Russia For Russians?

The problem of racial intolerance arise in Russia.

This poster appeared in the centre of Krasnoyarsk city, before upcoming elections in that region.

People want to win elections on racial intolerance, which appears now widely in Russia against the migrants from Southern regions, who often differ by skin colour from the native inhabitants of central Russia.

russia for russians

On this photo you can see a slogan “Russia For Russians”. It’s like if somewhere in Texas a candidate in Governor race would place a moto “Texas is For Whites”.

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  1. not “texas for whites” but “texas for americans”, so it is so in texas yeah?
    but the real fashizm is in kazakhstan, in theire constitution kazakh are the only owners of kazakhstan. the same is in israel, france, finland, etc. so all that countries are fashists?

  2. Racism is an issue everywhere, particularly in Europe. Here’s an example:
    In Belgium there will be municipal elections on 8th October and in one major city – Antwerp – there is a fear of a racist right-wing party “Vlaams Belang” coming to power. This party is against all foreigners in Flanders (Dutch-speaking region) particularly Muslims (Turks, Maroccans, etc.) which they think should be departed from Belgium as people uncapable of integrating into Flemish society.
    “Vlaams Belang” is currently supported by 35% of Antwerp’s population and this figure is believed to be higher after the elections. If they win, it will be the first major victory for right-wing racist parties in the history of Europe.
    For those who understand Dutch, here’s what they say about immigrants:

  3. that slogan is not nationalistic and that party not either. that is anti-immigration and anti-hastarbaiters slogan, thats all. there are a lot of such parties all over the world.

  4. Well, tag this note with “Zhirinovsky”. He’s one of the most eccentric and intolerable politicians in Russia, relying mostly on lumpinized masses as his electors. The slogan of his previous campaign was someting like “For every women – a man, for every man – a bottle of vodka”. He plays the role of a clown in politics. The bad thing is, many people like it.

    Another article about him here:

  5. Any slogan can be interpreted differently – and this one only leaves more room for racism-oriented interpretation. And it also gives a reason for every person to divide people into Russians and Not-Russians in his or her mind, whereas IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER, we’re all people and that’s that/

  6. 2 Cheshire_d0g:

    So? Bush is a clown too and the majority of the US population seems to like it. I won’t even quote his ridiculous slogans!

  7. actually “russia for russians (russkiye)” is both xenophobic and ultranationalistic, because RF defines itself as a multinational state. if it were “russia for russians (rossiya dlja rossiyan)”, it would be okay.

  8. > @dRE:
    > “Racism is an issue everywhere, particularly in Europe.”

    I wouldn’t call that ‘racism’ dRE, at least not in the Netherlands. It’s more an issue of integration. In my city (Rotterdam) more than half of the people are immigrants. In itself, that is no problem at all. As long as people speak the language and respect the basics of our culture and society, they’re welcome. Unfortunately this does not always happen, and at some point cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague were so crowded with unintegrated (mainly Muslim) immigrants that things like language problems, lack of education, unemployment and criminality became a serious issue. The cultural clash with Muslim way-of-living also became a problem. That has nothing to do with ‘racism’ though! But in the Netherlands, women are equal to men and are allowed to have jobs, wear short skirts, etc etc etc. That’s the way our culture and society works and everybody who wants to live here has to respect that. No wonder this has become a political issue around here (it still is) and it’s also logical that drastic measures are sometimes necessary.

    When those measures are being showed apart, without knowing their context, you could also depict The Netherlands as an intolerant, racist country. But that’s not a fair way of dealing with these issues!

    It seems to me that the authors of this website are continuously depicting Russia in exactly this unfair kind of way. It’s an easy method for making fun of a country and I can imagine that it might be annoying/insulting for people from Russia because it doesn’t show things objectively. But don’t bother too much about it, any country can be depicted in such a way, and everybody with a little brain will also know that. I don’t see this as propaganda, it’s just dumb entertainment, and I assume/hope that is also the purpose of the authors.

  9. It seems to me that the authors of this website are continuously depicting Russia in exactly this unfair kind of way. It’s an easy method for making fun of a country and I can imagine that it might be annoying/insulting for people from Russia because it doesn’t show things objectively. But don’t bother too much about it, any country can be depicted in such a way, and everybody with a little brain will also know that. I don’t see this as propaganda, it’s just dumb entertainment, and I assume/hope that is also the purpose of the authors.

    thx for those words, it is very glad to meet objective and friendly person

  10. I don’t think this is a forum for any serious discussion of these issues – it is mostly a playground for visually interesting photos or videos. Maybe it will create enough interest as to expose some otherwise non-interested english speakers to real Russian and Slavic culture.

    But you shouldn’t expect great intellectual discussions or even fair treatment. This is a light-weight forum.

  11. I agree with W.Shedd above– but even I cannot help myself and delve too deeply into serious thoughts in my comments.

    But yes, xenophobia is growing around the world. Even my own relatives in Russia make horrible comments about “gypsies” (Tzigani) being nothing but “dirty thieves.”

    The planet ain’t getting any bigger folks, we better learn to live together soon, or we all die together.

  12. This is strange to see an advertisment like that. Simply because
    a) he may be arrested for that slogan
    b) or atleast disallowed to enter elections.

    There already were “b” situations when some parties that tried to use racists motives to increase their popularity.

    That may be a photoshop fake, though, if it’s a real one – this is sad.

  13. Egbert: Thanks, you’re the first person here who actually understood what I was trying to say!
    Just as the Dutch would like to see Muslims integrated into their society, Russians too would have no problem with living with our Caucassian neighbours, IF they respected our culture and society (as you put it). But they don’t and that’s when racism comes into play (same with my Belgian friends actually). And you should know that Vlaams Belang is in fact a racist organization.

    So yes, you cannot depict Russia or Netherlands or any other country this way, but somehow the creators of this website are stressing it all on Russia, while the rest of world seems to be ok, and it’s not!

    2 W.Shedd: “playground for visually interesting photos or videos”?? Man, are you ok? This site unreasonably insults my country in every possible way and that amuses you? You actually think people will get interested in Russia by seeing posts such as this one?!

  14. ‘moto’…. double “t” here

    why do you make mistakes even in your native language?
    maybe it would be better for you to buy a dictionary before you start teaching us (I mean Russians) to be tolerant to the eastern so called “guests”?

  15. Dark-skinned people as well as white-skinned people are being murdered everywhere in the world, USA is no different. In fact, Americans just kill their own citizens, without regards to skin-color – just look at the latest school shootings!

  16. la rusiphobie
    jfi all former ussr republics live with exactly such principles “georgia for georgians” etc. and many russians and other slavonics have to move from their becouse of extreme nationalism.
    you are rusophobe that means you are nationalist. so nationalist teach us how not to be nationalist. are you ok? you defenitly need doctor

  17. If Caucasian guests respect Russian people, culture, social values, language, civilisation – it wouldn’t be any problem of xenophobia in Russia. But they come and create the national gangs which are engaged in racket, drug traffic, illegal traffic of arms. I don’t want to say that all Caucasians are the gangsters, but the most of them – yes. That’s why many of native Russians are don’t want to live with them.

  18. 2 dRE:
    Yeah, I agree, Bush is sometimes even worse. But it’s not an excuse. What troubles me is that a lot of americans laugh at Bush’s dumbness (for example, take as look at ), but a lot of russians admire similar things in Zhirik.

  19. So what? we have texas politicans who run with the minute man movement, in case you don’t know what that is, it’s a AMERICA FOR AMERICANS moment, against mexicans who differ in color then them.

  20. Michael JF: You can find this in any country, yet nobody is shouting about it, instead they all accuse Russia. Hypocrites! 🙂

  21. there are Nazi’s in Uruguay. Nazi’s in Argentina….. and its not even ‘their’ countries..

    not to mention the treatment of Aboriginies in the past by Canada and Australia…………………

  22. it is a racist rather than nationalist slogan; russkyy denotes ethnicity while rossiaskyy denotes nationality and is used for all citizens of russia

  23. As an indian student who studied in Russia for 7 years,i defenitely know the level of racism in Russia.I have been to many european countries,but no were did i feel this much hated as in russia for just being non white.I was a person who deeply loved Russia,ethnic russians and russian culture.I always tried to help old Russians who were in hospitals were i trained.I partcipated in celebrating russian christmas,masslenniza and other russian festivals with my good,civilized ethnic russian friends.I cannot generalize whole ethnic russians as racists.There are many civilized,progressive russkis.I used to symphatise with russia during chechen war,because of the cruelty shown on ethnic russians who lived in chechnya by islamic chechens.And it is also true that some people from kavkaz used to indulge in suspicious activities.As we cannot generalize whole russkis as racists,we cannot generalize whole kavkazis as criminals.It is for the law enforcement agencies to decide who the criminal is irrespective of their nationality.What is so gruesome that is happening in russia is that many foreign students are killed or maimed for just being non white.Just imagine being attacked just because of your skin colour irrespective of being a friend or foe, or criminal or law abiding.When such things happen with alarming frequency in a country,you cannot call such a country civilized.I previously thought that such things happen only in uncivilized ,barbarian countries where there is no respect for humanity and human rights as in many muslim countries .But i am proved wrong.What if people around the world start to hate ethnic russians, just for being ethnic russians.It is irrational to justify blind hate towards any nationality or race.

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