Where Is Georgia?

Some time ago there was a political conflict between Russian and the small country on its South called “Georgia”.

Georgia is a part of former Soviet Union, so most of people there speak Russian and a lot of Georgian people live and work in Russia, because average monthly salary in Georgia doesn’t exceed $30 (compared to $400 in Russia). Also there are some Russian army troops in Georgia since Soviet Union times.

So there was a conflict and major American news agencies mentioned this conflict in their news reports. But it seemed so that some people in USA didn’t understand that there is another Georgia and made a big discussion in Yahoo newsgroups. They were really shocked to learn that USA state Georgia is invaded with Russians.

Look this screenshot of Yahoo newsgroups:

where is georgia?

Comments were like this:



have not head of this until now – this is outrageous !”

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  1. Georgia is actually a very cool little country, I’ve been there. Don’t miss the Stalin Museum in Gori if you have a taste for irony 😉

    Georgia is doing pretty well after the Rose Revolution. The funny thing is that they imported a lot of obsolete Dutch equipment, something to do with Saakashvili being married to a Dutch girl. It always cracked me up to see our old DAF/Den Oudsten buses drive along Rustaveli, with Dutch “achter uitstappen” signs still on them 😉

    Oh, and Georgia is a state in the US too. Who cares.

  2. Yeah, Dumm Americans never know that there is anything else in the world exept US, Mexico And Iraq. I still remember how americans were reacting when I was telling them That taht armenia is a bit souther than georgia.

    • I can’t believe someone would say something so rude….. something so broad… you must be a child… hopefully with age will come wisdom…

      Americans do not have anymore control over their government as the russian people do over theirs…

      you are such a child…. when people like you grow up the world will be a much better place..

  3. They sorted out police corruption, did something against the carjackings and organized crime, and set off on a pro-western course. It’s not the gangster state it used to be, they’re rebuilding quite a lot with US/UN/EU money. The Georgians I met were quite hip and cosmopolitan. I was surprised actually after coming by bus from Eastern Turkey.

  4. Robert, it’s not really that suprising. This is Internet, and minorities (intellectually or otherwise) do have an equal access to it. These particular discussions at Yahoo were probably held by people that are alike to the ones that are discussed here:

  5. Nice, I’m Spanish and we’re used to read about americans who firmly believe our country is somewhere next to Bolivia or Mexico… lol

  6. “Who said that? BBC? lol”

    Well, I personally trust BBC more than any news agency of a country that sanctions assassinations of journalists critical of the government. Sadly, I believe that Anna Politkovskaya won’t remain the last in this grim line.

  7. Jesus, people.. Are you that inhumane that you see Americans making jokes (even if they are corny) as a reason for anti-Americanism? And the knob who thinks there is some cause to bash Russians over this article, you can spare everybody that too – you have a quite the fertile imagination.

    Horosho? Spasibo.

  8. “America has ten times more Nobel Prizes for science”
    But how many of these prizes were taken by people who where born in USA? Mostly, they are won by immigrants. In significant part, by Russian ones (as well as Israeli, Indian and Chinese).

    It’s right that science is best supported in US – that’s why a lot of talented people go there. Who doesn’t like money? But that’s not a good argument for saying that Americans are inherently smart (or did you mean something else?).

  9. The scientists come to the U.S. because it’s where the MONEY is, and not necessarily because it’s where all the knowledge is.

  10. “They sorted out police corruption, did something against the carjackings and organized crime…It’s not the gangster state it used to be, they’re rebuilding quite a lot”

    Yes, it’s true, Georgia is one of the fastest growing states in the US thanks to those reforms…

    • hehe, i assure you that if you worked and lived like georgian women do, you would age pretty damn quick yourself 🙂 bisides the hard life, often times the reason for this is that georgian girls/women have too much self respect and not enough self love (which can be good or bad) if you know what i mean…

  11. Congrats, English Russia, you have repeated the mistake of every russian news site! If you bothered to go and read the actual posts you would understand that all of those comments were jokes!

    So far i’ve been very impressed by the lack of bias on this site, but this is just embarrasing!
    (Если кто либо должен понимать когда народ прикалывается, так ето именно русские!)

  12. Those ignorant amercicans. All they can think about is the U.S.A., and don’t even bother to think about the rest of the world, only if they want to invade a country. Which they do all the time.

  13. LR: I counted about 125 for USA (only americans), 110 for UK, 94 for Germany and 25 for USSR (including Belarus and Lithuania).
    Point is, this doesn’t prove the smartness of American population. It proves that your government pays more money to scientists, which is good of course. But if we take overall population of Russia and USA, the answer to who’s smarter won’t be so obvious to you.
    And I’m pretty sure Russians are more educated than Americans.

  14. Recently, when George W. Bush visited Brasil and Brasilian president showed him Brasilian map. He was very naturally surprised and said something like: “I did not know it is so big..” I don’t think he was joking.

  15. If any country is compared with USA in Nobel Prizes… it is very easy to imagine the result. Today USA is the most powerful state in the world. USA is far richer than Russia, even during Soviet times.

    Russia has not so Nobel Prizes as USA, France neither. Japan is in the same situation. So all the countries but USA, are going to fail.

  16. Ok, people, come on…be serious. Let me just point out some quick facts (being that I come from Russia).

    1) The reason the U.S. has more “Nobel Prize” winners is primarily because the U.S. pays the scientists well and it has many smart immigrants who won the prize under an American banner. The reason USSR had very few Nobel Prize awards was because the Nobel Prize committe could not award it to a single person (because of the communist propoganda/ideology the prize would have belonged to all people of the USSR). I can think of 20 scientists right off the top of my head that were chosen for a Nobel Prize but were not awarded it because the USSR government did not allow it.

    2) If you are looking at Russia Vs. U.S.A. in the context of richness and all of those things; U.S.A. is the most powerful country in the world. It can do what-ever it wants. However, Russia has existed for more than a 1000 years. It has history that is so rich with literature and science and military genius that would cast such a huge shadow on American achievements that you would need a high powered light and a microscope to see them. Word of advice, don’t compare Russia in these terms.

    3) As to determining which country is smarter…there is no doubt that the Russian Population is smarter. However, there is also no doubt that America is the most powerful country because it allows creativity and ingenuity in the persons train of thought. In Russia it is different.

    You cannot compare Russia and the U.S. They are completely different and on the complete opposite sides of the spectrum. U.S. and Russia have their respective histories. Albeit the U.S.’s history/culture/”richness” is a miniscule dot compared to Russian achievements.

    Thank you for your understanding and time



  17. i’m sorry to upset you all lol (regarding the argument who is smarter russians or americans, but you both loose when it comes to who is smarter and more talanted people because if you take into consideration population percentage of russians (142,400,000) – americans (301,408,000) and georgians (4,661,473) and count all the famous people (artists, writers, scientists, professors, sportmen, etc etc etc) georgians win over both by a huge margin =D

  18. I doubt all of those comments were jokes. Actually, in one of the articles in a major American newspaper about Georgia a few months ago, a journalist listed Georgia’s population as 8 mln, when in fact it is something around 4 mln and never approached 8. On the other hand, the population of US state Georgia is just slightly above 8 mln. So if a journalist with all the help of proof-readers and fact-checkers made this mistake and it went into print, then simple folks would not even have a chance to figure this one out.

    People are laughing at these comments not because they are true, but because it fits so well with the overall perception of Americans as very ignorant people which comes from listening to your politicians, analysts, and journalists. And the world will laugh at you even though you may not like it and may not think of yourself as ignorant and sometimes may not deserve it. The only way to stop the laughter is for you to stop being ignorant.

    By the way, Americans are always ridiculing everybody so why are you suddenly so sensitive when somebody ridicules you? Does it hurt to realize nobody buys into your image of the coolest, smartest, strongest, etc.?

  19. No matter what, neither country can actually be compared to each other, nor to most countries in the world. Both are very large which means more chances for different cultures. USA is full of imigrants who are not educated as well as half the country feels that religion is education and science is wrong. Good education in the states is also really exspensive. The north east and north west tend to even be a whole nother world compared to the south of USA. Russia isnt too different in that sense either. And then comparing ex USSR countries to either is also impossible since a lot of resources to make a country sucessful were cut off when they got their independence. Bush is from the South and most americans cant stand him either.

  20. Georgia is a country which is gradually rising out of the mud. Bear in mind, this was part of Russia in the past and since the collapse of communism, it has has had to learn the systems, rules and so on that are second-nature to more established societies.

    The advances Georgia is making are great, the country has stabilized and the economy is improving,jobs are becoming more available and the corruption that thrived has been driven away (or underground).

    The country is vastly improved from days gone by and the people can look forward to a better European future. Oh! And the girls are drop dead gorgeous too. Summer in Georgia is is like a beauty parade.

    Don’t swallow the bitter comments of neighbouring countries – come and see for yourself!

  21. Friends, it is evident that humans mind is amazing.
    But things we discovered through this gift is not belonged to us, they were made by a Superior Mind, and even that gift was made and given to men and women by Him.
    We know that US is a country made by inmigrants from all over the world, first by european then Latinamerican, Asian, etc. and so on with other countries currently.
    Russia a country made by slavs, tatars, turkish, ucranian, armenian, other asian.
    Modern science were developed by Islam influences by muslim and other people were Islam was stablished.
    Before islam influences science was developed by others as we know, greeks, persian, chinesse, hindus, egiptian, etc.
    Since 19th century humankind has been witnessed of huge growing of science until now, by whom??
    by many people from many nacionalities why?? ’cause knowledgement is universal
    For what is useful all things we have discovered and all things created until now?? for benefits of human race or for benefits of some??
    Remember that before of our nacionalities, we are human beings, we are all diferents but we are human beings.
    And what we do in this world is for benefits of us and all we know as civilization or globalised world.

    Have a nice day.

  22. If anyone thinks that russians are more smart than any nation
    see this:
    http://www.fishki.net/comment.php?id=32948 (for russian speackers only)

    By the way if anyone have ever been to Georgia and Russia knows that people in Georgia live much better than in “Matushka Rossia”lol.

    P.S. While russian tribes lived in forests on the trees Georgians had their Kingdom and Culture

  23. America? Why the hell we need to study american history and geography? But unlike you, we study the world’s one.


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