10 thoughts on “A Few Guys and One Russian”

  1. Apparently they take advantage of him, pay him (or wager) one dollar, to drink the vodka and then water, in order to make him vomit. Is this to show the evils of drinking? It seems the men who made this video, who coerced the man into vomiting, are just as evil.

  2. I’m also curious as to WHERE this takes place — seems several languages are spoken here (note how the man says “OPA!” when the Russian drinks– a common Greek toast), and the apparent wager is in dollars. . . yet the water and vodka are clearly Russian/Ukrainian– cyrillic script on the bottle. Are they orthodox jews, or muslims?

  3. They have hair like Orthodox Jews, but to me they just don’t look Jewish. Then again the Jews I see are (pale) Ashkenzim (European, such as German and Russian), these could be Sephardim (from Spain to Iran) or less pale Ashkenazim.

    This could have taken place in Israel, where 1/7 are Russian due to an influx of immigration. Though trust me, this does NOT properly portray Jews; after all if you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding the amount of vodka consumed kinda puts the entire population of Russia to shame.

  4. The important thing is not that the guy drank the vodka but the reason. To drink that quantity for ONE DOLLAR … let’s just say that russian think very little of theirself. Ask yourself what would you do for one dollar … let’s talk after that.

  5. The orthodox Jews are trying to make fun of a Russian, or Ukrainian guy, that is hungry and eager to show off ANYTHING to make some buck-even at the price of machoism mixed with despair. Just look how thin is the guy, protruding cheeks and how big are his hands from hard physical labor. And a fat ¨smartass¨ Jew laughung at his womiting! When he is probably doing his drugs- guess what-nobody shows.
    And in Israel these orthodox guys are FED and supported by the hard labourers and non orthodoxes. Just like welfare dwellers in America and Canada!A leach is a leach, irregardless of white clothing and supposed ¨soberness¨.

  6. Wow, you must be Estonian or Latvian. Only in these countires can one hear such disgusting, uncivilised and in fact very dangerous anti-Semitic and racist sentiments..

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