Russian Fitness Studio

If you have seen the last post about the “Russian Spiderman” video you would probably like to know how does an average Russian fitness studio looks like?

Here is the sample. Of course there are more expensive studios for rich people in Moscow and major cities, but most of the young men make their bodies strong and fit in such studios.

There are proud signs “Made in USSR” on some of the equipment. Time passes – things stay the same.

russian fitness studio

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  1. It looks rather a torture room than a gym.

    Luckily some things change… better public sport centers are being opened all over main russian cities (even its roofs in winter may collapse, because of cheap materials used).

  2. Nice basement! When I was a kid we had a body building club in a basement in my native small town in 1980s,although it hadn’t look so neglected. To tell you the true, I believe something like that may exist in a deep province nowdays.

  3. I can’t see anything wrong with this equipment; it looks like it still works. Actually, it has to be bloody good to still be standing after all this time I’d say.

    But yeah, it’s obviously not an ‘average’ gym.

    I’d like to go to Russia some time, St. Basil’s Cathedral is calling me.

  4. that is not average gym. i don`t know where did u find it. and btw what is the difference what to lift? if you have motivation to become strong and not to play “fitness man” (just becouse that is glamour) that will be quite enough.

  5. 2 steroid
    watch the bush position: “humanitarian bombardments”, “we shall kill them in the name of democracy”, “guantanamo is quite democratic” etc. that is real 1984 person.

  6. Probably such places do exist in the province, but though I live in the central part of the country, not in Moscow, I’ve never seen anything like that. This could really be jail or something like that… Author, where did you get that photos?

    Please post more of these so I discover more about my own country, but could you stop calling it “most russians” and “average russian”? It’s just an ordinary lie.

  7. 2 Cheshire_d0g:

    “could you stop calling it “most russians” and “average russian”? It’s just an ordinary lie”.

    Yeah, right, like he’s going to listen to you. That’s the whole point of this website – anti-Russian propaganda.

  8. “School and college students collected bars, weights and so on in such sellars in 1970-1980”

    – you mean this photos are from the 80s?
    No they are not – notice the MediaMarkt paper on the floor.
    It’s german electronics supermarket chain, that established in russia around year 2000

  9. Wow, the comments are even better than the photos. Out of curosity what does anyone gain from this propaganda?

    I just thought this site was about unusual stuff from a place I, unfortunately, know little about. Although it makes me keen to visit, even the strange stuff. Which I take for granted is not normal and I don’t expect to see it, you get weird people/places in every country.

  10. tbh I would be offended if someone put up a similar site about my home country (which is in Europe), seeking out one disturbing example and claiming that it’s common.

    what I don’t understand is the “arguments” being used to defend themselves, a la “everyone is attacking our precious homeland” and “your president is a nazi c**t”, “we have only two allies – our navy and our fleet”, “a u vas negrov linchuyut” etc. ffs. why can’t people just relax and not to be paranoid about some kind of mythical “propaganda”? what the hell has politics to do with, say, one dirty cellar in Ukraine, anyway?

    man, sometimes the world is really twisted.

  11. spoodie
    this is not good site to recieve information about Russia

    not russians started it (i am about this site). we are just trying to defend and let ppl know the real information about Russia not the deragotory comments from this site owner

  12. About the owner I’d like to quote a Russian proverb: “Vaska Cat is listening but eating” 🙂 Look at the growing number of ads on the right, they bring a few coins to the owner each time you’re hanging here 🙂

  13. “most of the young men make their bodies strong and fit in such studios.”

    most of young men pay about 40$ for a month and use normal fitness clubs.

  14. Common, russian fellows, stop saying it’s a kind of anti-russian propaganda! I live in Moscow and I know this city pretty well. We have to confess, that it’s all true! Every russian gym looks like the one on these pictures! And every russian man or woman after visiting such fitness center goes out to the street full of gray snow, takes a bottle of vodka in the nearest shop and singing some drunk songs goes along the street shaking hands with bears snooking around, looking for some american guy to eat on supper! And the only thing we all dream of is to crash our balalaikas on the head of some damn Yankee.
    Welcome to Russia, american brothers and sisters! Peace!

  15. spoodie: Do you understand Russian? If so, try – it\’s a good blog-website (with lots of photos) with real humour about Russian life as well as life in other countries. Actually this site steals a lot from Fishki.Net.

  16. >not russians started it (i am about this site). we are just trying to defend and let ppl know the real information about Russia not the deragotory comments from this site owner

    Come on, this I find this site pretty comic… Sometimes it’s useful to receive some self-criticism… Sometimes even if it’s wrong ;).
    I’d never name this site ‘Real information’, it’s just for fun I guess…

    >I doubt they’ll be as funny but I’m interested none-the-less.

    If you’re looking for a good(true) information about Whole Country…. you’d better got acquainted with a russian and ask him for the information, you’re searching…

    2ALL, remember please, the only ABSOLUTELY true information about Russia is located on the RUSSIAN sites! Or the sites with a russian author… Even if he’s not a patriot..

  17. Ah, 80s nostalgique… Reminds me of my youth, me too used to drop by that kind of “fitness room” aka “kachalka” and it did not look too bad back then 🙂
    dRE: go get a girlfriend, eh? you sound really stressed out 😉

  18. Meda, it’s not stress… Just sometimes ‘antirussian propagation’ (/me is sick of this phrase… too) is VERY irritating…

    Короче смерть нацистам по всему миру 😉 особо ярым – долгая и мучительная…

  19. You all are wrong. It is sad for me but this gym is not Russian but Polish. It is the gym where Polish golden medalists in heavy lifting was trained. In the past there was many things “Made in USSR” in Poland. I’m sure of what I’m writing, because I saw a program about it on TV. In Polish sport lot’s of money is wasted by activists and athletes sometimes have to work in conditions like this.

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