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  1. Even these Yamakasi guys speak Russian, it looks like it was recorded in Latvia (according to what is written at that gaming casino showed when the guy takes the phone (7’48’’)). However, the city and that tram are 100% former USSR.

    Yamakasi culture is lately becoming really popular in Russia. E.g. here in Omsk we have plenty of guys jumping around this way (but they still being beginners, as they get injured rather often).

    Yamakasi way of life has its origin in France, not in Japan as it’s more often believed. You haven’t seen that French movie named Yamakasi? If you like such kind of acrobats, it’s worth to watch. As usual, you could check out for further details in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamakasi

    With spanglish from Omsk.

  2. Yeah, clip is filmed in Riga, Latvia, not Russia. Latvia was part of USSR, but now is in European Union and NATO member.
    In addition to what Xavi said, advertisiment in tram stop is in Latvia and in beginning hero drops a bottle of “Mangali”, which is Latvian mineral water.

  3. You don’t call SUCH KIND OF THINGS “average russian”, huh?

    >> Can anyone please explain in english what are these guys talking…thanks.
    Something like:
    – Hi! Are you gonna train today?
    – Uh.. no, sorry, not today, the tram is already coming.
    – …

  4. I’ve seen this one already before but it still amazes me. I really think that is the best fit you can train to… Flexible and fast yet still powerful enought to do all that. Amazing.

  5. The guy is amazing. Someone tell him to go west and join the Cirque Du Soleil or go Las Vegas. He can make a good living doing this.

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