Rocket Sport

Not only Space travellers or BURAN Russian Shuttles launch from Baikonur, Russian space site.

There is a contest for Space rockets among different youngsters is being hold there these days.

Those rockets look like the photos of Lebanese “Katyusha” rockets that have been fired in the direction of Israel this summer.

Probably those youngsters could be of a great value for Hezbollah if they could provide them models with precise targeting. 

It was a joke, really.

 on Russian Space site

Even if such young guys can build a descent rockets, it’s just a question of time when heavily armed forces would be able to build such ones.

on Russian Space site

on Russian Space site

on Russian Space site

This one is painted like a charged one.

on Russian Space site

Really these launches and rockets look like the missiles are being used against Israel. Just take a look on this shot of “Kassam” missile shot on Middle East:

kassam missile launch 

Even the dimensions are almost the same. It’s so pity how easily good technology can be turned into a deadly weapon of destruction.

on Russian Space site

on Russian Space site

Ukrainian guy wants his rocket to have USA logo on it…

on Russian Space site

on Russian Space site


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  1. yes, they do this in the US too– I remember doing this with my cousin when we were kids, these are much nicer rockets though. Sometimes the contests involved putting an egg in the capsule, and you had to protect it with foam– winners were those who’s egg didnt break on landing.

    So, Lithuanian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian youth compete together– nice. Good to see friendly competition and not nationalistic hatred. Where is this? (All writing is in english?)

  2. “Ukrainian guy wants his rocket to have USA logo on it…” means that every Ukrainian guy wants to launch his rocket to USA :-))

  3. The young Ukrainian fellow has made an amazing scale model of a Saturn 5 rocket, the engine that carried American men to the moon. Modelers all over the world are very faithful when it comes to their building, so it is natural to have the USA logos on his rocket.

    Amazing model work here. I built rockets as a kid – but these look much better than mine ever did. Flying them was always a real ‘blast’.

  4. Hummm….

    On second though the Ukrainians fellows rocket may be a Redstone or a Mercury, not an Saturn. The paint job seems to be for a Saturn, but the tower on top is not, nor are some of the other details.

    Some of the other entrants have made wonderful scale models of Soviet era rockets. Well done!

  5. Actually, the Ukrainian’s rocket is a model of a Saturn IB. It was used nine times between 1966 and 1975 to launch low earth orbit satellites. It’s very similar to a Saturn V, but a Saturn V is 139 feet (62%) taller than a IB. Both Saturn V’s and Saturn IB’s had tower rockets, though Saturn I’s did not.

  6. Yup – The Ukrainian guy is the hottie in the group. I’m glad you all managed to notice his rocket and I’m sure you would all want it to blast !!

  7. The Saturn IB modeled by the Ukranian guy was used to launch Apollo 7, the three manned expeditions to the Skylab space station, and the US part of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. All five flights were manned missions using the Apollo spacecraft. The smaller rocket was used when it was not necessary to launch the lunar lander or leave earth orbit.

  8. We’re gonna have to sweeten some of these jokes. You know what sweeten means, right? That’s a showbiz term for “add sugar to”.

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