Russia From Space

These are photos of some industrial places in Russia from GoogleEarth.

Each one has a description. 

Russia From Space

Actually this one is without description. Some industrial thing.

Russian nuclear plant Mayak

Nuclear Plant “Mayak”

more of nuclear plant Mayak in Russia

Another part of Nuclear Plant “Mayak”



Space launching site “Baikonur”


Space launching site “Baikonur” another view, actually the launch complex itself.

Russian chemical weapons

The Chemical Weapons warehouses.

The border with Poland at Belarus city Brest.

Russian prison in Omsk city

This is a prison in Omsk city.


This is Murmansk city, on of the most Northern Russian cities, there is a big Russian navy base in Murmansk.

Moscow city, Red Square and the Kremlin

Some military object right in the center of Moscow city. Ah stop! It’s not some – it is the most important military object in Russia – the Kremlin and the Red Square!

Moscow city, Sheremetjevo airport

Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo”

nuclear plant

Severodvinsk city, another Norther Russian Navy base now on the White Sea, here you can clearly see Tayfun submarine.

Russian nuclear waste near Ekaterinburg city

Nuclear wasteland near Ekaterinburg city. Russia earns a lot of money from importing nuclear wastes from European countries and storing it on its territory on the wastelands like this one.

another nuclear waste in Russia

Another nuclear wasteland in Russia.

nuclear plant Udomlinskij

This is a nuclear plant named “Udomlinksij”.

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20 thoughts on “Russia From Space”

  1. Thanks, I laughed.

    “Some military object right in the center of Moscow city” is the Red Square and the mausoleum of Lenin.

  2. In the photo about Severodvinsk city, appears a submarine class Typhoon, ( Tayfun is the fonetic denomination), it means “sea storm” in the asian zone.

  3. Wow! Has been inaugurated one tag named ‘Omsk’… It just thrills me. I’ll have to keep on sending more links.

    Well, as in Google Maps is not available Omsk, just let me advice to take a look on the boats stucked in the icy waters of Irtish river. Coordinates: 38°57’46.50″N / 95°16’5.48″W.

    From Omsk with shivers.

  4. * What you call “Nuclear Wasteland near Ekaterinsburg” might actually be a firing position of S-300P anti-aircraft missiles.

    Check out the 2 radars about 7 miles south – at the N edge of Beloyarskiy and E edge of Malyy istok. The entire area is jam-packed with military stuff.

    * The Chemical weapons facility is the Schuchye Base. It is country’s biggest storage of VX, Sarin and other nerve agents.

    Als check out the chemical weapons polygon in Shikhany,47.114525&spn=0.024895,0.064742&t=k&hl=en

  5. nice pictures of the kuznetsov and the other (maybe kiev TAKR class) aircraft carrier.

    This proves that they are not even trying to hide their military things.

    thy finding a US aircraft carrier on google earth:-) they won’t let it.

    • It was also used for the top secret but unsuccessful soviet moonshot N-1 series rocket. just like the Saturn V rockets from USA.

  6. rgzuri — you can definitely find US aircraft carriers on Google Earth. Easiest one is the USS Intrepid, which has been retired and now serves as a floating museum. It has a rather eclectic assortment on its flight deck, including an F-14 Tomcat (which was of course carrier-based) and an SR-71 (which was definitely never carrier based, and would drop like a stone off the end of the deck if it ever tried). There’s also a Concorde in the museum’s collection, but because of its size, it’s kept on an adjacent barge.,-95.677068&sspn=47.033113,58.095703&ie=UTF8&hq=USS+Intrepid&hnear=USS+Intrepid,+New+York,+NY&ll=40.765051,-74.000795&spn=0.005526,0.007092&t=h&z=17

    But there are active-duty carriers visible on Google Maps. Just check this out. Top in this image is CVN-75 (USS Harry S Truman), bottom is CVN-71 (USS Theodore Roosevelt). The one in the middle, undergoing overhauls at the time the pic was taken (and with her deck therefore covered with equipment) is CVN-65 — The Big E, USS Enterprise. Her buddies are Nimitz-class supercarriers; Enterprise, however, is a one-of-a-kind. She’s due to be deployed a couple more times yet before finally retiring.,-76.44403&sspn=0.022906,0.028367&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Newport+News,+Virginia&ll=36.957934,-76.328995&spn=0.00583,0.007092&t=h&z=17

    Scroll around there. You’ll find more carriers.

    My favorite commissioned US Navy vessel would have to be this one, though. She never sees any real action; she’s kept around for sentimental reasons. If you want to know what’s special about her, look at her shadow. 😉 She’s a ship from another era.,-76.328995&sspn=0.00583,0.007092&ie=UTF8&hq=Old+Ironsides&hnear=Old+Ironsides,+Boston,+MA&ll=42.372292,-71.056325&spn=0.001298,0.001773&t=h&z=19

    About the Baikonur images — maybe they can be replaced with images of Plesetsk Cosmodrome, which *is* in Russia?


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