18 thoughts on “Moscow Now and Then”

  1. Nice pictures! Does Moscow actually have an old city centre (like Paris for instance) or are these historical buildings scattered thoughout the city?

    PS. Remarkable that you often see sand lying on the streets in Moscow. You also see that on the cars. Is there any particular reason for that?

  2. sand is again ice, to prevent falling of pedestrians while walking.
    yes, center of Moscow is full of old houses, but now things are changing very fast – many new buldings are constructing there. many moscow citizens are against it.

  3. The mass of automobiles on most Russian cities streets makes enjoyment of architecture sights almost impossible. Sometimes I dream about that happy day when all automobiles will be doomed forever..

  4. I think the advertisements and neon additions to Moscow can really be very garish, even more than in many western cities which limit or ban such things in historic districts and other areas through zoning laws. It could change in time, if the city really wished to restore more of its original facade.

    I agree, the traffic really detracts from what these buildings first looked like, these before and after photos really point this out.

    I enjoy these posts, but I’m not sure they are really 100% positive. They do portray Moscow as less than a modern city, in some sense.

  5. As it should be, here in america we destory our past, or forget about it and it turns into the “ghetto” or shanty towns.

  6. I love that “Fast, convenient, and it pays!” ad referring to the Soviet Tu aircraft (1950-s) I think I saw smth like that back in the 1970-s.

  7. yeah.
    I agree a lot of advertisment as rather silly. but people try to earn money.
    we should understand them. I am fond of walking in the evening in centre. its so fantastic. =)

  8. I remember visiting Russia in the 1970’s. The Breznev era was really hot for neon. I didn’t see the point of it, as all they had were signs on what was in the store. And the color was always exactly wrong.

    And commercial is somehow less irritating than newspeak.

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