15 thoughts on “Russian Kids Comics”

  1. I think the story is supposed to appear that the wolf surprises the girl, with the intent of eating her.

    And then the last frame shows him as just wanting to share a ride on her skis.

    Or have sex. I’m not entirely clear which it is! 😉

    In any case, if you saw the first three frames, you would write one type of story … and then the final frame changes it, making it a joke with an unexpected ending.

  2. This is a comics made a long time ago… somewhere in the USSR, people of that time couldn’t think about sex this way, all the more a girl and a wolf (!), they have had other world-outlook, so it was normal, don’t be shocked =)

  3. humph….I can’t remember the “adventures of ‘neznaika’ and Co” during the winter season, a kind of a new idea of the artist… Just a fabricated story to entertain children and a call to imagine their own stories…

    p.s. by the way, present children age in Russia can easily muck above pictures with their vulgar imagination.

  4. Hmmm… I think I remember this cartoons. It was posted in children magazine “Murzilka”. The issue belong already to my Mother (now in 2007 she is 50). So this is REALY VERY OLD cartoon. It was posted in 60s, deep in Soviet era of USSR.


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