Pimp Up Your Tank

This vehicle was made from Russian “BRDM”, if to translate literally it is “Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle”, armored scout car made in Russia.

There were plenty of such in Arabic countries like Iraq or Iran or Syria also.

But this is not a regular military vehicle. It was bought by a Moscow entrepreneur and was pimped up heavily.

First of all it is an amphibian vehicle – it can both move by roads and swim by rivers or lakes.

It is powered with V8 5.5 diesel engine  to carry its multi ton body across the Russian roads. It has four general wheels  but there are four more, hidden under its bottom, if somebody comes to a road like this he can push a button and use four additional wheels to make his road.

It has of course a multi speaker sound system, GPS navigation, TV, DVD and a periscope to see clearly what’s going on when you are swimming across the nearest lake. Also there is a sonar mounted with which the car owner can monitor the water under his so to say car. Night vision system is there too.

The car is fully registred in road inspection so the owner can drive across the normal roads, and then go to the lake for some fishing or water skiing, after that at night he can come to Moscow casino without visiting home.

russian brdm now luxury one

The front runner guard is taken from Lexus. And the bumper is used while swiming if to bump to a dock or to other boat.


russian brdm now luxury one

russian brdm now luxury one

russian brdm now luxury one

There has been used exclusive leather in interrior design.

russian brdm now luxury one

It looks more like a yacht than a car.

russian brdm now luxury one

All the car was repainted with multi layer painting technology.

russian brdm now luxury one

All the windows can be shut.

russian brdm now luxury one

The engine place is also fully rebuilt.

russian brdm now luxury one

These are “Fuel” and “Oil” indicators.

russian brdm now luxury one

In case you are in the middle of the sea and need some medical help…

russian brdm now luxury one

russian brdm now luxury one

This is a periscope. The device can be used to watch around if your windows shut and under the sea level.

russian brdm now luxury one

Part of the engine can be accessed from inside.

This is a tough car for a tough guy.

Link submitted by Kresi

Photos from zr.ru

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  2. Hell yeah, Dimon’s right. In Ukraine and Russia sidewalks are mainly used as free parking lots. Some s.o.b.’s are bold enough to walk on them, but a good hit with a bumper usually shows them who’s the boss.

    The “car” is sweet, btw. Though I pray it’s not too many of these on the road.

  3. Actually, you can buy British military vehicles like this.

    I think one of them is called ‘Viking’, but there are many other designs, etc. Such as the probably much famed Land Rover Defender.

  4. Just another expensive toy for the rich guys with kiddy brains. But it’s wonderful that Russian engineers are able to make such exotic and perfect things.

  5. I guess this guy can ignore the Russian traffic police, at least until they become equiped with chrome-plated RPG-7s with delux ivory handles on their launchers.

  6. it looks like it would actually be dangerous to drive in crowded traffic: you can barely see out those tiny windows in front (maybe that’s what the periscope is for). 🙂

  7. You know, you are wrong about expensivity – I can easily buy BTR for $500, accesoires for $1500 – and voila – cool car for just $2000. You haven’t seen tuned VAZ 2101 yet! BTR is nothing near it!

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