Mi-24, The Flying Crocodile

This is Russian helicopter MI-24, but these particular are from Polish army. Poland during Soviet era was buying a lot of weapons from Soviet Union.

In Russia pilots call it “The Crocodile” because some of it’s form resemble some reptile according to their point of view.

So this Polish pilots decided to go further and drew reptile eyes on their helicopters, so now the crocodile analogy can be seen even more precisely.
mi-24, Russian helicopter

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Russian Village

Russian wooden architecture is something you can meet in any Russian village all your way through Russia.

Here we had already an article about Kizhi wooden churches, the place, the island on Onega lake in Karelia, Russia, where different examples of Russian wooden architecture are collected, from all over the Russia.

Today it’s a different story, this is a sample of just a common village from Russian rural countryside. It’s not something from medieval times, it’s a way of how the modern Russian countryside house builders look on things.

Buildings on this photosets are used in everyday life – there are photos of schools, city hall (village hall) etc.

russian village

This is simple Russian school.

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