Harry Potter Soft Drink

In some Russian shops nowadays you can buy yourself a bottle of a drink with a Harry Potter portrait on it.

I highly doubt if any copyright was reserved, and the most interesting thing is not copyright here.

The soft drink with Harry Potter face on it is named “BURATINO”. What does this word mean? “BURATINO” is some kind of Russia Pinocchio. Same wooden doll moving around, but his nose doesn’t grow when he lies.

In Soviet Russia there was a very popular soft drink named after him. So in modern Russia businessmen try to make their kind of “Buratino” drink so that to play on the nostalgie sense of the elder generation.

But this Harry Potter Buratino drink is a mix of two totally different things in one.

Harry Potter Russian softdrink

It’s not a Buratino and it’s not a Harry Potter. And notice there is somebody from Simpsons is also depicted on this cool drink.

Harry Potter Russian softdrink

This is a some kind of more or less original version of Buratino Drink.

Harry Potter Russian softdrink

And here again Buratino drink with somebody totally non-Buratino on its label.



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  1. I have seen the “original” light amber colored drink sold in Russian stores here in USA. I have also seen the movie that it was named after.

  2. yesss. russians like to borrow character of other’s trades marks. for example few days ago I saw in the one small russian town a Shrek image on advertisement hoardings for optical instruments shop. so I think that is normal to steal of ideas for russian public.

  3. Maxa: Actually, in the West people like to steal also, I think it’s just common for human nature. Take the latest trend for example – downloading music. Doesn’t seem to bother people, because they simply can’t be prosecuted for it. Or go to any popular tourist town in Spain, it has a million of shops selling fake products from “Gucci”, “Armani”, etc. They seem to be very legal to me.
    The difference perhaps is that in the West you can get more easily fined or taken to prison for stealing, whereas in Russia it doesn’t seem to bother the authorities too much at this moment. But believe me, court cases on trademark theft are very common.

  4. Lol, don’t you see that the first picture is Photoshoped one? =)) Even I could use ‘the lasso’ tool better =).

    And FUI, BURATINO is a company that makes different kinds of drinks, and ‘посейдон’ is one of such drinks… maybe… of maybe it’s a photoshop too…

  5. The picture with Harry Potter is definitely a fake. It looks like a fake and I also know that the Russian publisher of Joan Rowling’s books has a strong legal team that effectively prohibits and punishes illegal use of the Harry Potter trademark.

  6. Why are comments allowed only in English language?? (Talking about censorship!!!) Greetings to the author/owner of this web-site: perhaps you should live for some time in Russia WITH THE RUSSIANS before you start to mock them in your shallow comments.

  7. um, well the whole thing makes perfect sense to me. I don’t know if its real or not but I don’t see why not. All they’re doing is appealing to the public (little potter obsessed kids) to try and sell their product better. (oh and thats not simpsons, its a monkey). I see the lasso tool just as well as anyone, but maybe that’s how they made the lable. Everyone does this — its called jumping on the bandwagon. Just like in America when BK or McDonalds or whatever else starts selling toys of spongbob and advertising it all over the place. That’s so the kids see it and go “Mommy buy it for me!!” You know? There have been countless times that popular entertainment things have sponsored products so the product gets sold better. This could be that type of “sponsoring”. Now whether it was completely legal or not is a different question. The point is that who cares if its totally different characters? So is McDonald’s and Disney stuff, but that didnt stop them from selling it. That’s how business is done in this world. Oh and that’s not Ariel’s father… that might be where they got the idea, but take it from a girl who used to be obsessed with the show when she was 5 — that’s not what he looks like.

  8. oh and another thing it could be is some person designed this lable for their kid for a birthday party or smtn and then stuck it on there. My mom did that once for my (deceased) aunt’s (ex) husband. She got a lable for vodka made with his face and his name on it and then put it on a vodka bottle and gave it to him for his birthday (what else do you give a rich person when you’re not rich?)

  9. Buratino seemed violating a copyright. Lucky if they use Buratino to advertise Harry Potter or rather having a promo out of it.

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