Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress

Ukrainian singer Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision song contest, with the song “Wild Dances”.

You can watch a backstage performance of “Wild Dances” in this video:

And now she is shocking her fans with this unusual dress.

Honestly it is more an underwear than a dress:

ukrainian russian singer ruslana
ukrainian russian singer ruslana
ukrainian russian singer ruslana

If someone would like to get this “Ruslana, Wild Dances” song in mp3, here is the link:
Ruslana, Wild Dances

Video is from Youtube, pictures from and mp3 is from Dr. Main private library.

21 thoughts on “Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress”

  1. ukranian music and “russian music” tag, lol. ukranian girl and “russian girl” tag, lol again. also add georgian, kazakh, uzbek music and tag them as “russian” too, lol. i think you also can`t see difference between english, french and german music too?

  2. lol have you watched the whole video? ruslana speaks ukranian and supports anti-russian orange revolution. but here she is russian singer, what the irony, poor poor ruslana

  3. Russians and Ukranians are historically tied together, moreover, we share the same blood (unlike for example fascist Balkan states). Unfortunately, some pro-Western forces are trying to break us apart, but looks like they’re failing.

  4. Silly to assert that “pro-Western” forces are trying to break Ukraine from Russia. I think history between the two countries is quite enough to cause that break. The West is simply the only alternative for Ukraine to turn towards. If they wish to improve their country, where else can they go … towards China and India?

    As for some “failure” to “break” Ukraine from Russia – any return towards Russia is simply a result of internal politics within Ukraine. Over 60% of Ukraine voted against Yankovich, but because this vote was split, he was able to form a coalition to become Prime Minister. That doesn’t mean that his opinions are any more accepted within his own country than they were before. His opposition simply did not remain unified – but still they oppose.

    As for Russian and Ukrainian kindredship, I saw a Ukrainian writer who said it best: “You feel strangely different from Russians when at home or in Russia, and strangely similar to them when in any other country.” From:

  5. W.Shedd: Well, too bad for the Ukranian writer, he seems to be that other 40%. If he (or any other Ukranian) feels ashamed to resemble a Russian, maybe he should consider a change of nationality (American perhaps?).
    The Catalonians in Spain don’t like the Spanish either, but they’re still part of Spain and will be, whether they like it or not.

  6. U menya ect’ Kolomeika. Eta ochen horoshaya musika. Ruslana is a great singer. I love Ukraine and Russia. Visited Ukraine a few years ago and studied Russia and Soviet Union History in college. I also worked with and for Ukrainian and Russian immigrants. We can all live, work and succeed together. That’s my strong belief. I wish everyone the best. Take care.

  7. There’s allways a reason to post pics and stuff about beautifull female’s, even if its not directly related to the topic at hand.

  8. Did Ruslana pay you to post this? Her dress is not shocking or weird at all, at least not in the western part of the world. If you weren’t bribed by Ruslana or her label, then you probably just want to show the world that Ukraine has beautiful women, yet noone but yourself gives a damn.

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