Khodorkovsky, 1992

Who is this guy?

That’s Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who used to be the richest man in Russia. He was worth of over $20 B, more than most famous Russian rich guy Roman Abramovich.

He was arrested and now in jail, some say for some political reasons.

So here is how he looked back in 1992:

Mihail Khodorkovsky, 1992

And this is one of his most recent photos before he was arrested, more than 10 years later:

Mihail Khodorkovsky, 2002

12 thoughts on “Khodorkovsky, 1992”

  1. Actually, Khodorkovsky looks much better now than he did in 1992. 🙂 So it must’ve been a positive experience. What still surprises me is that this guy actually thought about becoming President of Russia! I mean, seriously, how dumb is that??

  2. Khodorkovsky seems to have more style these days. And I agree with ilyich, lighten up. This is a humour site, it’s supposed to be fun (and it is).

    And also, the definition and concept of “art” and “culture” is much more wider these days. There are many types of both, duh.

  3. on the first picture he looks like a 40 year old boring man, on the second like a 20-year old handsome guy – what do the do in Russian prisons anyway?

  4. I’m with the Russian government on the whole Khodorkovsky thang, the guy looks like a complete slimeball to me.

    What do they do in russian prisons?!?

  5. The second picture is not from prison.

    Ol`Khodor looks like criminal when he is inside, and when he is outside of detention.


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