Volga M6

What if somebody take Russian car from 1970s, Volga GAZ-21 like on the picture below:

volga gaz-21

And mix it with ultra new BMW M6? Like this one for example:

bmw m6 in russia

 So what they would have as a result of such a mixture? Probably Volga M6 Cabrio like this one below:

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

The front part of exterrior is left almost unchanged from Russian Volga. Except the Volga logo and xenon headlights/

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

But now there are no more 4 doors, only too left. And wheels look like 19″ from M6.

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

Rear part was also taken from Volga without any change, but four exhaust pipes are seem like BMW M6 ones.

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

And this convertible system is also from BMW.

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

If to look from this angle it looks more like M6 than a Volga.

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

And here you can clearly see that interior was left from BMW M6.

russian volga and german bmw m6 cabrio

And those guys are the ones who created this car.


58 thoughts on “Volga M6”

    • As an American, I must say that this is one of the absolute BEST looking cars in the history of automobiles!!!

      I want one. 🙂

  1. This might be a case where the cars retro credentials would sell better in Europe or the US, than in Russia. The west is a bit tired of all these cars that look the same, and has a bit of an appetite for sort of 70s styling.

  2. I read this post differently…to me, this is what is particularly nice about Russia coming out from a planned economy…the New Russia unleases the absolute creativity of the Russian people.

    This car, this project would not have been possible before….now guys can just have some fun.

    Pretty cool.

    Best Wishes, Traveller

  3. I know nothing about Volga M6, but Volga V12 (GAZ Volga M21+BMW850i), made by “A:Level” group, Moscow, was ~500,000$ worth, AWAIR.

  4. Seriously ugly car! Seriously excellent site you have here though! My daughter-in-law is from Belarus. She showed me how necessary it is to laugh at Russia…. otherwise you’d cry too much!

    • Он то плакал, то смеялся,
      то щетинился как еж,
      Он над нами издевался.
      Ну сумасшедший, что возьмешь?

    • Dear Gofaq Yusef. If you please tell your daughter in law that the services she offers on train station are not worth those miserably low fees she attempts to charge for them, it would be greatly appreciated. Tell the same to your wife as their presence really ruins the view.


    • You know Belarus has nothing to do with Russia, in Belarus they had same dictator since 90s and probably only country that has it. So i think you daughter in law just a bit jealous and if anything i want to laugh at her.

  5. That car is definitely pure class..!
    Anyone who can call this car ugly must be nuts!!
    Such a car should costs around $50.000.
    And the most important thing is, IT’S UNIQUE…

  6. A thing of beauty. Now all of those guys who built it get to fight over who drives it on Friday night. Maybe that can be in the violent video catagory in the future 😉

    Seriously, one of the most eye catching cars that I have ever seen.

  7. “Every one of those men should be shot for making this auto and ruining a perfect m6 ”

    I second that motion. 9mm Makarov, one shot in the neck each, like KGB used to do.

    What a rape of the most beautiful and powerful car on earth.

    • engine is from M6 BMW , look i’m from bulgaria and i’ve got one of theese volga and i will made with Merecedes V8 bi-turbo engine but for now is only project :))))))) bye

      • You’re from bulgaria? Woah! Zdracti Brato! Kakvo ctava? Ot koi krai ci? Btw about the Volga/M6. Probably the coolest and classiest car I ve seen up to date. It is simply beautiful. That’s probably the only car I’d like to own but I would never dare to take out. It’s so elegant.

    • WOW!!!
      I`m very interested in soviet cars (specially cabriolets)
      Sorry if I don´t write properly… I’m from Spain
      I want some information about your car. can you give it to me?
      Good bye

    • My poor american soul friend, I completely understand where you stand. For you everything started when your daddy took the decision to bring you to life and collected you with a spoon from the carpet. Living a life as a mistake of nature is not easy; being jealous is completely understandable for your situation and the life style you grew up with.

  8. M6 was designed by the same guy who designed Fiat Multipla (Bangle) and that shows: It’s not pretty by any standard. Looks powerful and gigantic, yes, but not pretty: That’s a different thing.

    This Volga is, maybe not pretty but stylish in a way Bangle-products can never be and anyway, those are bulk products, made by millions: Who cares if one is chopped to create something stylish and unique? No one should.

    Anyone trying is a fanatic with no contacts to reality.

  9. Zajebista furka, jak będę pracował w UK i zarobię dużo kasy, to chętnie sobie taką kupię. Póki co moja furka ma 15 lat i nie zmienię jej prędko na nic nowszego. Dlaczego? Bo mieszkam w Polsce…

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