Brezhnev, Swimming

Brezhnev, a former Soviet leader, was very popular in Russia. Not for his achievements but for his love for two things: to kiss and to get medals.

During his last years as a head of the Soviet government, which also were last years of his life, he had bad health problems also, causing him to speak like a very ill person, be fond of kissing other diplomats he was meeting and rewarding himself numerous medals

Such activities though didn’t affect much on his meeting with former US president Carter and even signing some strategic treaties with him, they even appeared at TIME’s cover:

Brezhnev, Soviet leader with Carter, on TIMES cover
But what we know of his private life? Not much really, but at least we know he was fond of swimming, together with his bodyguards, instead of morning jogging. Just take a look:

Brezhnev, Soviet leader, swimming in the pool

7 thoughts on “Brezhnev, Swimming”

  1. The fact that one of the leaders of the feared U.S.S.R. uses water wings strikes me as paticularly amusing. If somebody could photoshop a rubber duckie in there it would be perfect. Haha.

  2. my dad nicknamed him ‘concrete face’ during the 1980 Olympic closing ceremony in Moscow. He was stone faced though out the whole ceremony until the little children in the bear suits came out and started to do all this gymnastic stuff on the ground.

    You could see him struggling not to smile. Maybe it would have cracked his face, but I always thought maybe he was human after all.


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