Another View”

  1. This is great. HDR photos [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_dynamic_range_imaging ] have become pretty popular on the web these days; and deservedly so. Of course, St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, I’ve visited twice, would like to more.

  2. Sorry, generally I do like the pictures that you’re posting on this blog. These are really awful, I think. Such a terrible way of photoshopping images; typical example of overusing its features.

  3. These pictures are awesome.
    Do I have any chances of having larger versions of them (especially first and last)? It would be a great wallpaper 🙂

  4. I agree about them being overdone. When they are artistic, distortions show something interesting, but these look like those terrible trash paintings with lurid colours for sale in all cities for tourists wanting a souvenir.

    • Actually city 17 is based on this city. They give many hints in the game. Baltic cafes, writing, building styles, canals, Also on website there hidden part you write a code into and gives the location for city 17 on a world map and same place where st. petersburg, is.

  5. well, like I said I really really don’t care how they’re made and whatever you wanna call it. I’m even less interested in reading about it. Bottom line is: Whatever they are, in my opinion, this is absolutely tasteless kitsch. Really ugly stuff. They hurt my eyes.

  6. Photoshop or HDR, the effects make he pictures seem very fake. It’s like those models on magazine ads. They’re edited to perfection but it looks so fake that it’s uglier than the actual person.

  7. Well I’m impressed. You can see what Joseph Turner was trying to capture in his paintings. There are some qualities of light that are lost in standard photographs, and we’ve become used to seeing things a lot “flatter” than they are.

  8. it’s actually meant to mimic Amsterdam and Venice.
    That was Peter The Great’s vision when he started building st petersburg

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