McDonalds Show

Yesterday a group of antiglobalist dressed like a McDonald’s clown Roland but wearing Russian navy t-shirts.

They wander around the McDonald’s restaraunt in the center of Moscow, cried out the slogans like “Go to McDonald’s the best network of free restrooms worldwide”.

Then they got inside the restaraunt messing continuing there tricks inside. First the McDonald’s security was engaged and then Russian police was called, but they ran away.

clown ronald in russian t-shirt

Another activist is wearing “Go Vegan” slogan.

clown ronald in russian t-shirt

They looked colourful

clown ronald in russian t-shirt

And tasted some McDonald’s food inside.


9 thoughts on “McDonalds Show”

  1. Go vegan!?

    You know in the free america’s this is a terrorist activity and at the least will land you in jail. Oh the irony of having free speech in Russia.

  2. hehe here in Poland in many Mc’donalds restaurants they have an electronical lock on the restroom doors. To get through you must enter the pin code you get at the cashier with your burger.

  3. No one from PETA has ever been arrested for (non-violent) protesting in the USA. However some PETA protestors have been arrested for violently assulting (as a protest) people they do not agree with and hence landed in jail for that.

    (People Eating Tasty Animals)

  4. The clowns’s name is “Ronald McDonald”, as opposed to “Roland”. It is amazing how MacDonalds, and to a lesser extent other companies(Coca-Cola, KFC etc..),have become unoffical symbols of the USA in the rest of the world.

  5. There is really good fast food anywhere in the world where it is warm enough to stand outside on the street and cook all year. Much tastier than this stuff. Bet even Russia has a few hot snack stands of some type selling sausages and stuff on the street and on the beaches in the summer. The only thing the Americans did that was different was put a roof over the cart to sell all year long, franchise it and advertise like hell. Too bad they forgot about making it taste good also. Bet the Japanese have Japanese style food franchises too.

    • You know something strange, it actually tastes better in Russia somehow. I mean here, in America I can’t stand McDonalds food. I mean I’ll be starving and someone will go lets go to Micky Dees and I’ll be, no thank you. But in Russia it actually tastes like food instead of carboard buns with nasty 2 yr old food on it (I used to work at Wendys, i know how its done). Maybe it’s cuz in Russia they dont use genetically engineered foods like they do in America. That’s been my theory so far, but I really dont know.

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