New Old Car Remake: Pobeda

We had here already an article about Volga M6 – a new car made out of two – old Russian Volga 21 and ultra new BMW M6 cabrio.

This kind of art seems to be popular in modern Russia so this is another photo story on the topic.

This car was made out of old “Pobeda” car, the predecessor of Volga 21.

It was totaly rebuilt and see how it looks like now.

pobeda car

This how the car looked before.

russian car pobeda

And this is how it looks now!

pobeda car renovated

new russian car

totaly rebuilt car from russia

this car is rebuilt

True masterpiece isn’t it?


41 thoughts on “New Old Car Remake: Pobeda”

  1. Елы-Палы! Этож шедевр мирового автопрома!

  2. I think those are 3d computer generated images and not photos of a real car. Do you have a source of these images, because I don’t think this is a real-life project.

  3. Wow! It was a masterpiece of engeneering back in its times. But this absolutely amazing pictures look like 3dsmax to me, no? Where did you get them?

  4. Cheshire dog: its no 3dmax. There was car exhibition this year and there was this car. Its a concept car as i know, so it wont be available for masses

  5. Ok, I stand corrected, the bottom half of this page shows the actual car on a car show:

    Btw, that first car is pretty cool looking as well!

  6. These are definitely computer renderings, but very cool ones. Love the wheel hubs and the giant whale’s ass. Maybe this is the future of car design…

  7. I kn ow that this looks like rendering, but it is absolutlej real car fuuly operational, There are few more built by the same tunig company. I myself never seen one, but I know some ppl, who did.
    So you say Pinifarina is cool, huh… I guess it is just ovreadded

  8. Great car! They were also built in Poland (named “Warszawa”) with some modifications, there are plenty of them pimped up to the max. For example, see this: – Warszawa turned into lowrider (yes, you can rent it). BTW, they are nearly indestructible – its not to hard to find one 30 or 40 years old in working condition.

  9. Christ! If anybody ever makes this car, notify me. Ill find a way to own it. I love that Volga car too. I find something oddly romantic about everything communist. From the life, to the architecture, to these kick ass cars!

  10. Nice! Even more interesting, I read on wikipedia or some other source that the original design was finalized in the later part of the war years. It is amazing that with resources strained as they were, that the system would have the manpower and time to devote to such a project. Well, Stalin was in charge, so maybe that explains it.
    There is a picture of several of these lined up on the picture article about the Russian junkyard from a few weeks ago. I remember seeing the back of several of these. Notice that the car went from 4 doors to 2 doors. Not an easy task.

  11. THIS isn’t 3d render:
    (Photos from Motor-Park Show, Moscow, 2005)

    btw, a friend of mine has recently made some repairs to his new “Pobeda”, manufactured back in 1940-s. It’s now in perfect condition and looks extremely stylish among modern cars in the street.

    P.S. If somebody didn’t knew, “Pobeda” translates as “Victory” (refers to WW2).

  12. It’s nota 3d rendering. You kids are too used to seeing that and not seeing true custom cars OR studio photography, which the bottom picture is. I work with 3D on a daily basis and also worked with custom cars for 30 years, and I can tell you what it it and what it isn’t.

    What it is is a beautiful (though I’d do a few details different, like get rid of the sidepipes and use different wheels) and outstanding example of creative customizing, from a country not known for it.

  13. The red and white car above definitely looks like a 3d render. The grey concept car linked in previous comments is clearly a different car. The headlights, taillights, grille, bodylines, etc. (just about everything really) are different.

  14. “Masterpiece maybe but a pain in the hole to reverse. Imagine trying to reverse park the thing!!!”

    Imagine parking camera at the back of the car?
    Russian desing is 99.9% utter garbage like this site demonstrates but this one is just… wow! Too bad they wont have balls or resources to put this beauty to mass production.
    But ir russia one day gets its super/luxyry car brand, may it be this.

  15. that car is the boom, what a huge trance formation that is very wow! i think russin cars rock, i wonder how much will that cost.

  16. I really prefer the original dirty Pobeda (on the first picture) than the flashy rebuilt one. It has more character and memories associated with it. The very name ‘Pobeda’ means victory to commemorate the victory in WW2.

  17. This is 3d render, don`t look at the car see the environment, great looking car and the surfaces of road wall,lack of details and a lot of noise on the walls,see the windows every vertical line is identical etc. very good but trust me I`m doing this 15 years

  18. On first photo is not wolga.
    Its polish old car “warszawa”


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