Russian Offroad Trucks

Russian military men know that the country has bad roads.

So they create special Russian army trucks that can pass through places where there are almost no roads at all.

How about this one, this is Russian ZIL truck with 8 x 8 full time drive for all its 16 wheels! Look what sound it makes while cruising across the field:

Or this one, also ZIL but 6×6, all twelve wheels have and independent drive it can easily move through any surfaces.

And Russian KAMAZ, the Winner of Paris – Dakar European race, is the most popular truck among Russian truckers. Not military, but just common truckers who deliever loads everyday. Here you can cleary see the reason why they choose KAMAZ:

So it’s easy. No roads – build good offroad trucks and no roads is now left for civilians.

15 thoughts on “Russian Offroad Trucks”

  1. Wow, that is seriously cool footage. I don’t think the 8×8 ZIL would fit on the Colorado trails but as for the KAMAZ I’d be happy to give it a try 🙂 Спасибо -Michael

  2. This 8×8 truck is not ZIL. it´s MAZ (Minsky Avtomobilny Zavod)
    so it´s made in belarus.

    MAZ-537 has 38 litre v12. it takes only 154 litres of diesel and 6 liter motoroil in 100 kilometers. (higspeed only 55-60 km/h)

    that truck in photo sended by Kazol is Ural but maked by license in east-germany.

    The greatest soviet trucks are MZKT Volat 74135 and Kraz 255b

    (Sorry my bad english)


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