New Russian Car

This is a new model of Russian car, for the moment the most uptodate.

It’s name is LADA Priora and it’s not clear when it would be in production.

I don’t know would it be handy on such roads, the previous one, the Russian Hummer clone  was looking really more suitable for those roads, though the price difference is large. This is a budget car, that should be able to compete with foreign issues like Ford Focus or Toyota Corolla.

 lada priora, russian car

lada priora, russian car

lada priora, russian car

lada priora, russian car

34 thoughts on “New Russian Car”

  1. U’r wrong. Lada is good russian car. I have LADA 2110. I think it not bad model like another. Except road Moscow-Lena there are also other roads. Though our illness is fools and roads, as always

  2. I like the interior – it resembles Corolla a lot, but the exterior is weird. Lada Kalina looked better on the outside. Still, I have to admit, most Russian cars are not modern enough and in no way can compete with western automobiles. Our car manufacturers (like Lada) need to work seriously on design and assemblage of vehicules (especially the latter). Most people who start earning enough prefer to buy cheap Korean or Japanese cars instead of Ladas.

    • You are blind.You probably need more light, this is because this car is as beautiful as any on a modern city road.Or perhaps you should start by telling us what a beautiful car should look like.

  3. Don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t trust Russian workmanship just because the car looks good from the outside. Lada might have hired some Italian designer, but that doesn’t mean that they are able to build good cars.

    I know a guy that have a five year old Lada Niva. There is already rust, and electrical problems. Not very impressive.

  4. I wish could still buy the OLD Volkswagen Bug (the “type 1” air-cooled classic). In many ways the ideal transportation– cheap, simple to fix, uncomplicated design, easy to mass produce– some Russian company should build a similar car. Plus it could be modified into the “baja” bug for off-road (or “Russian road”) driving. Hell– just “bootleg” the original German design. I think there would be enough of a desire in the west that they could successfully export to the US. The key of course would be marketing– make it inexpensive (like the Yugo), but NOT “cheap” (like. . . errr. . . the Yugo). Cheap, simple, solid. OR, please, if you want to sell cars to the western market, make something unique– like others here have said, why buy a cheap Russian copy of a Toyota if I can just buy a used Toyota for the same price?

  5. It’s a fact: russian cars are only bought by those who can’t afford something better… and anything else on 4 wheels is better: 2nd hand european or japanese cars, Renault’s Logan or even chinese ones. Nowadays in russian roads you can find plenty of right wheeled 2nd hand cars from Japan. It seems to me that Japanese people can renew their cars (first of all) thanks to Russian 2nd hand cars demand.

  6. it’s cheap, and if this car have broken, you can repare it in any place. it’s the main reasons to buy lada.

    so, to repare my brother’s new bmw 5,3, he should go to another city(~250km).

  7. Ladas are good especially in the North. They will always start no matter how cold it is. Of course 1,2 litre Lada consumes fuel as much as American V8, but hey, gas is cheap in Russia. 🙂

  8. 2 Otto-Ville
    I’m not sure that Lada will start in realy cold weather. Last winter weather was very cold and my Lada starts only in temperature high to -15C.

  9. General appearance of this car would suggest that this car will be replacement for the 110/111/112 series. Knowing how much financial support is given to Lada from the government it might take even less than 10 years from first public appearance to production. But will this car succeed when competing with foreign cars assemblied in Russia thus preventing import taxes?

  10. UAZ 3163 Patriot – the good machine. And Wolga (3102, 31105, 3111). And VAZ – while greens…
    And germans and japanese are fascists.

  11. Its an Unhatched Miracle towards to wards shtty american cars, but i would buy anything else over a russian car cept chinese, those will be entertaining to drive.

  12. Lada is not a car, it´s a huge piece nothing…
    I had 2110 – bought straigh from the car-store. First, I had to change three cars before I got the one that really worked (electric windows just fell in, brakes didn´t work ect).
    Then – after driving about a month the wheel of my third lada just locked ! It was a fortune, that I was not on the heavy traffic or highway ! I turned right, then wents straight and th wheel was locked ! They fixed it, but now my lada just stand in fornt of my house and no-one even wants to buy it ! The maximum sum of money You get from a used lada (year 2003), is about 30 000 EEK (2500 USD or 1900 EUR) That´s if it´s in very good conditison. Mostly they are sold between 1500 to 1700 USD.

    And still no one wants them !

  13. If only they still sold ladas in the uk i would buy one i know they get a bad press but i would rather spend less on a car than buy a expensive one just so people wont make jokes and i would get a 2105 because i dunno why but i love the idea that the 50 year old design hasnt been given up on yet

  14. I drive Volga in Russia. It a black 310221 model. It look like Chaika limousine. I drive near gates of Kremlin. People impressed. They jump out of the road to let me in gates. They think I president of Russia. My Volga great car. She get attention of girlies. They all want to drive in my Volga. They think they like to drink champagne in my car but I say no. They got some nerve those gilries thinking they can do what they want in my car. She go well my Volga. Bought seven years back. No problems with her. Done 200 000 km. My mummy and daddy think I am bees knees with this car, Like I’m superstar. Everyone in Peredelkino think I’m rich man. They all want autographs.

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