Business College Campus

How might the best Ukrainian business college look like? (former part of USSR)?

Here is a photo session from a campus for “Kiev Business Academy”, a place where students are taught how to make business and get their MBA degrees.

The session started in this small room where 6 students live. They told that under the floor huge rats live, so they had to take care all the numerous holes in the floor.

business college campus in Ukraine

This is another room:

business college campus in Ukraine

And this is a corridor.

business college campus in Ukraine

business college campus in Ukraine

And that’s a campus yard:

business college campus in Ukraine

business college campus in Ukraine

Another view of the yard for campus of MBA students.

business college campus in Ukraine

This is a typical view from the window:

business college campus in Ukraine

And that’s the same view but from outside. You can also see a student sitting.

business college campus in Ukraine

So now it’s possible to understand how future business leaders of Ukraine live while their student age.

Photos are from ARA Inform agency

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  1. dear admin, why do you call ukranians as “people of russia”? in that way you should post mexicans as “people of usa”

  2. Wow! Looks like as soon as Ukraine elected a pro-Russian prime-minister and its relations with Russia stabilized, the propaganda-machine is turning against them too.

    Actually, most of what is said and shown here is true – here’s the full article in Russian:

    The only problem is – these are not MBA students, they are first-year students. And this “business college” (actual name – Ukranian Academy for Business and Enterpreneurship) doesn’t provide MBA education!
    Funny thing, it teaches “according to programs developed with regards to the experiences of leading European and American universities” – actual quote from their website –
    Hmm… 🙂

  3. Cuban doctor students don’t have the best installations in the world but they are the best. Everybody is affiliated to the Social system so they don’t need to contract a private company that guarantee their lives. And they are supposed to be the third world for you proud USA people.

    There’s more than a beautiful face.


    • Rubbish. Cuba does indeed have the best health system in the world — if you rely only on official government statistics. Highly dangerous undercover investigations suggest things are a lot worse than they pretend.

      One especially dodgy statistic is the much vaunted 1 doctor per 170 people. However, to be classed as a “doctor” in the Cuban system requires only 2 and a half years of formal medical training, all the rest is “on the job training.” In most countries, this isn’t enough to qualify you as a senior nurse, never mind as a doctor.

  4. Kosmonaut,
    I know a family in SPb. Lived for years in the Ukraine. Their mother moved from SPb to the Ukraine after she got married. He was stationed in the Ukraine in the zeventies.
    After the independance of Ukraine she and her children where told to go, because they where Russian. They live in Russia now and there they are looked upon as Ukrainians.

    Probably there are still Russians in the Ukraine. And there is still a big part of the Ukraine who would love to be called people of Russia again. But I onderstand your comment.
    Unfortunatly a large part of the world still thinks the Ukraine is a province of Russia.
    But those are mostly the same people that get very aggitated if you tell them you don’t know where Amerika is. Somewhere near Argentina??? No?

  5. Funny that in another thread, someone wants to say that Ukraine and Russia are close brothers, tied by history and blood.

    But in other places, they wish to say that Ukraine and Russia are as close as the US and Mexico. My experience is that Ukraine and Russia aren’t as close as Russians often like to believe.

    Maybe better if you say US and Canada – we at least share a common original tongue and historical ties to the UK.

  6. Dani
    jfy there are many ethnic russians in ukraine (approx 30-40%). all eastern part of ukraine is historical russian land with mostly russian population (+ crimea). but post pics of kiev and make description “people of russia” – it is just lie.

    what america? north or south?

  7. W. Shedd
    again, you should understand that of course we are close with our russian brothers in ukraine, but it is hard to say that we are very close with ethnic ukraineans.

  8. W.Shedd:
    And from my experience and experience of my friends and family, Russia and Ukraine are as close as before. We share a huge deal of history together, and I’m not even talking about simple people having close relatives in both countries.
    The only thing that some Russians dislike is that Ukraine is selling them for a big chunk of American money. So you have to understand their position.

  9. “Most major Russian universities have dorms and campuses that look just like this one.”

    Another lame lie… jeez, you’re SO pathetic. It’s true what some said about you – you’re like a computer! “russia this, russia that…” You should seriously consider visiting a shrink. In fact, most of America needs to see one, given the latest school shootings (3 in a week?!) in your country. There are some serious problems with the mental health of your “prosperous” nation.

  10. I dunno but I think there should be places like that – the poorest, dark, pale and disgusting – otherwise we’ll have no chance to see real side of the life and the problems we have. I am tired of all the fake that I face in moscow – it’s just an ugly copy of the West. But I understand Americans and Eouropeans that consider this country as a resourse (cheep beautiful girls) as I for example consider Thailand.

  11. You think that’s bad? HA, you should have seen mine here in the US, it should have been condemed! and I was paying a arm and leg to stay!

  12. 2 Michael JF:

    So what you’re saying is – campuses in some American colleges are as worse as this, plus you paid a fortune to stay there??

  13. This is the way many people in the United Kingdom (England) live. It is called “standard”. Anyone from the UK reading this can acknowledge that 🙂

  14. Let me tell you all some words:
    I’m Brazilian. 500 years ago, Portuguese came and “discovered” my country. The worse of Portugal and the portuguese crown were sent here. They robbed our indians, imposed the christian culture and Took away everything valuable that could be found here: Herbs, gold, diamonds, wood (know “pau-brasil”??? Look for it on wikipedia!) and like.

    500 years after, do you think there is ANYONE culprit of that alive?


    So why call them thieves? I have all my respect for the people of portugal, as I have respect for americans, croatians, ukranians and russians. You wasn’t robbed, the one who robbed your country isn’t alive anymore. Will YOU keep feeding this anger, or can we live toghether and finish with all problems of the world?

    Think about that, earth doesn’t need to be a so hateful planet.

    Greetings from Brazil!

  15. Alexandre that was a very beautiful statement! dRE, you didn’t really understand what Alexandre said and are just feeding more hatred in the world. Americans are all different, more different from eachother than in any other country. 49% of Americans never wanted the government we have right now. Stop making generalizations. It is pointless and simple minded.

  16. If you really think thats photos represent status of ukrainian students – its not! Mi sister study 1st course in National Shevchenko University and rent appartment – normal flat. And as far as i now -“Ura INFORM” is a corrupted information agency.

    As for Russian- Ukrainian reletionship ^) Ukraine – is poor, but free democratic republic, instead of big, rich, and absolutely totalitarian Russia.

  17. A little bit of history: Russia was always jealosy for the Ukrainian lands, people and riches. That is why it tried to destroy Ukraine several times, leaving the dust and ashes of comunism for the young people. But “sche ne vmerla Ukrayna”.
    Russia has the bless to have natural resources and sell to the world, many people get rich, while some others are still poorer and poorer. This is normal in a capitalist country. My regret is that Ukraine has nothing special to sell. To make steel and machines, needs to import energy, and the brilliant brains of Ukrainian computer engineers, physician and other graduates need the money from the government, that is still being corrupted for those who has the power, no matter the nationality.

    Show the students in Ukrainian campus. Show whoever anyplace. We must regret any kind of bad living condition, but we must be proud that the people are challenging the odds and seeking for a better life. Other people simply do not do anything and wait for the heavens to drop the answer.

  18. It looks like what the US considers the third world. It looks very similar to Mexico. Can you drink the water in the dorms or do you have to drink bottled water?

  19. There’s no point for ukrainians to like russians, they were destroying culture and national movements for centuries. And now you can check russian websites and read the comments, they’re stll agressive and talking about their precious gas and weapon power, if their government will decide to attack Ukraine there will be not much russians against it. But ukrainians can’t be destroyed unless destroyed completely to a single proud of it’s nationality person.

  20. This is not a campus.
    Maybe some students rent this place, but not an usual campus !!!!
    And believe me.. I have seen worse even here in Scandinavia.

  21. I stayed at Moscow State University for 2 weeks, and it was a palace compared to these photos. Then again, they charged EUR 90/week. Capitalism!

  22. Russia or Ukraine…still the same culture of living. At least they finally left zemlyankas so I see some progress there…

  23. It not Russia, and Ukraine (the city of Kiev is other country).
    It is a lot of such hostels, after all people want to study, and money isn’t present on good habitation, therefore it is necessary to live in such conditions. Money for repair don’t reach, as they are stolen by the heads.

  24. Russian is the most spoken language in Ukraine. Ukrainian president barely speaks Ukrainian, half of Ukraine are Russians. Time to unite guys.

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