Moscow Sewerage

A few Russian bloggers have visited the Moscow sewer system.

They made a lot of shots.

These are just example what can be seen in Russian capital sewerage.

They say it’s extremely dangerous to visit this place because sometimes the level of the water reaches ceilings of this tunnel.

They also had an idea to visit this place one with a rafting boat to made extreme shots of underground water racing, but then decided that there are more easy ways to loose one’s life.

sewerage system of Moscow

Moscow, deep underground

a nice place to visit in Moscow

if you travel to Moscow you won't visit this

underwater rafting  in Moscow could be held here

Russia capital sewerage


Photos are from Paratozor

5 thoughts on “Moscow Sewerage”

  1. Nice to see some shots from a diggers community.. 🙂 Too bad the author of the site has no intention of explaining a thing about diggers – or perhaps even has no knowledge of such sub-culture.. >.>

    ..and in case my comment initiated some curiosioty towards the diggers, here’s a wikipedia article on them:

  2. Is not necessary to go underground to see Moscow sewer, most of city is such. Notice hundreds of Mercedes full of turds travelling Kutuzovski Prospect and Ryblevskoe Shosse every day.

  3. Someday someone drop an atom bomb on russia or on whole world and peoples will live adn hide in these catacombs :))
    I hope!


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