People in Russia vary a lot.

For example this individual on the pictures below could not survive in Russian countryside, but in Moscow which is considered by many Russians as not to be a part of Russia at all, because 90% of Russian economics is based in Moscow.

So Moscow city is now “spoiled” by Western standards, many people say, and that can be reflected  with the appearance of such entities.

a russian snowgirl

a russian snowgirl 2

a russian snowgirl 3

What a snowgirl.

Photos by Anatoli

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  1. why, don’t you have “such entities” in America? seems like you guys came out from the caves and realized that the world is much more multifarious than you thought before 😉

  2. so “craziness” is solely a western thing now?

    i think this guy could be the new Rasputin!!

    people like this make life more interesting. . . since when is it Russian way to be boring?

    and finally, if Moscow is “spoiled by western standards”, consider the alternative: under the Soviets he would have been jailed/hospitalized for walking around like this (no?)

  3. I’ve seen a few people like this here. I live in Batu Caves, Malaysia. It’s at the equator, north of Australia. Not America. Not Russia. Just your average run-of-the-mill 3rd world country.

    They appear to be crazy, so I don’t talk to them. They stand out, mind their own business, and don’t disturb anybody. I see them regularly every couple of days, but after a few months they dissapear. Don’t know where they went.

    There was a lady who dressed normally, but she talks to herself. Not to an invisible companion, but to herself. She always wear the same dress, but appear to not wash it, nor bathe. After a while, she and her dress would be very dirty. Then, a few days later, as if by magic, she would reappear, all clean as you and me. I suppose her family somehow made her bathe and wash that favourite dress. Haven’t seen her for a few years now.

    There was a man, who dress in teenage girls clothes. Something like the picture above, bulging stomach protuding at the waist. He wasn’t fat, but that clothes were many sizes too small. He doesn’t talk to himself, but just from the way he dress, and they way he wanders aimlessly around, you get the idea that he is different from the rest of us. Same pattern as the lady. Clothes appear new, man is clean, both gets dirty over time. Then he cleans himself and his cloths, and repeat the cycle. Last saw him 2 years ago.

    There is another man who dress like a Japanese soldier from World War 2, complete with a cap with flaps for both ears. Those flaps wouldn’t be odd in Russia or America in winter, but over here, hats and caps never have flaps. It’s hot as hell here, all year around. He still appears now and then. This guy also follow the same dirty/clean pattern. However he appears to change his clothes after a while. But he always have that kind of cap, different ones, but same pattern. Sometimes he rides a bike. Sometimes, he will stand at a road junction and direct traffic, where there is no need (this is the suburbs and there’s not that much road traffic).

    As far as I can tell, they’ve never met each other. They appear at different times.

  4. don’t worry, we have many transexuals and transgenderers here in the USA. Most of them all live in San Francisco, California with the Terminator!

  5. What a strangely intriguing man. I’m pleased to see people being themselves as long as they bring no harm to others. Variety is the spice life. 🙂


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