Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!

In Russia doctor’s get the lowest salaries, even if compared to guards or construction builders.

Doctors in smaller cities are getting as low as $150-$250 MONTHLY!

The hospitals in Russia are government owned and all are dependant on government welfare, so most of them look awful.

On this clip you can see how in another hospital doctors wash their hands in… lavatory pan!

12 thoughts on “Russian Doctors Washing Hands in… Lavatory Pan!”

  1. i think this video is not filmed in hospital nor these two young men are doctors. they are simply too young to be doctors. unfortunatelly my russian is not that good to understand fully what they are talking about, but i’m convinced this is not the “real video”

  2. Hello, I live from Moscow. I can say sure that this how it happen here. This tolit tub is use to reconstruct space so less clutter. It’s not used for fecal matter only wash hands. Real video peoples.

  3. I was in Russia once and stayed with a Russan family for 2 weeks. Mother of my friend was a doctor so she used to take us to her practice sometimes. It was a few years ago but I clearly remember that conditions in a hospital, it all was very poor but those people had a big harts.

  4. I am Russian and I been to Russian hospitals hundreds of times, so I can honestly say you could see things there much worst than this video. These guys actually ain’t doctors, but students.

  5. Those two dudes are obviously medical students, or maybe ward attendants.

    (And dont fukhen say yo word over this, because im fukhen know! I am one. 😉

    Anyway, they are NOT doctors. So, title writer, slap yourself.

  6. In Russia, you have to have 11 years of school, so you will be 17 when enter university, then 6 years of being student, no extra-mural allowed, then 3 years of internature.

    And doctors are poorest category of people (except dantists, they are richest! more rich than 98% of people), so no money to buy diploma instantly.

  7. Could anyone please answer my questions? How are doctors licensed in Russia? What body registers them to practice medicine? How do I find out if my Russian online friend was actually a doctor in Russia?


  8. no matter is it fake or not

    i still trust in russian doctors and i think that they are the best doctors in world with skillz to perform very difficult operations succesfully

    long live soviet medicine!


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