7 thoughts on “Flight Across The Road”

  1. Flying low is great fun.

    Flying low over cars, now that’s kinda irresponsible, especially when the pilot seems to be holding the camera.
    One hand on throttle, one hand on control column. Maybe have your hand on your knee, but have it free for the throttle dammit!

  2. @robert:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it appears that someone behind and between the pilot and copilot, i saw both of their heads in the video.

  3. Robert:
    yeah, realized that when I watched it the second time. Could the copilot have been flying… or does the plane even have controls for a copilot?

  4. Many 2 seaters do have controls for both. So I can only hope the co-pilot was doing a bit of the flying.

    You don’t see his hands I don’t think; that could be a good sign.

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