I already mentioned that in Autumn there is plenty of psychedelic mushrooms grow all across North-West part of Russia.

If somebody cared on industrial volumes of producing psychoactive drug from raw organic Psylocybe mushrooms he could get huge amounts of it really cheap. Vast Russian lands are being covered in Autumn with this little thingies, scattered all over the fields, forests and roadsides.

Old people don’t really care on them, but some younger ones know how to get their free LSD like drug right from under their feet. So it’s no surprise that in the early fall Russian internet is being populated with posters like this:

russian psylocybe mushrooms

“Stop drinking Vodka! Get some shrooms!”
Is this some kind of a generation gap manifestation adopted to Russian specifics?


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  1. As a Russian, i can say that it’s interesting and captivating enough to walk through the dark dark forest, after the great rain, looking for the mushrooms… After all, they’re very taisty! And yeah, there’s many mushrooms around here =).

    >why not have BOTH?
    Actually, there’s something like
    “Stop drinking
    vine and vodka
    eat the mushrooms,
    throw them in the throat”…
    Words “throw” and “throat” are here only for the rhyme… Well, this ‘poem’ is not the best one ;))
    (actually it’s bad).

    And finally, as far as i know, this mushrooms are hallucinating ones… (something like drugs =)) just look at the man’s face if you don’t trust me =).
    I think, it means that This kind of mushrooms can please you more than Vodka 😉

    And i’m very sorry for my bad english… long time without any practise =)

  2. From what I’ve read about psychedelic/psylocibe mushrooms, YES, the ‘shrooms on his plate do look like “the hallucinating ones”– and I understand the point of the poster, but I STILL think you can have both, in moderation. (I was just joking anyway.)

    Yes, I know that mushroom hunting is a big hobby in Russia, mainly for the good edible ones; interesting to hear that Russians also pick the psylocibe ones.

    (Diamond: your English is quite good, still better than my Russian.)

  3. There is probably nothing that can give us such an intensive physical-mental-emotional-spiritual healing experience like the magic mushroom!

  4. Indeed I can assure you that the mushrooms on his plate are psychedelic ones. I come from the Netherlands myself and in our country they are legally being sold in so-called ‘smart shops’. These stores can be found in almost any city (+80.000 inhabitants) in the country and there’s an entire business behind it (Check for instance

    The particular type on this plate is called ‘kaalkopje’ in Dutch, but there are numerous other types of psychedelic mushrooms. They give a pretty strong effect, not at all comparable to / interchangable with Wodka, as being suggested by the Russian text.

    PS. Very nice website!!! Only I think it’s a pitty that mainly stereotypical things of Russia are being highlighted… I’m very curious how real live is out there and have spend quite some time surfing around this site. Me and a couple of friends are planning to come to Russia next year. We want to go by car. First of all Saint-Petersburg, then Moscow and back to Holland via Praha (Czech Republic). If you know any other sites with more objective information/pictures/road maps/movies/etc please let me know!

    Greetings from Holland!

  5. Just a note:

    Many varieties of mushroom are incompatable with alcohol. Some mushrooms are edible and delish, but when alcohol is consumed within 48 hours you get horribly ill. That would give the poster a double meaning.

  6. I don’t like mushroom at all.. I think that I am allergic to!!

    However.. it’s a pleasure to read about my lovely Russia!!

    Bye Bye

    Cinzia from Italy

  7. hey, guys stop to sorry ’bout your english! How much Americans know russian? And how much of them write posts to Russian forums? We have to be proud by ourselves, that we’re able to post on this site 🙂 and our posts are very clear to native language speakers i think!

    Кста, а как по-русски будет ПРЕВЕД? 0_о

  8. I dont post to Russian language forums because I can’t figure out how to type in Cyrillic alphabet on my Roman keyboard!!

    how you guys do that?

    oh, and also because my Russian is embarassingly bad.

  9. Great website, and great poster. Does anyone know where this poster can be purchased? It would have to be an English language site, since I speak no Russian at all.

  10. ilyich, if you know Russish you can “tranform” roman alphabet on cyrillic on site .

    Hunting of mushrooms is Polish hobby, too. My willingness to hunt mushrooms was appeared just this year scarcely (I’m 39). But I would never pick up any mushrooms like these ones on the picture – mushrooms can be very poisonous.
    The best way to get not-toxic mushrooms is to pick up only that one with kind of sponge on the underneath side of the ‘hat’ (there’s only one exeption 🙂 )
    The good mushrooms are similiar to the most noble ‘Borowik’ (Borovik ?). Ест ли в русском языку ‘Bоровик’.

    Sorry, if I made mistake in the Russish expression.

  11. There are lots of kinds of edible mushrooms, not only “borovik” (Да, “боровик” есть в русском языке!)
    Those on the picture are Psilocybe Semilanceata, psychoactive species growing in grass in most temperate and subarctic areas.

  12. Guys )) Am 19th y.o. boi who r very like 2 use THIS mushrooms ) I took just a couple of days ago ) That was unbelieveble great ) So we went out of the city and were pickin this magic mushrooms near one lil village . So alotta grannys in this village know bout uor pleasure in this mushrooms and they dont mind ) So we have no problen in connection between oldpopulation and us cuz of our animation ) We just pick mushrooms – go home and take it ) Its a real drug ) U should try it 2 understand what it is o forget it n stop any talks bout it )))
    As for me in that day i let mr. Hide outta my mind n he did borrow my body . We lived 2gether 4 6 hours ) And that is only one lil part of that great pleasure that ones can get usin pcylocibe mashrooms )


  13. I hope you’re English man else you could be accused for profanation of English language (I don’t claim I use good English).

    I’m non-committal against drugs (not my business). I only konow that the mushrooms can be toxic. An irreversible damage of liver doesn’t sound good to my ears.

  14. My doc says: “dont worry”. We’ve made sum surgery and now i have an opportunity to put my liver out of my body and make sum cure for this. Its a really working practice. All of my friends have the same organ-possibility…. And i repeat the thing one more time – there’s no need in takin drugs. As there’s no use in abstention. ))))

  15. Afi Derzein
    >My doc says: “dont worry”. We’ve made sum surgery and now
    >i have an opportunity to put my liver out of my body and
    >make sum cure for this. Its a really working practice.
    >All of my friends have the same organ-possibility….

    I see it’s some good mushrooms.
    Waiter, for me this same, please !

  16. ok Darken ) its not too late ) cum to my city Ekaterinbourg (Ural) . We’ll take sum trip for mushrooms to the nearest hills ) Then u’d have the gratest ‘shroom trip u can even get with psilocybe mushrooms ) But its a pity i have never took a “death cup”(fly-agaric) .. when i try it am gonna tell u bout it )

  17. Afi, if you are an expert of the psilocybe mushrooms it would be glad to taste those mushrooms.
    I think rather of the forests on Ural. There are probably planty of any mushrooms. Maybe sometime I will go there.

  18. its famous USSR altered poster. There are hundreds parodies to this poster. On a photo – one of them.The original poster – social advertising against drunk)))

  19. you russian people are cool as hell.

    (perhaps that idiom might not come across very clearly. perhaps i should try again.)

    russians seem like nice, interesting people.


    an american dude


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