Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

During World War 2 Finland was in alliance with Nazi Germany. So Russia fought against Finland too.

And here we have interesting photos of Finnish propaganda. Those papers were thrown from the planes across Russian army in order to convince Soviet soldier to surrend.

The content of them is really funny. Finland authorities offered things like good food and bottle of vodka to Russians.

But it was not so easy to the Soviet soldiers to accept this proposal. There were special troops that were in front of the main troops that were held with one purpose – to catch everyone who flee to Finland or any other German ally and to shot him down right on the place or throw him in a jail. So it was a tricky game.

finnish propaganda

“Dear Soviet soldiers! Listen to me! I’ll tell you something!”

finnish propaganda

“Comrades! Look on those photos and you’ll get an idea how cool do live the Soviet soldiers who surrended to Finnish troops!”

“First we treat their wounds”

finnish propaganda

“There is plenty of food in Finland! First we take the food to the kitchen, then in the kitchen our chefs in white uniform cook delicious meals!”

Check out the fence behind those chefs, it looks more like some sort of prison?

finnish propaganda

“There is a real carefree life here, bro!”

“When the war would over we would get back to Russia and would meet our Masha”

“And then, when vodka appears on the table life becomes even more sweet!”

finnish propaganda

“Finns would pay a lot for every weapon you’ll take with you:

for revolver gun: 100 roubles (1 rouble = 1.2 USD acc. to that time’s exch. rate)
for rifle: 150 roubles
for fast shooting revolver: 400 roubles
for machine gun: 1500 roubles
for tank: 10,000 roubles

For every whole plane we would pay 10,000 DOLLARS and besides you’ll get the tickets to any country you would choose”.

So there was a real temptation for hungry and poor Soviet soldier to surrend and eat plenty and live in the country they would like, in other words to get the things they were deprived of. But there were those special troops who stopped any leak of soldiers from Soviet army. Though according to Finnish photos some managed to surrend.



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  1. You didn’t fight Finland because it was Allied with Germany, Russia invaded Finland and as a necessary evil Finland allied with Nazi Germany.

    To prove this point Finland did not kill any Jews or deport them and near the end of the war the withdrawing German Army set fire to Finnish Lapland. Get your facts straight!

    • Reply to Laurie.

      Time to get your facts straight.

      Finland deported some 300 Jews to German death camps. this was of course always denied in Finland until a doctorate thesis was published in Helsinki University some 5 years ago detailed the facts. In addition Finns established concentration camps to hold Russian civilians inside captured Russian territory. These camps forcibly held the elderly, women and children as well as younger males. Some 15% of these Russian civilians died from starvation under Finnish control in the first year alone.

      • In the light of new research Finland turned over only 51 jews to the nazi Germany and only 12 were civilians. The civilians had arrived to the country illegally and were returned. The rest were soldiers and doubtfully their religion had anything to do with it as many other soldiers were turned over to Germany as well.

        Overall 2 300 P.O.Ws representing 54 different nationalities were turned over to Germany.

        This new information was published in august 2008. Majority of civilian jews that arrived to Finland were not turned over despite the requests from the nazi Germany.

        Please get your facts right. This research was done in response to ridiculous claims like yours and took 4 years to finish. It’s the most thorough research on the topic to date and was not completed by a single person for his own interests like the doctorate thesis.

        • I didn’t clearly clarify it in the previous reply: the doctorate thesis was exactly the one that finally triggered the thorough study for the recently published information on the subject.

    • Because of your last sentence I don’t believe anything you wrote in your comment, no matter how good of a journalist you think you are or how Finnish.

  2. So I don’t want to travel to Finland anymore. I don’t want to spend my money inside the country that wanted to kill all of the Russians or make them to become the slaves. And if you want to know the history, Finland was the part of Russia many years before.

    Those papers are awful. Yes, Russian Soldiers was hungry, but they have devended their’s country and freedom of us. My grandfather was a soldier, than he was a miner. He’s dead because of cancer.

  3. Ah Finland, it makes the period leading up to WW2 so much more interesting.

    In Britain we’re taught ‘Stalin bad, Hitler bad, Russians good, Nazis bad, Alliance [with USSR] good, Victory good.’

    They don’t tell us how the British government sent aircraft and military advisers (and hoped to send troops) to Finland to help fight against the Russians in the Winter War (This makes the UK look sort of bad, so it’s left out). Also Finland got a really bad deal in WW2; they didn’t really have a full-blown alliance with Germany, the truth is that it was the best option and there was little choice. When the Fascists started to retreat the Finns had to fight them too as they were basically destroying Finland.

    But anyhoo; I love propaganda, mainly old stuff though, the new stuff I just find unsettling and dangerous.

  4. For Marius…

    Learn your history. Russia tried to invade Finland in 1939, but they were stopped by Finnish troops.

  5. Finns started the Winter War. Remember the shots of Mainila? The Soviet Union was attacked without a warning, and yet it prevaled and conquered large territories from Finland!

    • What absolute nonsense. The Winter War was started by the Soviets (Russians). Molotov the Foreign Minister claimed bread baskets were being dropped on the starving Finnish masses. Because Stalin had murdered the cream of the officer corps including the brilliant Marshal Tukhachevsky, the Soviet army, despite overwhelming superiority in numbers performed badly. In reality the Finns fought for their very existence and really carved up the Russians plus their army was intact after 105 days. At the end they were nearly out of ammunition etc, relying heavily on captured Russian weaponry. In 2007 it would be great if President Putin of Russia would return most of Karelia to Finland, that really would be justice.

    • I have very little interest in debating ancient history. However, I would like to point out that soviet officials have later admitted that the shelling of Mainila was set up by the soviets themselves. See

      With that said, I do hope we could let those old issues be and start working together for a better tomorrow.

  6. Marius is a Russian nationalist troll as we know. Anyway, what I remember from highschool history lessons is that the Red Army bombarded Finnish territory with artillery fire, then claimed that the Finns were shooting *them* and used it as an excuse to invade.

    What makes me sad and somewhat envious is that Finland managed to overcome the aggressor, but Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were occupied, ravaged and raped by this criminal totalitarian regime for 50 years.

  7. I think let’s give the poor guy a break. He doesn’t look like a troll, I guess he just skipped one history lesson too many.

  8. Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were all parts of Russian Empire. They have become uncontrolled when communists came (due to total disorder and civil war). Just to add, all of those territories were a part of Russian Empire for hundreds of years (with some exceptions). Main Baltic fleet location was in Helsinki, for example. And Baltic countries were almost never independent during all their history (except period from WWI and WWII).

    After about 20 years later USSR started to “collect” back all lost territories. Some of them were already captured by Poland and Romania and were taken back by military aggression, though Romania didn’t protect itself. Baltic countries just gave up. Finland was the only one to accept a war with Russia. And Russian army at that time was so weak and poor that Finland almost won it.

    There is nothing strange about propaganda oriented on food and warm. Most of the Russian soldiers were dying because of no food and no warm clothes and almost no weapons to protect themselves (usually – no ammo and no machineguns because of, again, expensive ammo). That war was a real lesson for Stalin; probably WWII could have had a much worse start for Russia without it.

    • “Most of the Russian soldiers were dying because of no food and no warm clothes and almost no weapons to protect themselves (usually – no ammo and no machineguns because of, again, expensive ammo”

      Read your books again.

      Soviets in Finland had plenty of machineguns, even many quad machineguns (designed for AA shooting even as Finland had practically no air force). They had also plenty of artillery, tanks, airplanes, ships, etc – everything many times more than on the Fin side except submachineguns.

      Their clothing was also generally warm enough, just green (Fins had mostly used white camoflage on their grey uniforms).

      • So any idea why these well fed, warm dressed and comfortable, good-mooded, armed up to their teeth soviet Rambos still lost like wusses to Finnish army that was four times smaller and had only troops and artillery????

        • 1. Strategy.
          2. Tactics.
          3. Determination.
          4. Survival.
          5. The fact it was a half-arsed campaign by the Soviets anyway.

      • about Baltic states, particularly Lithuania. as a state first mentioned in 1009, went into union with Poland in 1569 and that time was one of the biggest European state in terms of number of people and territory spread from Baltic to Black sea. In early XVII century few times conquered Moscow. Since 1795 under the rule of Russian empire, and by the way in consequent economical and cultural decline. Lithuania declared independence in 1918. Under Soviet occupation since 1940, and became the first Soviet republic to declare independence on 1990.
        By the way, did you now that Russia has been invaded by Mongolians on early XIII century, and has been under their rule for over three centuries? Sure you do 🙂

  9. Ohhh history experts on the block LOL
    Firstly Finnlan was created by Russians It was anexed by Russian Empire from Sweden (1808-1809)(Sweden conquer Finland in 12-13 centr.) Finland in Russian empire have a status of principality, their onw money, post service, and 2 lang. Finnish and Swidish. Then Russian Empire colapse Finland obtain sovereignty. In 39 Stalin demand some Finnish teritory – Soviets says that they need to secure Soviet border and the second biggest city Leningrad (St.Petesburg) in exchange Stalin offer some soviets territory (twice bigger by the way) but Finland refuse. It was not so good idea. Soviets invade Finland but Finnish soldiers fight with honour against soviet invaders (by the way Finnish defence was builded by exGeneral of Russian Empire) but they fail and Finnish goverment accept all Stalins demands. And one more…… UK and Germany suports Finland in this conflict. During WWII Finland lost even more territory and pay reporatinos to soviets about 500.000.000 USD.

  10. MirGrip has his facts correct.
    I would also add it was bolshevist party and Lenin who accepted Finland’s independence.
    I was only during the second World War that Stalin began to demand terrorities off Finland to better defend against the germans.
    This Finland refused and soviets attacked expecting a relatively easy victory.
    Which of course it wasn’t and the death toll rose to almost 127 000 for soviets and 23 000 for finns before Finland had to surrender and sign an interim peace treaty.

    Later during the ‘continuation war’ Finland was supported with men & materials by the germans, allthough finnish supreme commander Mannerheim refused to take part in any operations other than those aiming to return the territories lost in the Winter War.

    After the 2nd loss against soviets Finland had to drive the german troops out as required by the soviets, which happened in a short but bitter war with the germans in Northern Finland.

  11. The Fins were excellent fighters when the Soviets invaded. The Soviets, after the Stalinist purges of the officer corps, lacked adequate leadership, or the necessary equipment to fight in the Finnish winter. The Fins fought on skis, attacking quickly, decimating a Russian convoy and then leaving just as fast. The Soviets truly suffered an embarrassing defeat. Tactically, they were no match for the Fins, who fought with far fewer troops and lesser quality equipment. Basically, the Fins kicked ass and defended their country from Stalinist aggression.

    Marius – the argument that the Soviets were simply invading Finland to gain back what was rightfully theirs as part of the Russian Empire is patently absurd. At one point, the Swedes of the 17th and early 18th centuries had conquered far into modern day Russia, until Russia was unified and able to fight back, eventually winning Finland. Does this mean that Sweden has a claim to the lands of Russia it had previously conquered. I seem to remember a little German dictator claiming the same thing about “ancestral” German lands that belonged in the Third Reich.

    I’m getting so tired of blind patriotism.

  12. Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact (1939.08.23) in fact started the WWII. Two sides are responsible.
    The first goal was agression and dividing of Poland in September 1 1939 (Stalin waited on the situation developing and started agression 1939.09.17).
    It caused Great Britain declared a state of war with Germany in 1939.09.03 and next Fance made this same.

    If Hitler and Stalin didn’t decide to attack on Poland they would still have a buffor between them (German agression on Soviet Union only througt the East Prussia was imopssible – analogically, Soviet agression only on East Prussia wasn’t danger to Nazis). As result Germany lost the war but victory of Soviet Union was only seeming (27 milion killed people, lack of will to perception that the communist system is the main factor of current and future problems of weak development).

  13. 0_0
    I’m shocked!
    Excuse me, but previous post is not mine. I think it is somebody of my friends posted it from my computer. So I’m not the nazi and not Russian, but I live in Russia, by the way.

  14. Finland was never occupied or ruled (at least directly) by USSR. During WWII only three capitals never occupied by a foreign military force were London, Moscow and Helsinki.

    • Occupation? Certainly not in the 20th century, but wasn’t it during the “Great Wrath” and some time later the “Lesser Wrath” that Russians in fact occupied parts of out beloved Suomi?

  15. Ohhh misterius Molotov-Rebintrop pact 🙂 Molotov-Rebintrop pact is only nonAgression pact between USSR and Germany, but some historyans says that was some “secret part” of this pact, but nobody seen the original of this “secret” document. About Sviet losses: USSR lost about 27-30 millions it’s awful, but military loses was about 8 mil against 4-5 mils from Germany, but on east front agains Soviets fight not only Germans and total losses Germans+Ally was about 7-9 mil. By the way Germany total loses was about 16-18 mil. And one more……. Hitler has high support from UK and France then he start his career coz he stand against communist party (it was very strong party in Germany in 30’s) in Germany.

  16. Marius - the argument that the Soviets were simply invading Finland to gain back what was rightfully theirs as part of the Russian Empire is patently absurd. At one point, the Swedes of the 17th and early 18th centuries had conquered far into modern day Russia, until Russia was unified and able to fight back, eventually winning Finland. Does this mean that Sweden has a claim to the lands of Russia it had previously conquered. I seem to remember a little German dictator claiming the same thing about “ancestral” German lands that belonged in the Third Reich. by Tom — October 12, 2006 @ 7:20 pm
    I think it’s not argument it’s only fact. Russians thought “We fight againts Sweden and grant sovereignty to Finland, why they don’t give us some payment for that? We need this land to secure our border and give you more land in exchange” Fins thought ” Thats our land and we don’t want it to exchange” I don’t know who right in this situation I know that both sides loose.

  17. Finland lived a very difficult situation during WW2. Finland was alone againts soviet army, and joined to Axis because there was no alternative to defeat soviets.

    When the situation got worst for Germany in the East Front. Finland,acting in a very intelligent way,allied with soviets to defeat Germany. Finland negociated a good peace treaty with soviets, maintaining its indepence in exchange for not many territorials. Other countries in East Europe were not so fortunate, and were dominated, in fact, by USSR.

    Finland had to chose between Hitler or Stalin (I sincerely dont know who was the worst, both genocides and dictator). It may have invaded by german to attack USSR, or integrated in USSR like Baltic Republics and Moldavia.

  18. Darek: Actually what MirGip said is true. Ribbentrop-Molotov pact was in a fact a NON-agression pact. Maybe there was a secret part, maybe not, nobody knows for sure right now, because nobody can prove it (maybe you can??). And yes, after the Pact, Germany attacked and USSR wasn’t prepared for that (although Stalin probably knew that Hitler would attack, he just didn’t know when exactly), so it was a “blow on the back”. I mean, after only 4 months of fighting, Germany was already 12 km from Kremlin – I bet this was definately Stalin’s plan!

  19. dRE, as usual, you don’t know, what you’re talking about.

    In 1989, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR recognized the existence of secret protocols to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and withdrew the question about the real aims of those who had drawn up this document. It is now well known that the pact was a secret collusion which allowed Germany and the Soviet Union to carry out their criminal intentions — to occupy a number of independent European states, including the Baltic countries. Right after the conclusion of the pact, Poland was occupied from both sides, and World War II broke out.

    In the world atlas published in the USSR early in 1941 the territory of Poland was divided into two unequal parts. The larger part, painted light brown, had an inscription: “the sphere of state interests of Germany,” and the lesser part, rose-coloured, — “the sphere of state interests of the USSR.” This is how both countries “ensured their interests,” the criminal interests of the two totalitarian regimes in the division of Europe.

  20. I say, show me the document which proves the secret part of the pact. I’m not denying it, I think it propably did exist. I just mean that, unless we have a real document on our hands, everything else is speculation.
    My comment about “12km from Kremlin” is an answer to you, when you said that Germany’s attack on USSR wasn’t a “blow on the back”. It was. USSR wasn’t prepared for it. We made that Non-Agression Pact specifically so that Germany doesn’t attack us, although I believe Stalin knew Germany would still attack. But not as fast as they did. That’s why they’ve got as far as 12 km from Kremlin in 4 months.

    • One copy was found by western troops in Berlin archives in 1945. A another identical was given out in 1989 by the Suprime Soviet in Moscow.

      The last page of the secret annex

  21. dRE:
    I say, show me the document which proves the secret part of the pact. I’m not denying it, I think it propably did exist. I just mean that, unless we have a real document on our hands, everything else is speculation.

    Although officially labeled a “non-aggression treaty”, the pact included a secret protocol, in which the independent countries of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania were divided into spheres of interest of the parties. The secret protocol explicitly assumed “territorial and political rearrangements” in the areas of these countries. Subsequently all the mentioned countries were invaded, occupied or forced to cede part of their territory by either the Soviet Union, Germany, or both.

  22. Wow, cool site! Good work done – I wonder, how these leaflets lived to this day (suppose it was an offence for Russian soldiers just to touch them).
    And looking at you guys I imagine you are still in the trenches, fighting that war. It’s like “Here is a pic of Lenin” – and people start shouting: “Stop insulting our country!” I love Russia, but I love this site too 🙂

  23. dRE, you are confused about couple of things. First. Lithuania was never happy to live under Nazi rule, it wanted to live under its own rule. Red bandit came, raped the countries, then brown bandit came, beat the first one, and raped the countries, then the red bandit came back, killed the brown one and continued raping for 50 years. What and whom exactly should be we thankful for here? And where do we support Nazis? Make no mistake, both Nazis and Soviets were evil, and rest assured, we hate them equally. Second. Thanks for reminding, that I wouldn’t have been born. Soviet rule brought direct and indirect death to 1,000,000 Lithuanians, so I find your words especially comforting that I’m a lucky one. Third. See below.

  24. All (dRE included, since he asked for): Go here, scroll down and press on the pictures. It is the first version, thus misses its amendment where Lithuania is exchanged to some parts of Poland. The first one to say that this is “obvious fascist/Baltic nationalist/UFO from Mars falsification” without support by facts can proudly carry neo-imperialistic Soviet title for the week.

  25. Hm, what else. I see in the comments that somebody is an expert in who belonged to who during many long centuries. I suppose that they have never heard of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Probably that’s not required for a Eastern Europe history expert. Please count, for how many years Lithuania belonged to Russia (include USSR or do not include, whatever), and for how many years, say, Smolensk, belonged to GDL. That’s 120~180 for Lithuania (hardly can be called “many long centuries”, maybe just “one long”, or “two short” ones), and about 150 for Smolensk (it changed hands quite often, I’m too lazy to count exactly). That’s a draw, my expert friends. If you are not satisfied, take Minsk. These numbers are just for reference, to correct your “facts” and in no way they can be used to excuse aggresion of any kind. Of course that’s very hard to understand for chauvinists with “If a Russian soldier sets his foot on a land, it’s for ever!” attitude.

  26. I think some ones school history books have been tampered with(by your so great goverment perhaps). Honestly Russian attack against Finland was nothing, but simple lust for more power and territory. Finland was out gunned and out manned compared to Russia. Russia had modern tanks and airplanes, Finland had neither(before treaty between Finland and Germany). And most of all Finland WAS NEVER PART OF THE AXIS.
    Sure Finland had German troops stationed in North, but still Finland has never been considered part of The Axis nations…well perhaps in Russian history books. And last Finland might have used propaganda during war…but HELLO you are still living in propaganda fed to you by YOUR OWN GOVERMENT.

  27. It doesn’t matter what belonged to which long dead King or Czar or other noble yahoo. What matters is who lives there now and their choice of polity.

    Sic semper tyrannus

  28. Hm, about good Finland and evil USSR.

    Soviets are very bad story for Russia, they kill and banish a lot of russians, especialy elite, most smart and patriotic people. But not only. One of the mainest problem Russia derived from soviets is independent Finland.

    Lenin gave indepedance to Finland in the beginig of Civil War. In that time he didn’t have enough power to control even central russian region. Recently nobody, he was looking for ‘friends’, and found them in finish, latvian, ukranian and etc. nazi.

    Of course he gave it for a while. After soviets finally set control on the Middle Asia in the late 30s, only baltic region was exeption – territory of former Russian Empire without them. So soviets only continue Russian Civil War and trying to spread kommunism there too, like they were doing in others part of Russian Empire for 20 years. Not more.

    Don’t be so proud about 1939 ‘victory’ and 1:5 death rate. Soviets didn’t count how much russians will be killed in the battle. The favorite maxim between soviet generals was – “never mind, they will born anothers”. The task was done, the price was worthless.

    So, about the problem of independent Finland. There are a lot of countries disliked Russia. And Finnland is one of them. Much less it is the one hated Russia above all.

    All others in a varied degree can change their mind, partially sane. Poland, for example, harp on it. Finland mostly keep silence, but if only have a chance they will do the most brutal deals.

    Historicaly Finland is really evil. It’s comparable to Chechnya only. Differencе is cheсhens are openly brutal wolfs and anybody deals with definitely knows who they are. Finns are different, they are wolfhounds. They can be charmy and very civil, hapily fawning to people during daylight hours, and killing their children by nigth.

    It is fables about ‘good’ finns in WW2. The only reason you don’t know is Britain and USA political tradition to grow up ‘friends’ like this against their enemy. “Yes, they are snakes. But they are our snakes. Don’t worry. And of course they are not snakes at all now, may be just a little.”

    Finland was not totaly ocupied in 1939 because Stalin don’t want war with Britain Empire that time. In 1945 because the same with USA, in Yalta conference Roosvelt was conserning about Finland especially.

    Finland the only one country of Axis who was not even ocupied. The story ‘Findland was not Axis’ is polical sugar false.

    This country was found by soviets against Russia. Then Britain protect it to be against Russia. Then it betrays Britan, and Germany use it against Russia. Then it betrays Germany, and USA protect it to be against Russia.

    From born to forever(?) the only one main state task – hate russians. No matter with whom. No matter under colour of something. No matter how far it can be done.

    Today Finland develop in finish society many reasons for weapon-tied (only for a while?) opposition. From old style nazi school – “Great Finland extends to Tver and Komi and even more”, to modern green style – “Protect nature in Viborg, Karelia, Peterburg, Vologa to Tver, Komi and even more”, and of course the anytime best reason – “Russians are barbarians dot”.

  29. Wow interesting to see almost 70 year-old trick working still today.. The War Of Lapland against Germans was only to fool the russians, because there was no way German troops could withdraw from Lapland in two weeks of time that the Soviet Union gave us. There was no war, Germans just burned down the bridges behind them. i’m surprised even most Finns are still bitter about it.

  30. I don’t understand, why does they think that Russians are barbarians? Russians are very different, as any nation. I have seen Americans, Italians, Germans who look as the barbarians much more than the most of Russians.

  31. Talking about wolfhounds.. Partisans, who Russians still consider great heroes, on their little “operations” behind the lines, burned down finnish towns, stole everything and killed women and children.

  32. Сергей, в общем-то я с тобой согласен, только вот кое-где ты перегибаешь палку, превращая свой пост в абсурд.

  33. The truth is that Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are integral part of Russia. I sincerely hope that mother Russia will reclaim it’s lost territories and make the traitors pay for their insubordinance!

    • Really? 🙂 The “truth” is there is no “Russia”, there are territories occupied by thugs – Ivan-Kalita led former racketeers for Mongols. 😉
      And – rest assured – maybe the best is yet to come. Someone will have to liberate those oppressed nations. This time – Democracy to the Ural Mountains!!! To the very border of the European Union and the Greater China!!! :))) Ha-ha, just kidding. Do you like my vision? I bet it is better than yours! 😉

    • The truth is that Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are integral part of Russia. I sincerely hope that mother Russia will reclaim it’s lost territories and make the traitors pay for their insubordinance!”

      Wellcome Grigory! In Finnland they have reserved something nice for you -if you go “reclaim”. Choises are between 9mm and 7,62 mm. In last wars some 400 000 “reclaimers” got a last nice metallic gift frokm finns in Finnland. They still are ready give them to imperialist if demanded.

      By the way you never have noticed that ST. Petersburg was built on a land that was populated by Finns just 1703? In 1850´s half of the population surrounding ST.Petersburg was Finnish? BTW. my Grandmother was born in ST Petersburg – then Petrograd in 1916 just off Nevski Prospekt. And she was
      Finn. Circa 10% of the population of ST Petersburg were Finns still in 1900. 😉 Just in 1920`s and onwards the Finnis population was “clenced” and in 1940`s send permanently away..

      Wellcome to claim and pay. Here some “claimers” who were served
      Well Finland has land to fill.

      And I one question? What are you claiming and why? Those people`s have lived there generations from the dawn of history. Russian are newcomers in Baltic. You have no links to baltic countrien. So what is your “Claims” basing to?

  34. Wow, this gets better and better. Grigory, you forgot in your truth about Portugal and every country between it and Russia. Also I believe that China is an integral part of Moldova. Those traitors, what a nerve!

  35. Sergei, your writing tells all what is needed to understand why Finland has fought for its independence. It´s sad but
    there are still raving misslead and delusioned fanatics like you, who haven´t learned anything about life and only seek for war. And who hates who? It´s clear that you hate finns. We don´t hate russians but yes warmongering people like you. Who is evil?

  36. Russia will invade whole Europe within a few years from now. Oil price will secure growth of our military strenght to new level even surpassing western armies.

    Russia is goood, Finland is eviilll. Russia will spread its wings to over Europe sooner than you will realise.

    • Wow.. oil money huh? Don’t know what to spent it on? Well look.. if all you want to do is kill yourselves, why don’t you go buy some nice rope.

      Finland is busy, so why disturb the graves of your fathers by having their graves opened and yourselves thrown on top?

  37. Сергей, problems in your own country are so huge, that Putin (and his court) is trying to seek enemies abroud, to move pressure away of their way to steer the country. The Russien nazis use the situation to get Zhirinovsky to president. It’s not easy to be the most poverfull man in the country that cannot solve even the smallest problem, but killing the critics.

    [url=]As a result of the current situation,[/url] old age now only accounts for 15% of all deaths in Russia. The other 85% of deaths are premature. What is more, 66% are a result of socio-economic causes (military conflicts, poverty, starvation, lack of medicines in hospitals, neglected illnesses, late ambulances etc: ), 23% of deaths are caused by pollution, 5.8% of people are killed in accidents or other disasters, 2.9% commit suicide and 1.5% are victims of crime.

  38. Grigory :
    “The truth is that Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are integral part of Russia. I sincerely hope that mother Russia will reclaim it’s lost territories and make the traitors pay for their insubordinance”

    It’s a lie.
    For most of last 10 centuries the area of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia belonged to the Republic of Two Nations. This state consists of Kongdom of Poland and Dutchy of Lithuania. By centuries other nations (Ukrainien, Bielarus) created own national identity inside the Republic of Two Nations. An attachment of those nations to Russia it is only a short period in history.

  39. This thread just proves that Russian nationalists are absolutely crazy. They’re heading down the path of an aggressive fascism – I suppose when you can’t compete with other countries economically, intellectually, etc…you might as well claim that “Mother Russia” has a right to the land of their smaller neighbors and a right to invade. Too bad Russia’s military today is a joke. I hear the Russian Army is a great place to send your son if you want him to be gang-raped.

    Although I have to give Russia credit for one thing…exporting your women as excellent prostitutes. The West thanks you!

  40. Two jokes:

    After the fall of the Soviet government it is proposed to send two letters in one envelope to the government of Japan (then quite wealthy): First a declaration of total war, and on the second page an unconditional surrender with plans for occupation and reconstruction beginning immediately.

    Now the 1990-era:

    Where will the new capital of reunited Germany be?


    Dobrie den, tovarishii!

  41. Commenting Lithuanian:
    It’s nice that you recognize both Nazis and Soviets as evil. But to tell the truth, Soviets did not have plans to fight the whole world and kill everyone in favour of their own race (or Stalin had plans to kill all Slavs and let Georgians rule the world, or what??!).
    The only thing that let’s you talk about USSR like that is the fact that WE won the war and not the Nazis. We protected our land and population, where you just chose the winning (according to you) side and you lost! Now, living in independance and prosperity, you’re insulting a country which brought all that to you! Or I guess you’re certain you would live better under Nazis… That’s why you’re still a pathetic troll country.

  42. dRE, that “Soviet vs. whole world” issue is a bit unclear to say the least, USSR was arming itself at neck-breaking speed before 41-06-22 (for what, if it didn’t believe in and didn’t prepare for a German attack?) And in late Stalin years anti-Semitism started to appear in USSR (ever heard of “trial of the doctors”?), thankfully Stalin died and it changed for better.

    Since your other arguments (“independence fighter = fascist” etc.) are repeated old ones, I will not repeat my replies.

    I have one question for you. What is your country? USSR or Russian Federation? Today year is 2006, so I assume it’s Russia. In this case your defense of the USSR which commited many attrocious crimes against Russia and Russians sounds like a plain old treason against your motherland.

  43. I really dont see so difference between Nazis and Soviets during the times of Stalin.

    Thats true that Nazis killed million of jews and members of other races. But it is also true , that Soviets did similiar things. For example, millions of people died in Ulkrania during 30’s due to a great famine induced by Soviets.

    Stalin was always famous for his Great Terror and his purgues. During that time, one person can be executed without any reason… Many times it was a question of luck.

    Stalin was also the responsible of the Order 227. The soviet soldiers that surrendered were declared traitors, even after the war, this infamous order continued valid.

    Some russian historians claim that USSR wanted to attack Germany in 1942. What would have happened was that Germany striked before.

  44. People, let’s start distinguishing between Stalin’s USSR and just USSR, because, as you’ve put it yourselves here, there was a big difference! After he died, people realized it was insane to continue ruling the country in his style. So when you compare the evilness of Nazist Germany to USSR, you can compare it to Stalin’s times ONLY.
    But Stalin does not equal USSR!

    Also, if people here justify their predecessors’ decision to join the Nazis against the Soviets because they were “forced by the circumstances of that time”, then you can justify the Soviets exactly the same way by saying that they had acted according to their times – meaning that they were one of the biggest and strongest nations in the world, they won the war and they had the right to divide the countries like they wanted to. Such were the times back then.

  45. well, Soviets actually *did* have the plans to exterminate upper and middle class in the whole world, Lenin’s (and later Stalin’s) idea was to have a global communist revolution (“mirovaya revoluciya”), which even later in USSR was still one of the crucial ideas, so dRE, you’re again wrong. They even tried to pull that right after WW1 finished, attacking Poland for starters (does the name Tuchachevsky say anything to you?), as well as newly formed Baltic States, but got beaten. Later on, they probably simply couldn’t compete against the whole world at once, so…

    Basically they succeeded in China (Mao Tse Tung), North Korea, Kampuchea (Pol Pot, anyone?).

    By the way, some Russian historians (Suvorov for example) have a theory, based on communist party materials, that USSR, in fact, was trying to conquer the whole Europe. The plan was making the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, then let Hitler ravage in Europe, weakening his forces and then the Soviets could have attacked themselves. Unfortunately for them, Hitler made the first move. Some facts that speak for the theory were, that USSR had by 1941 over a million of bombardier plane pilots (carpet bombing is not a defensive maneuver!); the fact how fast Germans advanced further into Russia in 1941-42, not only because Russian troops had weaker equipment, but also the border was made weaker to let through the army – from *inside* Russia; the army’s equipment was offense-, not defense-orientated; etc. It all can be very true, though needs confirmation.

    And I wouldn’t consider a regime which brutally kills many millions of its’ own citizens either humane nor good. Death is no different when people get killed for how they look or for how much money (land, grain, cows, …) they have.

    By the way – no one glorifies Nazi Germany, nor SS, in Baltic states – that’s what modern Russian propaganda makes you want to think. Maybe a few loons, but that’s it.

  46. Russia is not presently the great power it has been in the past, but things are slowly changing. Soon all of Europe will be dependent on Russian energy (gas & oil). That will make Russia once again the dominator of Europe. Then you small pathetic troll countries will pay for your mistakes. I hope all Baltic countries will be repopulated by Russians and traitors sent to Siberia to labour camps. There they will slowly die, and the World thanks Mother Russia for destroying these pests.

  47. Grigory: “Soon all of Europe will be dependent on Russian energy (gas & oil). That will make Russia once again the dominator of Europe”

    Forget about it !
    If not Russia, there are other countries (Middle East etc.) with bigger production of oil then Russia.
    In fact the main goal is a minimalisation of energy prices. The lowest price energy for automobiles is still from oil.
    The lowest price energy for electro-energetic sector is still from Uranium (second place for coal).
    When price od oil is higher then $100/bbl, then production of oil from coal ($60/tonn) will be very profitable.
    Thermo-nuclear syntesis is s-f now, but in future … then oil would be as cheap as water.

    There’s no way to control the world in that way.

  48. Serious huh?

    Guys, you are debating over something that happened over 50 years ago… If you really wish to discuss you need to hit the books. Obviously some people here have more objective mind than the others.

    However, keep it to the point, flaming here serves nothing.

    I respect Russians as citizens, but won’t say a word about their leaders of that era. Won’t give much respect to the Nazi -leaders either.

    (BTW. My father was a WWII veteran, II /jpr 19, Kannas, Taipale – Metsäpirtin lohko 1943 – 1944)

    Another Finn (sergeant corporal, Armoured Brigade II/81).

  49. dRE, Stalin and Grigori,
    Mother russia was established by the vikings = who called themselves russ, so you are subordinate to swedes in that area by your own terms. The place were St.Petersburg was established was inhabitated very much by finnish speaking people before 1703. Russia conquered the town after the great northern war(1700–1721) and st Petersburg was established 1703.

  50. For those who might not know, Baltic languages, estonian and finnish do not belong to same language group than russian. Also their cultural history is different to russian. People are different. Russian influence came quite late to Baltic area, and it came only violent way.

    So, Sergei, its better not to claim that Baltia belongs to Russia.

  51. WINTER WAR and continuation war were fought against the soviets because they were trying to annex finland.and i am a finnish maerican.even i know the histroy of the winter war. im glad the finn soldier simo hayha killed over 500 soviet invaders in less then 90 days before he was himslef wonunded. it showed the world the courage of the fighting finns.todays bolshiveks are now known as ZIONISTS.and still cause the world much trouble. its to bad the white race has no homeland in the world since we are only 8 percent of the worlds population now and falling, because of fighting amongst our own race when we should be uniting as a white race and fighting for our future. and the future of our children.

  52. The goal of Winter war was to move state border from Leningrad (it were only 32 km from). Soviet government propose a territories in Karelia and money (millions of Finnish marks).
    Finland makes aggresive politics to USSR (is it tradition of West – to be agressive to Russia?)/ There are many provocation from Finnish side, some of soviet civilians and soldiers were shooted.
    So, Finland was dangerous neighbour, USSR was forced to make prevent war.

    Now about Soviet casualities.
    Yes, it was great. But dont forget, Finnish army sit in strong concrete bunkers with mine-fields around it. Soviets at first have a great casualities with small success. Futhermore, Finnish army used small manevrous strike-group’s, like rangers.
    Then, Soviets inveted new tactic against bunkers and broke Mannerheim’s line. By the way, western experts calls Mannerheim like unbreakable.

    Now, the West try to rewrite history. They squeal about Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and forget about Munich. They forget about allies bombs on Dresden, about Hirosima and Nagasaki.

    >Mother russia was established by the vikings
    It only one of versions


    • Finland makes aggresive politics to USSR (is it tradition of West – to be agressive to Russia?)/ There are many provocation from Finnish side, some of soviet civilians and soldiers were shooted.
      So, Finland was dangerous neighbour, USSR was forced to make prevent war.”

      Were do you come from? Brain defect or good doping up?

    • “Soviet government propose a territories in Karelia and money (millions of Finnish marks). Finland makes aggresive politics to USSR”

      There’s another way to say that – Soviet government murderers of Ukraine put Finland at gunpoint and propose buy Finland’s home. Finland make aggresive policy. Say no.

  53. Some answers:

    Your insult:
    Winter war started when finns shoot with their artillery to Russia and killed many great soldiers. After this Soviet Union attacked to finland.

    As quoted from encyclopedia Britannica
    (your allies during ww2, so I believe this is a trustworthy source 😉
    “Winter War (Nov. 30, 1939–March 12, 1940), war waged by the Soviet Union against Finland at the beginning of World War II, following the conclusion of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact (Aug. 23, 1939). After Finland had refused to grant the Soviets a naval base and other concessions in the fall of 1939, Soviet troops totaling about one million men attacked Finland on several fronts.”

    Your insult:
    “Continuation war began when finns and germans attacked Soviet Union again, but together”

    25th of july 1941: After Soviet air force bombed Helsinki, Turku and Porvoo with 500 bombers, finnish prime minister at that time stated that we are again at at war against Soviet Union.

    German asked Finland to siege Leningrad. Finnish forces refuced to do that. They respected the old border line and never crossed it.

    Russian partisans are held as war heros in Russia today. The truth is that they were fanatic murderers that killed finnish women and children in the finnish villages during the war.

    “>Mother russia was established by the vikings
    It only one of versions”
    Yes it is only a one version but it is at least as good as the opinion that Finland belongs to Russia.


  54. >>Your insult:
    “Continuation war began when finns and germans attacked Soviet Union again, but together”

    25th of july 1941: After Soviet air force bombed Helsinki, Turku and Porvoo with 500 bombers, finnish prime minister at that time stated that we are again at at war against Soviet Union.

  55. “Your insult:
    “Continuation war began when finns and germans attacked Soviet Union again, but together”

    25th of july 1941: After Soviet air force bombed Helsinki, Turku and Porvoo with 500 bombers, finnish prime minister at that time stated that we are again at at war against Soviet Union.”

    You seem to forget(?) that German offensive against Soviet Union began on July 22 and germans used finnish soil in offensives against soviet targets. They attacked early morning on July 22 to Kronstadt with Ju88 bombers which flew to airbase in Finland after the offensive. These aerial offensives continued between July 22 to July 25 and soviet bombing on July 25 was only a counter strike to these offensives. German navy also performed offensives from their bases at coast of Finland with mine carriers and torpedo boats.

    Maybe you also forget that finnish submarines laid mines to soviet coast near naval bases in Estonia in early morning on July 22?

    You may also forget that finnish president Ryti has agreed to participate Barbarossa earlier in July, Finland had mobilized finnish army and relinquished air- and naval bases to Germany. You also forget that northern Finland was already handed over to German troops and finnish troops were already preparing to attack soviets as planned with Germany.

    So, don’t be “insulted” if your own knowledge is incomplete.

  56. When dog waves tail it means it’s happy. When cat does the same it means it’s angry.

    People society is greatly more complex, so conversation with signs, feelings, social position, beliefs and opinions can’t be easily translated from one language to other from one culture to other.

    It’s much easy when languages and cultures are close, and uneasy or completly imposible, when cultures are different in very basement things, when sociality formed from completly different laws and purposes.

    Understanding Russian is not easy to western Europeans, Understanding western Europeans is not easy to Russian.

    But understanding fins by Europeans is almost imposible. In despite of their white skins, Indian, Arabian or even Chiniesse people is much more clear to European mind, than Finns.

    The Finnish Wolfhound Phenomenon is they appears very close to all other Europeans in very first look, but the more you have deals with, the more you know they are not.

    About 4000-6000 years to modern time, when germanic, romans and slavic were one tribe, with one language, one culture, ancient finns were separated for thousands and thousands years.

    Modern Europeans lived that time in Middle East and has active relationship with ancient Arabian, Indian people. Finnish people lived far far to the north in their own world.

    In that time humanity had been finally overgrowing animal group laws and forming base modern social roles, high level emotional charts and chains. And on this important level common European and Finnish society are deeply different.

    That time Europeans had strong agrarian culture, fins were hunters and fishers for very long period of time. Of course, Europeans hunt and fish too, from time to time or for some people it was profession, but anyway they live in agrarian society. There are very big and deep difference, which characters, dispositions, principles needed in hunter society. There are not much nationalities who were hunters and fishers for so long time and form they own modern independent state – some Africans and fins.

    Historically, from crusades to modern time, ideology political principles Western Europe keeps with neighborhoods were haughtiness (very high morale plank to others) and hypocrisy (apply the blind eye on their own).

    Union of fins and western Europeans against Russians has long history. Finnish tribes were used by westerns even by early Teutonic Order Crusaders. And it didn’t matter that fins were not Christians that time, but Russians were. Anyway for crusaders it was Holy War against pagans for Christ’s Glory.

    By the way, Russians always live in this region. Baltic region is Russian Mother Land as Kiev or Moscow area. There are one of the oldest and greatest Russian city – Novgorod, and many others around.

    Talking about wolfhounds.. Partisans, who Russians still consider great heroes, on their little “operations” behind the lines, burned down Finnish towns, stole everything and killed women and children.

    Talking about wolfhounds. Finnish special forces, volunteers as Tomac named them , who sometimes uniforms like Russians, and Finnish civil still consider them as partisans, on their little “operations” burned down Finnish towns, killed women and childrens. By accident those towns were ‘red’ in Finnish Civil War.

    Continue talking about wolfhounds. At war generals should decide which divisions will be sent in front of the line on the most dangerous positions, so 80-99% of people in those divisions believable will be killed by enemy. In Soviet army for this purpose there were ‘shtrafbat’ – divisions which formed by crime people, people who betrayed. Finns form their divisions by place people come from, so on the edge, by accident, were sent divisions people were come from ‘red’ villages. By accident, most of them were killed.

    Continue talking about wolfhounds. In Finnish Civil War were formed death camps. Many thousands people were killed there. Many thousands people were killed after instantly they came out, by accident, of course. Some of them were free to go to USSR, and they went, but it’s strange they didn’t cross USSR border. In percentage of small country, Finnish government did same level of crime as soviets in USSR.

    Returning to WW2, Finns establish 13 death camps on territory they invade in 1941. There were about 75 thousand people on ocuppied territory who remained there , and about 30 thousands of them were sent to death camps. It means about 40% people, and totaly most of them were ethnicaly russian. About 1/3 of people. In thousands people Germans do more crime, but in percentage Finns do the most of all Axis, no doubt.

    And if you read the subject of this topic, for me it is quite clear example of charm, untrustable and stern wolfhounds.

    German asked Finland to siege Leningrad. Finnish forces refuced to do that. They respected the old border line and never crossed it.

    Typical. They just respect old border line. No siege. Just blockage along with Germans. Just stay no siege and no food pass to city. Hundred thousands of Russian dies of starvation. And if there were not Red Army who broke ring of blockage, soon or later city would be ocuppied. There were agreement between Germans and Finns, that Lenigrad will be raised, people ethnical Russian were sent to death camps, people who ethnical Finns or close will live there.

    Sergei, your writing tells all what is needed to understand why Finland has fought for its independence. It´s sad but
    there are still raving misslead and delusioned fanatics like you, who haven´t learned anything about life and only seek for war. And who hates who? It´s clear that you hate finns. We don´t hate russians but yes warmongering people like you. Who is evil?

    Finnish goverment and Finnish intellectuals who rules society mind is evil, of course. Most people will do and think exactly what they say them they should do and think.

    By social statistic, Finland is one of the top list countries how much people to all hates or dislike russians. Some years Finland the 1th, some 2nd after 1th Kosovo or Independent Ichkeria.

    And this hate continues for years and years. Russophobia fires in one place, than in other, but in Finland it is constant on very high and strong level. Finnish goverment propaganda works fine.

    In Russia social statistic concerning Finland is completly different. Most of Russians trust and like Finland, people who hate and distrust Finland are statisticaly invisible minority, greatly less 0.1% .

    I think with this is completly clear ‘who seek for war?’.

    And you right, I’m one of the minority who dislike and distrust Finland as neighbor, civil and peacefull country.

    I think Finland is one of the oldest and the most hatefull untrustable troll-country along Russian border. With all their dirty principles.

    And I don’t like our good attitude to people who didn’t like us. I don’t want buy finnish goods, or goods with finnish labels. I don’t want to be sponsor of goverment who develop new weapons and troops for fighting in Russia territory with first possibility.

    If western countries want – firstly it’s their own problem. But why today they don’t do this? Finland economy totaly depenent from Russia in despite of EU. And it’s not problem to Russia to buy finnish-like goods from other countries, China for example, with better or no worse quality and cheaper prices.

  57. I don’t get why some people think finnish were nazis during WW2, we jsut wanted our lost territories back and with Germany’s help we had a chance to do it. There was much communists in Finland too in start of the 20th century but some of them didn’t like USSR very much because of Stalin who killed many finnish communists that had gone to USSR to build communist state. The claim that we shot russians at Mainila is not true, it was made up idea so USSR could conquer us, not just for securing their borders a little bit but they had plan to conquer all of Finland. And Mannerheim didn’t like Hitler very much and he was smart guy not to cut the ice road to Leningrad cos he knew that Germany would lose the war against USSR and if we had cut the ice road to Leningrad USSR would have been very angry at us and they would have probably conquered us after dealing with Germany. And we admired Tsar for giving us so good position in Imperial Russia. And ty for Lenin for granting us independence. 😉

  58. REPLY TO Comment by MirGip — October 13, 2006
    Yest that mysterious Protocol Mir,
    have a look at what it said. Here is the translated Secret Supplementary Protocol as well as the rest of the pact and associated protocols (just read the whole thing):

    It existed. By the way, just because an original document can not be found, it does not mean that something did not take place simply cause the original document related to it can not be found. The original instruction by Hitler to exterminate Jews can not also be found anywhere in writing yet it happened. You see apart from documents, there are usually human beings invloved who witness such events. They are usually the ones that are able to convey what took place even if the original documents are not around. It is convenient to dismiss something on the basis that “original documents don’t exists or are mysterious”. Luckily as you will see from the above links, these mysterious documents did exist and did get translated into English including the “Mysterious Parts” of the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Oh how the truth seems uncomfortable for some…

  59. Oh and also have a look here:
    covers Poland, Lithuania and Baltic States..
    Seems Stalin thought of everyone…

    and here about Estonia:

    Read the whole thing…
    Poor Soviet innocent picked on here Russia!!!
    ARghhhh :-((
    Nearly as innocent as Nazi Germany! History speaks for itself.

  60. Trolls, I agree, you truly has the thing you should fear the most in whole your foreign politic – your bad relations with Russians.

    The problem is – you didn’t worry enough.

    • I’ll say that i’m spanish and that i dont know too much about the WWII, not because of being spanish but because of my own ignorance. I have read quite much about the ancient greek and roman civilizations, but i would like to spend some time learning about this vital conflict, and now specially about the “Winter War” 😉

      I have read all this posts patiently trying to watch it all from a neutral point of view. I have seen the discussion changing from the Winter War to the Baltic countries, then the supossed hate between Finns and Russians. At this point i consider very interesting Sergei’s statistics:

      “By social statistic, Finland is one of the top list countries how much people to all hates or dislike russians. Some years Finland the 1th, some 2nd after 1th Kosovo or Independent Ichkeria.”

  61. I would love to know how this inquest are made:

    Q: First question: what european country do you hate most?
    A: Ummm, I think ill choose England. I never liked Mr. Bean.
    Q: Are you sure?
    A: Let me think… no, no, they have the Beckham’s. They are so lovely ^^. Now i think i hate more Russians. I dont like cold.
    Q: Second question: How much you hate em?

    Cannnot believe Russians hate Finns, even less that Finns hate Russians. First time i heard about this nonsense.

    Now, without joking, i must say i consider worrying the position of the Russian guys thinking about the supossed mighty of the actual Russia and the insignificant and pathetic existence of the rest of the european countries. Specially when your own people is dying and your own nation is filled up with corruption and many other problems. Also, it seems you cannot assume a defeat. Neither 70 years ago, nor 5000.

    It is undeniable that Russia has been an awesome empire and that still is a great nation (wich i would love to visit). But you must accept that every single and little country, with his history and customs, is as respectable as your own homeland.

    If only 1 or 2 guys would have said the same, i wouldnt have take care of it. But i have read 4 or 5 Russian opinions and all take the same posture!!. Also i have read this morning in the newspaper about the develop of new Topol-M missiles and the increasing of the Russian military budget more than a 400% from 2001 to now. I consider all this things very sad :((((((((((((

    I still wait for a Russian guy to tell us that this is only the opinion of a tiny gruop of people, not what Russian people really think.

    PD: i have no family in Finland, Sweeden or any country in the zone. Im 100% spanish: i have grown listening to flamenco music, i’m an awesome bullfighter and i have been feed only with paella and spanish omelete


  62. The name Russia comes from a viking king,
    whom “russian” tribes asked to become their ruler.
    And he was from Norway.
    Norway is a NATO -country.
    Finnland is not.
    Should we become also a NATO -member, ´cause
    there is a raising nationalist phenomena in Russia
    and it seems like some of them want to occupie us?

  63. I therefore should admit that there is surely a great world scale task of civiiized nations to protect the rights of wild beasts, brutals and other insects. Certainly, your disposition towards them deserves any human respect but if you were to decide protecting these animals, you should bring all the Chechen nation in the Red book of dying out species first. Because only animals are able acting as animals with having the law into their own hands who have neither intellect or moral in their actions and deals. And the war in Chechnyja as well as the war in such countries as Afganistan clearly destifyes to this fact how brutal and bloodthirsty those degrading steadily going to dogs humans could be on partisan war. Certainly, I realize the disposition of the civilized nations to our small brothers, but I think that these degrading humans are unworthy of human attention and furthermore, they need not to be protected by civilized society save rather to be condemned of. I don’t see any reason to protect psychopatic brutals. Even tribes of Africa and New Zealand that having been on a low level of social development do not kill people so severely as doing these brutal barbarians. I highly suggest you to familiarize yourself with this video link reference so that to know more about the national characteristics of those whom you are protecting and standing for:

    I think that these documented video to be taken by the native chechens speak for themselves. Are these degrading animals which claim to be humans really deserving your protection? Is this nation really neads a help of those who belongs to humans? Are the women who born and brought up these creatures deserved to be called a mother? I don’t think so. As an english proverb goes as saying – know the breed, know the dog. Like father, like son and like mother, like daughter. I should like add perhaps, that personally for me there are disgusting both who kills and those who protects those who kills.

    • Finland doesn´t have anything in common with people you are talking!!! Russians send partisans to kill civilian people on finland during the second world war. You occupied large part of our country. We were the ONLY country after ww2 to pay the wast amounts of money as a warpayments and to fullfill this enormous effort.

  64. It seems, that Russians and Finns have odd love-hate-relations between them. Russian culture, orthodox religion, products, weapons etc. are esteemed by especially civilized Finns. Only dumb rednecks of backwoods hate any Russian things, because they fear. The same matters among civilized Russians and dumb muzhiks. Vladimir Putin and Tarja Halonen are good fellows.
    In my opinion the journalists are today’s propagandists. The people can believe seriously some treacherous newspapers stories and become fooled. You have to know how to read the newspapers in critical way.
    Otherwise, I am so tired old World war 2-stories and fomenting hatred by old same war stories.

    Za finsko-russiiskaja druzhbu!

  65. You are a fascist. Anyone who thinks their country is great simply because it has lots of people has a fundamentally diseased mind. Go to America if you like, but don’t come anywhere else in Europe.

    • Please, read my post thoroughfully, I’ve never said, my country’s great just because it has lotsa people. My point was that Russia protected Europe from invaders, and dealt with rulers with worldpower-ambitions.
      Im no fascist, I just hate ignorant people accusing my country of something it hadn’t a mere intention to do.
      P.S. I dont care about the USA, I have absolutely no interest in that country. As for Europe, let me decide for myself, whether I’ll go there or not. K’, pal?

      • Lord, have mercy upon those russian shovinists as they apparently never ever will get out of their messiah complexes (“Look how Russia has taken care of you all and all we get for that is knife in our back!”) that makes them blind to see opposite opinions, to understand WHY ACTUALLY they are hated so much and even think: “Maybe I should look in the mirror? Maybe other nations would like to CHOOSE their friends? Maybe we really can’t just FORCE them to love us? Maybe we are wrong thinking they feel comfortable in our violent embrace?”

  66. “During World War 2 Finland was in alliance with Nazi Germany. So Russia fought against Finland too.”
    I am sorry, but this is either involuntary or purposeful disinformation. Actually, USSR attacked Finland in 1939, when it was USSR and not the Finland, who was in a kind of an alliance with the Nazi Third Reich!!! Finns fought bravely in Soviet Russia could not beat them.
    League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations, even excluded USSR from its members for being officially internationally recognized aggressor!!!
    Later, after the Reich attacked its friend the USSR, the Finns just used the opportunity to take back their lands, lost to Soviets just about a year ago, and then stopped advance.

  67. Recently I saw in Riga museum of Occupation an interesting data on Nazi plans for Baltics – the creation of the so called Ostland, which would include the three Baltic states and the Belorus. The plans proposed to leave part (most) of the population were it is and deport some who do not exhibit Nordic features to the Eastern areas. “Some” here meaning thousands of people. Then some German colonists had to be brought into the Baltic lands to settle. Well. What really shocked me, it was to discover that the dreaded and inhuman Nazis actually planned to (a) deport; (b) to bring in settlers LESS than the Soviets ACTUALLY DID!!!! I.e. the actual Soviet reality did beat the “horrible” Nazi plans.
    Do you know, that now there are less Latvians now, than there before WWI??? Do you know what extremely high influx of Russian settlers was there after the WWII??? Russkies effectively destroyed the Latvian country, the society and nation! Go see here, for example.

  68. Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union in 1939. The Soviet union was attacked by Germany in 1941. You might want to get your facts straight.

  69. Actually these leaflets were made during Winter War when Russians and Germans were still allies. Interesting pictures anyway.

  70. Guys, just wanted to say that during history lessons in russia, they teach children that finland was agressive and attacked first, baltic states were not occupied, but freely joined the soviet union and a nuber of other nonsense.
    So i understand people who write here nonsense like that. They were taught that in school and cannot accept your facts.

    Just saw astonishing polish movie about the soviet war crimes during WWII, called Katyne. Impresive and gives a good idea about soviet politics, occupations, gulags, war crimes and so on. I recommend it especially to folks from russia, just to open their eyes and see what has really happened.

  71. Pingback: “Because something cool happens daily…” at
    • Reading this makes me happy I live in America, USA to be exact.

      Will you Europeans stop fighting. We have a tendency to copy you, or eventually get mixed up in it all.

      In WW2 I see the Russian soldier as the great hero…. surpassed only by the Finnish defending their families, homes and way of life/land.

      And let us face it- the Finns taught the Russians how men with their backs to the wall could fight in winter. The Russians applied these lessons to the Nazis and saved our civilization.

      And by the way, the Native Americans were not murdered by the Americans as much as they were by Europeans and European immigrants…. or [90%] by European diseases.

  72. Hah hah, good stuff 🙂 Same tactics / similar propaganda was used by the Russians against Finns as well, similarly funny stuff.

    – Finn

  73. Interesting song (in Russian) recorded in August 1939, just weeks before the Winter War… so there’s propaganda in both side of the front.

    Принимай нас, Суоми-красавица
    Meet us, Suomi-Beauty

    Song by Daniel and Dmitry Pokrass
    Lyrics by Anatoly D’Actil (Frenkel)

    Curly pine-trees stand on slopes
    Making narrow site at the border
    Meet us Soumi-beauty
    Decorated with transparent lakes

    Tanks are crashing through the forests
    Planes barraging in the sky
    Low autumn sun
    Is shining on our bayonets

    We are used to victories
    And again we are at fight
    Under the red star
    We go by the roads of our grandfathers

    Lots of lies were told during these years
    To fool the Finnish people.
    But now please open to us
    Your wide gates

    Clowns and papergreasers would not
    Fool you any more
    Too often your Motherland was taken off from you
    We came to return it to you

    We are coming to help you to punish
    To return back your disgrace manyfolded
    Meet us Soumi-beauty
    Decorated with transparent lakes

    August 1939

    The song main idea is that The Red Army is entering Finland to liberate it from capitalists that supressed Finnish revolution and now are fooling Finnish people.

    Leningrad military district’s “Red Army Song and Dance” ensemble conducted by A.Anisimov
    Gramophone disks factory, Leningrad

    Музыка Даниил и Дмитрий Покрасс
    Слова Анатолий Д’Актиль (Френкель)

    Сосняком по откосам кудрявится
    Пограничный скупой кругозор.
    Принимай нас, Суоми – красавица,
    В ожерелье прозрачных озер!

    Ломят танки широкие просеки,
    Самолеты кружат в облаках,
    Невысокое солнышко осени
    Зажигает огни на штыках.

    Мы привыкли брататься с победами
    И опять мы проносим в бою
    По дорогам, исхоженным дедами,
    Краснозвездную славу свою.

    Много лжи в эти годы наверчено,
    Чтоб запутать финляндский народ.
    Раскрывай же теперь нам доверчиво
    Половинки широких ворот!

    Ни шутам, ни писакам юродивым
    Больше ваших сердец не смутить.
    Отнимали не раз вашу родину –
    Мы пришли вам ее возвратить.

    Мы приходим помочь вам расправиться,
    Расплатиться с лихвой за позор.
    Принимай нас, Суоми – красавица,
    В ожерелье прозрачных озер!

    август 1939 года

    Исполняет Ансамбль Красноармейской песни и пляски ЛВО под управлением А.Анисимова
    Фабрика граммофонных пластинок. Ленинград

  74. I’m only making a guess(but i’m sure its a good one)but, those prisoners who had their pictures taken, Stalin probably punished their families.

  75. Finns were poor and under control of nazi-goverment so Stalin wanted only let Finns be free, but they spit to Stalin’s face because they were so badly brainwashed as they are today. Too bad Stalin didn’t wanted to punish them any more.

    I really miss old good Soviet Union. The life was so much better then than it’s now, but be sure that Russia is not just any weak country even if we are not SU anymore. If your country starts to make agressive politics against us we will punish you just like we did in Georgia and earlier in Estonia (even while that was not real war, yet). Russia is greatest country in world.

  76. i haven’t seen so many ignorance in years. it seems that the russian version of history is made mostly from lies. i’m polish & i know that the secret protocol in the ribbentrop molotov pact is a 100% fact. i know also that the soviet union invaded finland in 1939. author of this page should change the information in this post to the correct one & apoligise.

  77. did anyone actually knows if they received or not what was promissed? And yeah the only reason why Finland ally with Germany is because it has no choice, Russia invaded them, and the allies did not care. I like russian culture, they always try to deceive history to make themselves look good tho

    • Winners write the history.

      As for finnish, they have saying “We did not lose, we came second” since they stayed indepedent.

  78. Finland doesn’t suffer scornful inferiority complex as the finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb visited Gaza “He stressed the need for freedom of movement for people and goods in and out”

    Amnesty international reported on Finnish arms trade that flouts EU regulations, These dealings made Finland the second largest provider of missile technology to Israel, playing second fiddle only to the United States. Finland is also Israel’s ninth most important supplier of arms and ammunitions, according to Amnesty International

    While Israeli flags are being burned in many European capitals in the aftermath of the dead flotillaraid, thousands of people took part a pro-Israel rally in Helsinki on Thursday.

    The Finnish capital’s streets were filled with Israeli and Finnish flags as participants marched towards the port while chanting slogans in support of the IDF and waving banners protesting what they claimed was the biased media coverage of the flotilla raid.

    A Place Where Israel is Loved

    There are churches where the Israeli flag is proudly displayed side-by-side with the Finnish national colors, and where entire Christian congregations recite “Hatikva” first in Hebrew and then in Finnish.

    More finnish troops to Afghanistan, Meanwhile, finland increased its troops in the Afghanistan, its current deployment of about 120 soldiers by more than 50.

    Finland hopes to withdraw its 180 troops from war-torn Afghanistan at the earliest, though it could take anywhere between three and six years, foreign minister Alexander Stubb said Tuesday in capital Helsinki.

    “In practice, this means anything between three and six years,” Stubb told reporters after speaking at a foreign policy forum. However, finland hopes to withdraw from war-torn Afghanistan at the earliest, though it could take anywhere between three and six years, foreign ministerAlexander Stubb said

    In addition, Finland appointed a homosexual lobbyist as its new foreign minister replacing former minister Ilkka Kanerva.

    Alexander Stubb, who served as a Member of European Parliament for Finland, was chosen to replace Kanerva following a scandal in which the media revealed over 200 sexually suggestive text messages Kanerva sent to a stripper.

    Stubb, who turned 40 the day he was nominated for the position of foreign minister by Finland’s National Coalition Party, Kokoomus, has served as a MEP since 2004. He is the vice-president of the European Parliament’s Gay and Lesbian rights intergroup, a lobbyist body that ensures the goals of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals are implemented in the decisions made by EU institutions.

    In the latest news, Hitler files To Birthday of Mannerheim in Finland


    Finnish-Israeli arms trade flouts EU regulations

    Finland appointed a homosexual lobbyist as its new foreign minister

    Pro-Israel Rally in Helsinki Finland

    Finland – A Place Where Israel is Loved

  79. It’s funny how this article only tells that Finland had an alliance with Nazi-germany but forgets to tell that the reason for Finland having alliance with Nazi-germany was because Russia attacked Finland earlier and tried to occupy it. Also Russia took culturally and economically important areas and cities like Viipuri from Finland and never returned them. The biggest reason for Finland to ally with Nazi-germany was that after Russia attacked Finland they both shared the same enemy. Also those propaganda leaflets are from winter war not the continuation war when Finland was allied with Nazi-germany

  80. Funny those deathcamp comments that finland had deathcamps yes I agree and I think it’s horrible that Finland had them. But pot calling a kettle black or how the saying goes, Russia still had them in USSR times it wouldnt be weird if it still had (gulags I mean) so yeah.. Please russian patriots get your facts straight and get your heads out of your asses for fuck sakes..

  81. It may seem easy to comment on this narrow focus of history to the point of hysteria. I cannot blame the Finns for any of their angst against their eastern neighbor. After all, they knew what they were in for and not only because of what happened to Latvia, Lithuania and Enstonia… but of the Great Wrath and the Lesser Wrath after the Treaty of Poltava. Check this out;


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