6 thoughts on “The Hole From a Bullet”

  1. ..and most of bllody American movie production confirms that undeniable fact! I can “joke about someone being shot” although schoolchildren here don’t shoot their schoolmates like it happens in US several times per year.
    So where does real “crude bloodthirsty attitude” lives?

  2. What happened to action reaction m8? what happens to the shooter is it blasts the target 25 meters in the air while hitting it with such a small surface area , the shooter should probably fly away somwhere…don’t lie fool.

  3. Actually, just for the person who posted about the .50 BSR(S), the 14.5mm cannon round that made that hole is actually a little wider than .56 caliber. So, a larger round meant for a distinctly different job (this was either an GA or AA cannon, and since you mention the power of the BSR(S), that is because it is not a soft-target weapon. It is meant to destroy armored and unarmored vehicles, and safely remove enemy long-riflemen). And in case anybody was wondering, the size of the hole is actually not due to the explosive charge or the body of the shell itself. A projectile at that speed pushes hypercompressed air in front of it- this creates very high temperatures in front of the shell, and the heat and actual pressurized air make most of that hole- that is why there is no significant pockmarking around the point of entry.

    Just a little helpful tip from the All-Seeing Pie-In-The-Sky. Hope you don’t mind.


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