Computer Cake

Some people ask us to tell more about Russian cuisine.

So today here we have an example of Russian cuisine made by guys from – the computer cake.

That’s a cake in a form of a real desktop without an upper cover, so you can see all the electronic stuff and then you can taste it.

russian computer cake

These are components on pre compilation stage. You can clearly see something that would be a cooler.

russian computer cake

This is one of inside computer cards. Is it a sound card or a video one?

russian computer cake

That’s the second.

russian computer cake

Here they started to build up the whole pc.

russian computer cake

Making some more hardware adjustments.

russian computer cake

And finally – a computer!


15 thoughts on “Computer Cake”

  1. I like this idea for cake – it reminds me of building gingerbread houses as a school kid during the holiday season. I think its good to remind us that there’s plenty of atypical cuisine in Russia, just like any other good country.

  2. That looks nasty, this is by no means russian cusine my freind.

    Russian cusine is Borcsh, Chebureki, Kvas, Samogon, Sala, Blini.

  3. Eh, origins of food is allways blurry. Any national identity of food is purely emotional and has nothing to do with true origins or stealing” from other countries. Recipes are not intellectual property of any nation.


    A Pizza-kind thing came to italy from the greeks, while americans modified and popularized it to what is what is now worldwide know as pizza.

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