12 thoughts on “Now Two Fighter Planes Crash On The Ground”

  1. Like Cameloon said, those are Ukrainian Flankers. Not Russian.

    Why don’t you search the internet for pictures of aircraft accidents (Negligent accidents.) you will find allot of different aircraft from allot different air forces.

    South Africa trained against F15 E Eagles (USAAF’s) in 2004 (With our Cheetahs.) and we drew the air-to-air combat.

    In the late 1990’s our pilots trained against Russian pilots in Sukois and MiG29s. WE LOST ALL ENGAGEMENTS!

    P.S. underestimating your enemy is the first step to disaster.

  2. Look closely. The top Flanker (Number 68.) has red covers in the intake. The other Flanker (Number 72.) has a towing boom on it.

    These aircraft weren’t taxied by pilots. Also look at the ladders on number 68. They are intact. If number 68 taxied into number 72, surely the ladders as well as the nose gear would have been damaged. So number 72 must have hit a stationary number 68.

    It looks to me that there can only be two possible explanations. Either the Ukrainians have a small tractor that pulls aircraft (Like in the West.). The driver must have been looking behind him or he must have done it on purpose when he drove the tractor right under number 68 (With # 72 in tow.).

    The more plausible explanation is that number 72 was left unsecured and rolled completely unattended into number 68.
    Modern fighters are designed with their center of gravity to the rear to make them unstable. That would be exacerbated if the aircraft was empty (I think.). So when number 68 was hit it lifted up in the air.

    • Thank you for being so observant, and not going off on some rant about inferior and/or drunk pilots. No matter what air force in the world might be involved, pilots don’t get to fly this class of fighter until they’re the very best. This is obviously the result of improper ground handling of some sort, and I would hate to be the poor soul responsible-some very expensive damage here!

  3. If you see on the last photo, behind the 72 you can see a open cockpit of another Flanker, side-by-side with 68.

    Probably 72 was already in movement when 68 was moved forward and into the path of 72, who collided.

    Anyway, such a waste of good planes!

  4. 1. Number 68 definitely didn’t hit first (if it had hit at all). See the nose wheel of 68. Down, unstacked and in front of 72 nose. If it would hit first, either nose wheel would be damaged either airplanes would be now in other position (72 turned clockwise for few degrees). Means 72 was mowing for sure, i would say no towing person could be so uncarefull to go below 68 as this picture shows. However there is 1 issue to be pointed. From my experiences as pilot of western airplane… engines of 72 ware running and there have been either some brakes problems either uncontrolled/uncarefull movement of airplane with too much trust.
    I think tow bar on 72 has been placed there after the collision, to push 72 back, able to get 68 on ground.

    Regards to all

  5. You know, I think those plains should be marked “772, 778, 965” and so on.

    The enemy would think there´s even more of them.


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