Soviet Hymn

This is a Soviet hymn, recorded by all USSR pop stars right after the USSR collapsed, in 1991.

They thought this music and words would be now a part a history, because just a little bit later a new hymn appeared, with another music and words, so all people of Russia thought they are now living in a democratic state, without traces of Soviet Union.

But then a few years later, after the free goverment turned to be not so free, censorship in Mass Media appeared and…. Soviet Hymn was restored.

Now, in modern Russia the hymn is being sung on the music of the Soviet hymn. Welcome back to a new USSR – Russian Federation.

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  1. Because instead of implementing a moderate Western social democracy, Yeltsin went all out on laissez-faire, Washington-consensus, neo-liberal, flat tax bandwagon. Its market extremism allowed a lot of profiteering of the sort Soviets always scaremongered about. Freedom doesn’t mean a whole lot when you are unemployed and can’t buy food.

    In Russia, authoritarian “communism” is the conservative option. Democracy has been undermined by the excesses of the ideologue-driven free market system, and on the ground it looks like those two are the only options because they are the only two options Russians have lived in.

  2. Hey Hellooooo!!!

    I can’t understand why you always call us cowards?!
    USSR is over (it was made by people and they were not cowards, they died during the breakage of that Soviet state) and our new country is now about 15 years old, and we are now building the future for us and our children.

  3. By the way the current Hymn was restored because the music is fantastic and we now have an old music but new words.
    Noone can compose smth what can be compared with this music and this is our proudness and there is no anything connected to Soviet state there!

  4. Funny to read such an “explicite” insight into the history and politics of Russia. Well, every person goes crazy in his/HER:) own way…

  5. it’s not adolph, it’s adolf

    personally i don’t see whay anyone shouldn’t elect who they want. if russians want putin, it is their right. if americans want bush, it is their right. a right to choose is a part of democracy whether you like it or not. both russians and americans chose to elect their favorites and now they have them. personally i think bush is much greater menace to the world than putin. fortunatelly i live in a totally diferent country and i feel safe, but if anyone is making me scared it is george w. bush. your president.

  6. fantastic ,
    i love it , and i feel sorry that those days are gone .
    russia was and is the greatest country in the world , i am not russian but i know .
    privet wsem !!!!

  7. I was in a hotel convention room one time when that anthem played. Everyone stood up from their tale. I later heard that a law was created that made standing during the anthem mandatory. I don’t know if that was true or not. One reason for going back to the old Soviet anthem may have simply been that it was easily recognizable, the same reason that the Russian Air Force went back to the red star on it’s aircraft a couple of years ago.

  8. I have a question that perhaps a Russian person may be able to answer. I would really appreciate it!

    Russia is in the process of upgrading to a new, national Lottery. It is called the OOO Orglot national Lottery.

    It will involve about 14,000 Coronis lotto-machine terminals, on a new secure Lotos software platform, across eleven time-zones. A greek company is supplying all of this new, secure system.

    It is said that from Murmansk to Vladivostok, and all points in between, will be able to play this new range of games.

    Does anyone know, definitively, when the tickets will start to go on sale for this NEW lottery? Will it be a phased rollout from Western Russia, then eastwards? Or, will tickets go on sale across eleven time zones, simultaneously?

    I myself do not read Russian, and so, when I go into the business newspapers like, and, and, and I cannot find definitive news on this project.

    Anyone know??!! thank you.

  9. I agree with la rushaphobe in some points, but its the goverment who made them so too…
    When russians would try to do something against the goverment they sure would die in theyre sleep…
    The govermnet in russia was always powerfuller then the ppl because they had spread fear and death among them, i mean serieusly take the WWII, if the soldiers have gone forward on the battlefield they got killed by germans but when they retreated they got slaughtered by theyre own comerads…what is the point in that? If the russian goverment where smarter they would let the soldiers retreat, regroup, and attack with attack back with stronger forces..what is the point of wasting men? Now what is the Point of Russia anyway???

    Now dont flame at me and tell me if im wrong but serieusly this whole thing in Russia doesnt make sense…
    Russian ppl are goodhearted and stuff just like ppl in Poland but they realy should do someting with the goverment… at least do the smallest thing that the world would clearly know that they dont want this…

    No offence

  10. The tune conveys the struggle of the Russian nation and the words have long since been changed. Attempts to economically and politically influence former Soviet countries, not annex them, more like, gosh LR, you never look at the other side of the coin, and that is that America has packed the former USSR states with military bases and hardware and spends like 10 times more on their defence budget and you are demonizing a nation that had originally had its sphere of influence around this region. Has the acquisition of Alaska and Texas not been enough for you, not mentioning Afghanistan.


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