17 thoughts on “Tank And Zaporozhets”

  1. watch here:

    you can download 2 movie clips, one about this russian tenk and zaporozhec and the other with yugoslavian tenk and zastava ficho car in city of osijek at the begining of the war in formet yugoslavia.

  2. I feel pity for the car. It’s rare nowadays, and it looks pretty. They should’ve smashed one of those older Zaporozhets embarrasments.

  3. …continued from the last commentary: Those Zaporozhets cars really look like a Fiat 600, I wonder if they were made under a license by Fiat or it was some sort of adaptation for the Russian people.

  4. Does now, when I put four </b>’s in a row. Hehe.

    On a side note, “Comments are allowed only in English language” is not quite correct English, making it funny as well as impolite.

  5. Those guys were ENGINEERS? wow they remind me of Rednecks here in the states. Come to think of it. Rednecks would have a blast running stuff over with a Russian tank. Are there rednecks in Russia?

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